THE WALKING DEAD Season 3 Finale Recap: “Welcome to the Tombs”

     March 31, 2013


The third season of AMC’s The Walking Dead has now come to its conclusion.  We started this season by watching as Rick and his followers fought their way into an infested prison which they promptly turned into a secure place to start a new life.  The prison was a central focus in the season finale but it has turned into a very different place.  We also lost a couple of characters in this last hour, though after suffering a season’s worth of emotional turmoil, it’s the survivors might actually be the worst off.

Starring Andrew Lincoln, David Morrissey, Chandler Riggs, Melissa McBride, Laurie Holden, Danai Gurira, Michael Rooker, Norman Reedus, Steven Yeun, Lauren Cohan, Scott Wilson, Dallas Roberts, Emily KinneyChad Coleman and Lew Temple, AMC’s The Walking Dead airs Sunday nights at 9.  Hit the jump for my review of the season three finale, “Welcome to the Tombs.”

walking-dead-season-3-michael-rooker[Spoiler Alert: All reviews and recaps come with a general spoiler warning from this point onward.]

This episode finally got us to the conflict between Woodbury and the Prison crew, which is what we’ve been building to all season.  However, I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out the character arcs that reached a stage of completion (or at least a new level) by the end of season three.  Daryl lost a brother but found a family; Michonne landed in a similar boat.  Glenn and Maggie went through their own emotional rollercoaster.  But it’s the Grimes family members who have suffered the most incredible pains during these last 16 episodes: the death of Lori, the mental breakdown of Rick and the progressing angst of Carl.  Rick finally appears to be over his Lori sightings but now has to keep a closer eye on Carl, who is becoming colder and more ruthless (ie a teenager in the apocalypse).  Let’s not forget that there’s a new Grimes to take care of, Little Ass-Kicker!

Of course, we should also pay special attention to our dearly departed friends and heroes.  Last week, we watched as Merle took his shot at redemption by taking out a number of the Governor’s best soldiers before dying at the hands of the Governor himself.  Tonight’s episode opened up with the rarely-used first person perspective of someone who turned out to be Milton.  Finding himself squarely in the Governor’s crazy sights, Milton was brutally beaten and stabbed by the Gov and left to bleed out, whereupon he would die, reanimate and kill Andrea in one hell of a mustache-twirling murder machination.  Milton’s death was expected since he finally grew a spine and stood up to the Governor, but we didn’t know exactly how he’d be meeting his untimely end.  The Gov using Milton as his weapon to kill Andrea was a nimble bit of writing.

laurie-holden-the-walking-dead-preyFans have been hot and cold on Andrea over the course of the show so far and not just in this past season.  She had our sympathy when she had to put down her own sister, but then received some ill will at her treatment of the well-meaning Dale.  Some fans shipped her hookup with Shane, but were lukewarm over her departure from the group after the battle at the barn last season.  This season, it was painfully obvious to viewers that the Governor was a wretched human being, but Andrea hung in there as long as possible…a few episodes too long, by many accounts.  In the end, she simply wanted to keep people from getting hurt on either side of a battle that never needed to happen.  It was an unfortunate end to a character we’ve been with since the beginning, especially since her arc came to its final conclusion before she had a chance to fully achieve her own intentions.

There are some question marks that were left unanswered at the end of season three.  We know that the survivors of both sides are now repopulating the prison, but what has become of the Governor?  He’s clearly beyond redemption at this point, having gunned down his own people and alienated most of his followers.  Where has he escaped to with his two loyal (or terrified) soldiers?  When will we see him again?  Will they finally go back to that meeting place to see the Governor use the gun they hinted at a few episodes ago( or is that the gun he used to shoot Merle)?  Something tells me that we’ll be seeing Morrissey returning as the Governor some time in the future.

