THE WALKING DEAD Promotes David Morrissey, Chad Coleman, Sonequa Martin-Green, and Emily Kinney to Series Regulars for Season 4

     April 3, 2013


Fresh off of Sunday’s rather anticlimactic season finale for AMC’s immensely popular drama series The Walking Dead, the network is making some casting shifts ahead of the upcoming fourth season.  Immediately after Sunday’s episode, word broke that David Morrissey—who plays the villainous The Governor—would return as a series regular for season four, and now Chad Coleman (Tyreese), Sonequa Martin-Green (Sasha), and Emily Kinney (Beth) have been upped to series regulars for the impending season.  Hit the jump for more.

the-walking-dead-season-4-emily-kinneyNews of the casting shifts comes courtesy of THR, which adds that Melissa Ponizo (Karen) will return as a recurring guest star in season four.  Karen was the only remaining member of The Governor’s attack party after Morrissey’s character went full-psycho on his own group following the botched—and did I say anticlimactic?—showdown at “The Prison.”

Tyreese and Sasha were introduced halfway through season three, but Beth has been a part of the show since Rick’s group came across “The Farm” in season two.  As a number of the show’s female characters perished this past season, it appears that Beth will be getting a bit more screentime next year.  Production on season four gets underway this summer in anticipation of a likely October premiere. Scott M. Gimple was recently installed as the series’ new showrunner, as he takes over for departing showrunner Glen Mazzara, who himself took over for original showrunner Frank Darabont halfway through season two.  Such is life behind-the-scenes on The Walking Dead.


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  • mofohead

    Gay. Fuck this show. Had such high hopes for season 3, once again let down, no more WD for me. Removed from dvr and will refuse to watch season 4 unless, however, I hear through the grapevine comments like “BEST SEASON YET!!” or “They actually made an episode that wasn’t 90% talking boring bullshit”. This is quite unlikely so I say, fuck this show.

    • LEM

      You’ll watch it and bitch and complain like every season.

    • ED

      If you don’t like the show, STOP FUCKING WATCHING AND BITCHING ABOUT IT.

  • Leo Spaceman

    I think the biggest problem with the finale was that they were selling it as the big showdown between Rick and the Gov. They should have increased awareness of the fact that they were really going to take a different path than the comics. It is too bad that Andrea had to die like she did, but if she managed to uncuff herself and kill Evil Milton, it would have been taking the easy out and would not fit with the general idea that people die before their time in this show. And they needed someone to die in the finale that people actually liked a little (Carol would not be seen as a loss.) Im surprised Hershel didn’t make it to series regular. I don’t see him surviving when they do have to flee the prison. Beth is really Lil Ass Kickers mom now, so she gets to live as long as the baby does. Surprised Sasha is a regular, I think I more expected her to be like Carol, always around, not the main cast.

    David is doing a good job as the Gov. He is doing a good job with the truly evil part, and will probably be alot better this season when he doesn’t have to play nice. The big problem for me was that I didn’t expect him to survive and I’m not sure what kind of threat he is going to be to the group with just Woodbury’s version of Daryl and that black guy with the superb head of hair. I will think those two could join the group if they showed up with the Gov’s head, It would be very cool if it was still biting. Daryl and Martinez? would make for a good pair as soldiers. Karen will probably become Rick’s new special friend now that he seems to be moving on from Lori and accepting that shes gone.

    Its good that they have a giant group of people now because they can start letting Walkers actually kill people for once. For a Zombie show, the zombies were pretty much irrelevant this season. If they really want to have a ballsy season opener, they should have the Governor attack the prison with some random army he found and destroy the prison and most of the Woodbury people die out and have the Gov get killed in the first episode but leave just a small group of people alive. Maybe they had a second cell block cleared that had mostly Woodbury people in it get completely overrun and Rick and his group have to watch as the cell block falls and they can’t save anyone, maybe Hershel would be a casualty I like him, but he wouldn’t be able to run very well, he dies in the prison in the comics, and he would be an actual loss to the group and to the viewers. Then have the group back on the road and they come across the next big bad of the series after the Gov. Is it Negan?

    • LEM

      Yeah, no one thought the Governor would survive. I don’t think anyone would have thought they would have an entire season build to such an unsatisfying conclusion. As far as the zombies go I think the point of the season was to show the living to be the real threat. The zombies are easy enough to deal with unless you encounter a group and are overrun ( or are the Governor and invulnerable to any amount of zombies).

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  • CW

    I think the writers missed a golden opportunity for not developing Milton’s character further. Currently, there is an air of hopelessness for a Walker cure. Not since the beginning, when they went looking for the CDC. Milton’s character was experimenting with walkers at the beginning of this season and trying to determine if there are old memories remaining in walkers. Then the writers totally dropped that side plot. I was wishing for Milton to turn into a Walker in the last episode and have Andrea pleading with him. And for a moment, Walker Milton would pause just enough to cause the audience to wonder if he remembered her, before attacking her It’d be totally fitting for Milton’s character, given the amount of research he put into it. He’d be the perfect choice to reveal that glimpse of hope. Even if Andrea didn’t live to tell, it be a secret that the audience could carry into next season and create audience ambivalence towards random killing of walkers. At least until the next hope reveal.

    • Matt

      well we already knew a cure was not possible from their visit at the CDC, Dr. Edwin Jenner shows what happens to the brain when you re-animate, and if buddy, who was married to this brilliant scientist, a brilliant scientist himself, with resources at his disposal for months was still unable to make any progress on a cure. also once Milton almost got attacked by the old man he was trying to conjure up old memories with lunged for him, like Andrea said, i think right there he knew his theories were bullshit.

      i don’t know why this season is getting so much flack, i thought it was fantastic right up until the season finale when i kept checking how much time was left wondering when the gov. was gonna die. i think that’s where the fucked up, David Morrisey did a fine job with his role, but one season is enough. its rare to see the main antagonist for more than a season

  • FoonZeeS

    I thought when Merle looked up from eating the corpse at Darryl there was a glimpse of recognition in his face.

  • CW

    I hope for a change of setting, instead of a whole other season at the prison. Hopefully, they move into Woodbury or follow the comic book and come across Alexandria Safe-Zone. Or else it will feel like they’re milking what they can from old subplots.

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