Watch a Preview of New Episodes from THE WALKING DEAD [Updated]

     January 2, 2013


Yesterday, AMC rang in the New Year with the dead.  During a marathon of season three episodes from The Walking Dead, the network showed a preview of what the remainder of the season holds for fans.  I stopped watching the show after season one, which means I can’t spoil what’s in this preview.  Everybody wins.

Hit the jump to check out the preview.  The Walking Dead returns February 10th. [Updated: We've been informed that the previous video wasn't the newest preview.  We've updated the story with the latest video]

Thanks to DailyDead for the heads-up.


  • chanandeler bong

    If you’re referring to Walking dead 3X09 Promo 2, then this isnt new. It aired right after the mid season finale. Jeez, collider, do some good journalism.

    • James Freud

      Well the guy posting the story said he stopped watching the show after the first season, so that says it all really :D

      • GunsOfNavarone

        You must be new here. Goldberg hates most stuff. The funniest time was when he’d ripped The Amazing Spiderman to pieces and then interviewed Martin Sheen, and Martin asked him what he thought of it.

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  • Mike

    Can someone fire him already and get the girl who did the star wars reviews to do this? I’m dead serious. At least give us someone who isn’t brain dead..

  • k

    Actually, guys, there are some new shots in this promo that did not air the night of the mid-season finale – there are more shots of Daryl and the shot of what looks like Carol using Axel as a human shield down on the ground in the prison yard – so, yes it is a lazy rehash for the most part with a few seconds of new material, whatever.

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  • john

    man they really made a huge mistake taking so long in between episodes, instead of being super pumped for it like I was i’ve kinda forgotten about alot of it and the whole entire series will be much less dramatic now unless I re watch them.

  • sukma

    pleasee to review the walking dead /marathon/ (season 1 eps 1 -to- the end season n episodee)

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