As for the group itself, how will they adjust to the newcomers?  Will there be dissension among the ranks with former followers of the Governor either challenging Rick’s leadership or refusing to follow any leader after the insanity of their last one?  Will Tyrese and Sasha take new places among the ranks of leadership?  How about Daryl, who must be in shock after the defense of the prison so soon after the loss of his brother.  I really hope we get to see an exploration of the effects that the recent events have had on the last remaining Dixon brother.

the-walking-dead-sarah-wayne-callies-chandler-riggsA major issue going forward will be the relationship between Rick and Carl, who has matured as a character and an actor over this last season.  I’m hoping we get to see a bit more screentime for Riggs, especially after the gauntlet he threw down to Rick by dropping his sheriff’s badge in the dirt.  Rick tried the hardline stance and found he didn’t possess the constitution to go through with it when he couldn’t sacrifice Michonne for a chance to save the group.  Now that he’s invited dozens of townspeople, essentially strangers, into his home, Carl is certainly not going to take kindly to that.  I expect a lot more contention from within the Grimes family going forward.

As a finale, “Welcome to the Tombs” kicked off with the tension that has been building up all season but fizzled out when the overwhelming forces of Woodbury got scared off by some pyrotechnics and a few well-placed sharpshooters.  Woodbury’s fighters were farmers with pitchforks compared to Rick’s battle-tested group.  The conclusion of season three was more about the total descent into Hell by the Governor, which reinforces my belief that we’ll see him again.  ”Welcome to the Tombs” actually summed up the entire season fairly well for me: a good setup with nice attention to creating complexities of character for the talented cast of actors to play with, but there are still too many occasions of poor writing that employ soft choices and easy outs, robbing the show of its potential.  As a writer, Gimple has shown that he is able to grasp the strengths of The Walking Dead that makes it a fan-favorite show, so with him as the new showrunner I expect an even better output with season four.

Episode Rating: 7/10

Season Rating: 8/10

the-walking-dead-norman-reedus-season-3-episode-15-this-sorrowful-lifeZombie Kills: The microbiology term “too numerous to count” is used when there are far too many cells to make an accurate guess.  I’ll use that for the wanton Walker kills in this ep.

Casualties: 2 – Milton, who began to distance himself from the Governor in order to help Rick’s group, but was killed by the Governor himself.  Andrea, who was then attacked by an undead Milton and ultimately chose to end her own life rather than dying and being turned.

Human/Enemy Deaths: 27 from what I’ve been told, courtesy of The Governor mowing down his own army.

Best Kill: Beth finally gets her first kill!

Best Effect: While it wasn’t the most glamorous, it might have been the most gruesome since it happened to a character we’ve been with since the beginning – Andrea’s Milton/Walker bite.

Musings and Quotes:

  • The Governor: “I kept ya safe, kept ya fed.” Milton: “As long as I looked the other way.”
  • The Governor: “You take the head so you don’t ever forget.  You kill or you die.”
  • The Governor: ” In this life now, you kill and you die…or you die and you kill.”
  • It was nice to get a glimpse of Lori’s gravesite at the open and close of this episode, but it’s unfortunate that we didn’t get to see the gang pay respects to Merle.
  • Good on Michonne for being the bigger person and forgiving Rick for almost turning her over to the Governor.
  • walking-dead-season-3-laurie-holdenMilton to Andrea: “When you get free, you are going to find something very sharp and you are going to stab me in the head.”
  • Milton to Andrea: “You need to hurry.”
  • Pro-tip: When a dying man tells you to hurry before he turns and eats your face, you don’t stop to have a chat. R.I.P., you guys.
  • Season three featured the most booby traps ever (but few booby tarps).
  • I’m happy to see that the prison crew put that riot gear to good use, but it sure made me miss T-Dog.
  • Hershel is definitely the new Dale, first narking on Carl about the Woodbury kid he shot and then strong-arming Rick into realizing that Carl’s got issues.  Nobody likes a know-it-all, especially when they’re right.
  • Hell yeah, Poncho Daryl!
  • Carl to Rick: “I did what I had to do.  Now go so he doesn’t kill anymore of us.”
  • Andrea: “I just didn’t want anyone to die.”

Unfortunately, the fourth season of AMC’s The Walking Dead doesn’t return for its 16 episode run until October.  Be sure to join us then for more The Walking Dead episode recaps!


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  • Andrew

    The finale delivered on absolutely none of the promise of the season. The conflict and war which was essentially promised to fans of the show was non-existent. Honestly, it is episodes like this that prevent The Walking Dead from being one of the best shows on television. Every time they have a good episode, they trade it off with a bad episode. And make no mistake, that finale was bad.

    • dogg

      Yep. What kind of crappy battle was that? The fight from the scouting party was 10x better. A few thousand valuable rounds to kill some walkers in an empty prison yard. They didn’t even have the balls to wrap up the Governor plot. Way to screw up a great season.

    • Lance

      Honestly, anyone who thought there was going to be a giant battle scene that lasted the entire episode, culminating with Rick and the Governor duking it out like Optimus Prime and Megatron, should understand giant action set pieces was _never_ what this series was about. So instead of complaining about the show ‘not living up to its potential,’ better to realize the show was never going to go in the direction you wanted.

      • Daniel

        It makes sense on a certain level for the battle to go off that way, since from the early episodes Phillip admitted none of his people were trained in combat. However, it’s hard to believe the Governor would use essentially the same tactics for entering the prison as the previous assault and furthermore would just allow Tyreese to stay back at Woodbury.

        Tyreese had been inside the prison and could have, with some incentive’s (like the life of his sister), been coerced to return there. Of course, the gates and cell blocks were locked off from eachother, but if Governor and co. could have boxed the group inside the prison, they could have just sat out side and waited for them to starve to death.

      • Lance

        I don’t think the Governor has a military background of any kind, does he? At any rate, what we’ve been seeing this entire season is him going deeper and deeper into madness. I’m not surprised he didn’t bother to come up with a different strategy for taking the prison. Look at real life nutcases like Hitler, and the way they couldn’t adapt in the face of changing circumstances. The Governor knew only one thing by the end — attack, kill, destroy.

        Regarding Tyrese, I think we already saw the Governor question him about the prison’s layout in a previous episode. And when we saw the Governor hand Tyrese the sniper rifle, we saw the last time the Governor was able to keep up even the appearance of being a sensitive and understanding leader of the community. When he shot all his own townspeople, it showed he’d reached his ultimate snapping point, because if he’d kept it together he probably could have found a way to motivate everyone back into battle.

        Starving out the prison was never an option because those simple townspeople wouldn’t have had what it takes for a siege.

  • James

    Fuck this show.

  • Melacanth

    Overall horrible season, save a few hail mary episodes here and there. This season was a complete disappointment, Here’s hoping the 4th will be better.

  • ChanandelerBong

    The second half of the season completely failed to live upto the first half.

  • Leo Spaceman

    As somebody who has been a big fan of this show, and knows it inside and out, I have to admit I was really let down by this. I don’t read the comics, but I have a decent grasp for comics story arc. They have completely diverged from that though, which definitely didn’t take the happy way out with the end Woodbury.

    Normally I liked to think about where the show is headed next time, but I’m surprisingly not that huge on where it goes next. I guess its not much of a problem saying it now, but I will tell you to maybe skip this paragraph if you don’t want any real spoilers on the comic arc. I honestly expected Hershel to bite it. I had come to the conclusion that Hershel was the new Dale a while ago, but since he hadn’t been added to the main cast, I really didn’t expect him to make it to the end of the season. If it was like the comics, he probably would have died during this episode, but it seems like he is here to stay. But maybe the Governor’s true attack on the prison is yet to come and when and if they do get run out of the prison, Hershel would hopefully be the casualty, I like him, but the show needs to take a chance for once. Beth will probably have a place on the show as long as Lil Ass Kicker is still kicking, that baby needs a mom, and I can’t see the producers picking Carol over Beth for that role, then again in the comics the baby (and Lori) got mowed down by the Governor as they fled the prison, so her episodes could be numbered.

    The good thing about Rick and the gang adopting the Woodbury Folks, mainly those not able to lay siege to the prison, are going to work as some pretty good fodder for next season i suppose. I don’t know how they are going to feed the whole lot of them though, or house them, they will be double bunking in cell block C i guess. Hopefully they raided the supplies of Woodbury and stocked that bus the best they could. They did just leave an entire town that was walled and rather simple to defend from Walkers. With the Governor in the picture still I could see how it was a threat, but if they can take him out, there wouldn’t be any reason not to move in.


    Yes I agree …it was the worst episode of season 3….

  • Chad

    The way the season began made me believe we had a good show ahead of us.
    - The producers slacked and the show became very dull very fast – They would throw in a episode here or there to keep attention but that was it.
    - I was expecting the show to go out with a bang at least
    - The show was great when they were keeping to the comics a bit more in the first 2 seasons but they have since strayed very far and the end of this season shows that they are taking everything into their own hands….
    - I could not believe what they were doing with Andrea… instead of correcting it they killed her… WTF.. They already pulled her from the group so the emotional aspect of the death was fucking stupid… unless you read the comic and realize that she isn’t even suppose to be dead yet.

    There was little to no action in this last episode….

    Lets see where season 4 takes us but this is a fail….

  • Jim

    Nothing good happened this episode. Other than the fact the Governor lost it, it was pretty poor. Andrea deserved to die considering she had so much time to free herself, but stopped to listen to a dying Milton and only tried to free herself when Milton was Zombifiying. Carl is becoming frustrating again like last season. I really wished he got over that and actually became a formidable member of the team but he just sucked. He killed a potential ally. Idiot. And the show makes it out like its Rick’s fault. And the ending frustrated me the most because now it Walking Dead: Daycare centre.

    Why didn’t they just move everyone to Woodbury. The Governor has 2 allys so they wouldn’t be able to take it by force. Rick chose a prison over a nice little neighbourhood.

    I think since they have 16 episodes in the season it runs on for a bit too long. Some of the dialogue scenes seems way to melodramatic. If they had just killed the governor this season all would be right with the world and they could move on.

  • Jimmy Smiyh

    The season was great- the episode was great.
    The Governor is a great villain- him escaping was a solid move.
    Keeping it in the same world but changing things so the comic fans can still be surprised- brilliant!!

    Can;t wait for season 4.

    • Dude…

      Come on, Chris Hardwick, use your real name.

  • Danny

    I agree with everyone else, this finale was so underwhelming. The writers deserve a few points for surprising me by not following the comics/expected route and killing the Gov and many major characters but everything else was so eh. Andrea’s death? So stupid and unnecessary. At least Lori and Meryl, two unlikable characters, went out redeeming themselves in a memorable way. Andrea? Lived dumb and died dumb. Why the hell would you pause so many times when there’s a guy almost turning into a walker near you? And the last few scenes? Woodbury people join the prison and boom. That’s it. See you next season. No teases/hints for what’s to come S04? Bad writing. Just bad.

  • Marlboroliteman

    What was that lady talking about when she told the Governor “it was a massacre!”
    What massacre? Nobody who attacked the prison got hurt, except for having dirt shot up at their feet and getting their kicks dirty.
    The attack on the prison was pretty disappointing.

    • Daniel

      It was the Governor’s massacre of the people, one of the few decent moments in the episode.

      • LEM

        But it still managed to be one of the dumbest as no one standing behind him shot him dead or even the idiot with the gun on him waiting for him to grab and raise a gun to shoot him dead. So many plot holes and nonsense.

  • Dee

    Wondering if anyone got a glimpse of The Fonz jumping the sharks of skis at the end of this episode?

  • ifyoudidntlikethefinaleyoureanidiot

    i enjoyed the finale, if you didn’t you’re a bloody moron and should go watch something homosexual like pretty little liars. leave the mature stuff to us heteros you lil p*ssies

    • astro

      well since the majority of the comments are expressing disappointment in the finale, so i think you’re the bloody moron.

    • dogg

      For a raging heterosexual you don’t seem very disappointing that they phoned in the final battle. But you’re so deep in the closet you probably couldn’t see that.

    • WellWellWell

      Pretty Little Liars had a better Season Finale than TWD. I choose TWD over PLL anyday, but the last ep still sucked a big one!

  • astro

    well since the majority of the comments are expressing disappointment in the finale, so i think you\’re the bloody moron.

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  • LEM

    Huge letdown but pretty much what I expected after this horrendous second half only had one good episode. No real battle, lame character deaths, Governor isn’t shot in the back, no Lennie James. The season limps through the finish line and has a lot of redeeming to do next year. The only part of the episode that was interesting was the continuing change in Carl.

  • sloan

    No wonder AMC can’t keep a showrunner, intent as they are to run their shows into the ground, save for Breaking Bad and Mad Men, both of which are set to expire soon, leaving AMC with only the Walking Dud, The Killing, that horrendous Common/Train vehicle and those three terrible reality programs. OUCH! went from being the top tv channel outside paid cable to the lowest.

  • Nico

    I was just as surprised as everyone else that the battle turned out to be a dud. But I wasn’t disappointed in this finale . I didn’t like my anticipation of a predictable (all my favorite characters die in Walking Dead final episodes) feeling. I’m glad atleast they didn’t repeat that predictability and gave us something unexpected. I’m still as hooked as ever. Can’t wait till next season.

  • Gray

    Let Kirkman look over and write more next season. Seriously, this season veered way to far away from the comics. I understand it’s supposed to be its own entity, but all it has been is disappointing.

  • Tony

    I was only disappointed in this “battle” we’d been building up to. I was over Andrea and expected her to die. Im happy Tyreese survived it all. I love that the Governor escaped. Morrissey is an amazing actor and his portrayal of the Governor to me is getting to be pretty epic. A TV show is only as good as its villains and they are hopefully setting up a really stressful season 4 for the gang. I liked the episode. Wasn’t overwhelmed or underwhelmed. Excited for s4.

    • Anonymous

      The Governor is a terrible villain. He is psychotic and a pathological liar yet the entire town sees fit to follow him. His character is a whiny, sniveling little worm that cries and throws tantrums. The entire season showed no progress. They are still in the prison. They haven’t done anything to ensure survival. Can they not find a feed store and grow crops in the prison yard? Can anyone fish in the stream ten feet from the chain link fence? They can’t clear the yard even though it only takes making noise to attract the walkers and stabbing them from behind the safety of the fence? Come on, we want progress, not 16 episodes of Rick and the idiot governor trying to see who has a bigger penis. 16 episodes of factions fighting and no sense of finality with the last episode. What a whale turd season 3 turned out to be.

  • ED

    Haters… haters everywhere.

  • Lee S.

    It is really extremely unlikley the gang will spend another season int he prision.
    Season 4 Opener Prediction:
    Several months have passed; The Govenor and his remaining soldiers locate a tank (perhaps even the one Rick took refuge in in downtown Atlaanta in season 1).

    As they slowly drive the tank towards the prison, they will use a variation of Merle’s trick to gather an extremely large herd of zombies by blaring rock (I’d like ot request “Don’t Fear the Reaper”, but unlikley since this was used previously in the opening of the old “The Stand” mini-series and right’s issues would ensure to add it to the unfortunatly unavoidable season 4 soundtrack)

    With the Gov’ (now with long flowing hair and a full fu-manchu per the comics) riding high atop the tank with a cry of “Kill Them All”!, they initiate the attack on the prison – and the true battle we were expecting (and deserved) to see last night will ensue.

    The tank will blow the prison defenses to hell, the zombie horde will swarm the prison; most of the “woodbury” remnants will die; one or more of Rick’s crew will die (Little Ass Kicker’s days are numbered) and the survivors will flee the prison and likely be split up for most of season 4.

  • Chaws

    The problem with the finale is everyone expected the show to raise the stakes and be something completely epic. They’ve had a handful of episodes this season that would be most show’s season finales so they’re basically competing with themselves. I thought the finale did a great job of setting up interesting story lines for next season (something a good finale should do.) They lost the character I liked the least, added Tyrese to the group, made Carl a cold killer and left the Governor out in the wind to hopefully not be seen again until at least the mid season finale next year. While it may not have been what fans wanted/expected it’s a great “writer’s finale.” Also, kudos to Glen Mazzarra’s writing and Ernest Dickerson’s directing of both the premiere and the finale. I loved that they both started with the eye close up. Premiere was a zombie, finale was the Governor, solidifying the “Fight the Dead, Feat the Living” theme of season 3. Overall, a great season of television. Thanks again to Glen for setting up new showrunner Scott Gimple and the writing staff with plenty of interesting options for season 4.

    How long before Laurie Holden is announced as a series regular on Frank Darabont’s “Lost Angles” now? She’d join fellow Walking Dead castmates, Jon Beranthal, Jeffrey DeMunn and Andrew Rothenberg. You know it’s only a matter of time.

    • Lance

      I agree, this was a very good episode of television and despite the fact this is a series where you now expect there to be character deaths, and for the Governor to do appalling things, moments like Andrea’s death and the Governor shooting his own people still landed in an emotionally powerful way.

    • Matt

      So what you are saying that the whole point of Season 3 was to set up season 4? What a waste of time…

    • LEM

      They set up the season and teased an all out war that would culminate in the finale and instead gave this pile of garbage that would have worked as a mid season finale but as a season ender? nope. They cheated the fans and should have done better. It’s obvious something went wrong behind the scenes whether it was writing or budget isn’t evident but there is something hindering this show from being as amazing as it should be.

  • Mark

    The budget restraints are killing this show. What kind of lame battle was that? It seems Roger corman is the new showrunner.

  • junierizzle

    Glad I stopped watching when I did. I didn’t come back for this second half of the season. From all the comments I see I made the right choice. It’s the same after very season with this show, “so much potential”, “bad writing”, “dumb characters” “Man, 12 episodes were boring as hell but there were a couple that were pretty good.”

  • boredbored

    Last half of season 2 consisted mainly of 20 to 40 minutes ‘talking’ scenes covering stuff we already have heard a million times before. So boring. If I wanted that there’s a million other US dramas I could watch. Walkers are becoming secondary to everything. How bored are you of seeing them staggering around the prison grounds and getting stabbed in the head through the fence. Or snipped at a distance. Wow, really creative. How about some imagination? And the long drawn-out dialogue scenes boring as hell. Now we end season 3 with a bus load of newbies entering the prison (read that as the new farm). Can you imagine the boring scenes we’re gonna get in season 4 of them lot having deep meaningful discussions with each other. Singing songs, cut that out too (Emily). Where can the story possibly go to create the suspense and wonder that was season 1? Even the comics are pretty boring after the prison got ransacked by a much better governor.

  • leo

    Little more lame of a season. Getting 2 b more political of who can play god with the living then terminating the dead.

  • leo

    Need 2 do away from it being 2 political.

  • boredboredagain

    aaaaand another thing, dragging out one point over 40 minutes (or even 3 episodes of 40 minutes) is excruciating. We know all this already, get a move on. Already covered. And those scenes where people just look at each other, wtf? Clock ticking. Stretch it out.

    When Hershel’s mug appears on the screen you know in an instant a meaningful plot dialogue (not) will ensue for the next 5 to 10 minutes zzzzz. I want new locations (even when rick, carl and mich went to the town where carl nabbed his family picture was a huge relief from the scenes at prison and tiny woodbury). Hasn’t anyone got any balls to make this show into something different from everything else? or did a zombie chew ‘em off? Oooo there’s a plot idea. So miffed the prison didn’t get destroyed. It means it’ll still be there in season 4. Well they did build it so I guess they want it in the show for a long as possible.

    Season 4: The governor appears at the prison wanting to bury the hatchet, sits around the camp fire with everyone while they sing songs and look sad.

    Episode 1: The governor walks to the prison (for the entire 40 minutes, interspersed with Hershel sleep ezy scenes)

    Episode 2: The governor makes it to the prison, a dialogue ensues between rick and him as to whether he’s repented and can be trusted. Episode ends with the gates slowly opening.

    Episode 3: The governor steps inside the prison grounds, and rides ‘backie’ on V05 hair style model Daryl’s bike up to the prison. Oh wait. that’s far too action packed. Cut. Rest of episode focuses on the prison members deciding whether or not to let him stay, let alone cook the Sunday roast.

    Episode 4: Roast chicken with all the trimmings lands on the table in front of that guitar playing singing girl who fancied carl. She pauses before eating it to sing a song. Episode ends (it’s a long song).

    Episode 5: Maggie and her finger stealing cheap boyfriend argue, make-up and bang somewhere.

    Episode 6: Rick tells someone “they can’t stay here”.

    Episode 7: Something mildly exciting happens, but only at the very end of the episode. Keeps everyone hoping something good will happen after the mid-season break.

    Mid season break over: Nothing happens. Everyone talks the talk but never walks the walk. I’m back here again, complaining.

  • Travis

    While I have tried to stay positive about the show, I will say that the finale had me disappointed. The attack on the prison turned out to be nothing short of a game of hide and go seek where Glen and Mag scare everyone away at the end by shooting and missing 99% of the time (honestly I can’t remember if they killed anyone). I had hope that when Mag was jacked up about them succeeding that a hiding Woodbury member would put a bullet into her chest to build at least some suspense.

    When the governor lost his mind I was somewhat intrigued, until that resulted in him and 2 others just driving off to nowhere.

    I thought we would be guaranteed some sort of massive cliff hanger to end the season. When I saw that the season ended with a bunch of old people getting off a bus to live in a prison I again was left with an empty feeling.

    The only thing that would have made this episode worse was if they decided to kill off Daryl (which by the way if that ever happens will be the dumbest thing in the history of television as he is currently the only character worth watching right now).

  • Through Walking

    Nevermind why Andrea took so long to free herself…why did it only take a scant few minutes for Milton to turn into a zombie? We saw Andrea fight off ten zombies only two episodes ago and she couldn’t get Milton with her feet and at least one hand free? The Gov is far past interesting crazy and has moved on to hilarious, mst3k worthy crazy. I’m weary of him, he’s far past being interesting to me. How did he not die this season? Also this show is fraught with missed opportunities. As soon as a character has a potentially interesting story, they get killed. I tried so hard from season one to like this show and I just have been consistently disappointed and distracted by huge plot holes. We’re going on four seasons and I’m through waiting for it to get better. Even Norman Reedus isn’t enough to keep me watching anymore.

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  • Alex

    Overall I enjoyed the finale. I do feel another prison group member should have kicked it to add that “oh fuck!” factor, and that Glenn and Maggie should have been seen taking down a couple of Woodbury soldiers to make it a more believable retreat and less of an A Team style showdown. Apart from that it kept me surprised and set up some potentially good stories next season. I don’t want to see the governor lasting another season. I’m thinking mid season finale he turns up having recruited some new violent thug types and with a prison full of expendable characters we still get the fight we were expecting, but also close the governor arc with a bit of revenge for the prison group while forcing a new setting. Also I enjoy all of the dialogue for story development, but we’re often left wandering if characters even had a reaction to the events of previous episodes