THE WALKING DEAD Recap – “Internment”

     November 11, 2013


When watching AMC’s The Walking Dead, you know you’ll occasionally have to say goodbye to someone in what is often a gruesome or heartbreaking manner; much less often, a standout character actually returns to the show.  Tonight’s episode, “Internment”, featured both such events, along with a lot of character and heart amidst the chaos.  This mysterious disease is proving to be the group’s toughest challenge yet, but if the closing moments of this episode are any indication, things are about to take a turn for the worse.  Hit the jump for my recap and review, and to welcome back an old friend.

the-walking-dead-internment-scott-wilsonIf you’ve been keeping up with our recaps, then you’ll know by now that last week’s episode saw the departure of Carol (Melissa McBride) from the prison on less than the best of terms.  Since Carol is hopefully still alive until we see otherwise, there’s a possibility that her time on the show is not done just yet.  While we wait to see if Carol ever makes a triumphant return, tonight’s episode answered another question that’s been brewing since the season began: When will the Governor (David Morrissey) return?  Before we get to that, let’s take a look at the rest of the show.

Tonight was Hershel’s (Scott Wilson) time to shine as a never-say-die country doctor who was willing to do quite literally anything he had to in order to save his patients.  While Hershel’s plot line could have gone the way of medical dramas a long time ago, it’s much more interesting to watch him struggle with the barest of supplies, the worst sort of conditions imaginable and a skeleton crew of assistants with any kind of medical expertise (who keep dying off).  Even more interesting than watching Hershel’s Sisyphean task of healing a plagued group of survivors of the post-apocalyptic world of their physical ailments is his ongoing struggle to save each of their souls, not in the sense of absolution or confession, but by trying to prevent the horrors of this grave new world from corrupting their spirit.  His stubbornness in both of these regards is going to get him killed eventually, but it’s also the reason that so many of them are still alive today.

Rick, meanwhile, is dealing with his own moral struggle, having kicked Carol to the curb for the sake of the group.  Maggie (Lauren Cohan) agreed with his decision, and Hershel seemed to, but we’ll have to wait and see how the others react, especially Daryl (Norman Reedus) and Tyreese (Chad L. Coleman).  Rick had only a little time to reflect on his decision, however, as the horde of Walkers outside the prison managed to topple the fence and break through.  Rick and Carl (Chandler Riggs) engaged in a fun family shootout by mowing down dozens if not hundreds of Walkers; logic forces one to wonder why they didn’t just do that earlier when the Walkers were safely lined up along the fence, but what are you going to do.

the-walking-dead-scott-wilson-internmentThe group lost a fair number of people this episode, but none of the main cast members fell victim.  It remains to be seen whether or not Glenn (Steven Yeun) will recover now that the others have returned with antibiotics.  However, the quarantined area for sick patients is now much less secure since Maggie shot her way in, but that’s something they can likely patch up in the future.  It’s only a matter of time until more of the kids start to get sick or impact the plot in another unpredictable way, since they’ve been focused on a lot this season, with special attention paid to Lizzie Samuels (Brighton Sharbino).  And while the illness is taking its toll on the group, another greater danger (and likely cause behind the whole epidemic) waits in the wings: The Governor!

The tell-tale eyepatch showed up sooner than I expected, which means that things are about to get even worse for Rick’s group.  How much worse is anyone’s guess, but the prison may no longer be the safe haven that Rick and the others were hoping it was.  It’s no coincidence that the episode was titled, “Internment”, conjuring the image of helpless masses confined against their will without any apparent cause or possibility of recourse.  The prison may have sheltered them for a time and given them the break they needed.  However, at the end of the day they’re all just prisoners of a stark and relentless world in which true Hell has come to Earth.  But as long as they keep surviving, we’ll keep watching.

Rating: A

Zombie Kills: 35+ on screen, but so many more off screen during Rick and Carl’s defense of the prison.

Casualties: Mr. Jacobs, Patient #3, Patient #4, Henry, Blonde Woman (GSW), Man with Gun (bitten to death by his own brother?), Dr. Caleb Subramanian

Best Kill: Tie between Rick and Carl’s Shooting Gallery and Maggie’s Sure Shot

Best effect: Nothing we haven’t seen before, but watching that horde of Walkers storm the prison fences was pretty frightening due to the sheer number of them.

Odds & Entrails:

the-walking-dead-season-4-david-morrisseyHershel to Glenn: “I wasn’t lying. Look at you, you’re resting.”

Carl: “Dad, you can’t keep me from it.”  Rick: “From what?” Carl: “From what always happens.” Rick: “Yeah, maybe, but I think it’s my job to try.”

Dr. S: “If you’re not ready to lose one, you’ll lose em all.”

Hershel: “A sad soul can kill quicker than a germ. That’s exactly why I didn’t want them to see what happens.”

Hershel: “I still think there’s a plan. There has to be a reason.” Rick: “You think it’s all a test?” Hershel: “Life is always a test, Rick.” … Rick: “I need to talk to you about Carol.”

Rick: “You shoot or you run, don’t let them get close.”

Hershel: “I didn’t want you in here.” Maggie: “I know. I had to. Just like you.”

Carl: “Dad, everything’s going to be okay.”

Bob (Lawrence Gilliard Jr.) finally helping by administering the medicine. Yay, Bob!

Daryl on Glenn: “He’s a tough son of a bitch.” Hershel: “He is.” Daryl: “You’re a tough son of a bitch.” Hershel: “…I am.”

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  • rhizomeman

    The Governor sucks and ruined Season 3. Just have Rick shoot him and be done with it.

    • LEM

      The writing ruined season 3 but hopefully they can redeem themselves.

      • rhizomeman


  • Scurvy

    Hershel was a vet, not a country doctor IIRC.

  • juan

    DUde, love your website but those ads that pop the sound ON without doing anything is annoying the shit out of me. Please contact your host or something.

    • LEM

      Jaun, browser add-ons are your friend.

    • BigJimSlade

      Download Adblock Plus, pronto.

  • LEM

    I assume next week will be an entire episode devoted to what happened after the Gov and Co. rode off after his mass murder. I think He’s the reason the fences have been over loaded with walkers. I knew It was bad news for Michonne when she left with only Herschel in tow and she’ll most likely be taken by the Gov.

    • Whatchuptu

      I betting that after such a centric Hershal episode and him heading out with Michonne, that he’s a goner. I predict that the Governor will follow them and kill him whilst Michonne watches.

  • Bob

    The Governor shined and helped make season three as entertaining as it was. There was a little too much dead (pun intended) time in season three but that wasn’t the fault of the character of the governor and they took one of the show’s best characters (Andrea) and ruined her story arc but it was still an entertaining season. This season however is on track to being the best one yet.

    • derpydoo

      Andrea was an awful character, glad she’s gone.

      • Daniel O’Reilly

        She’s a much more likable character in the comics. It’s a shame Glenn Mazarra ruined her.

      • Bob

        Andrea was a great character that the writers mishandled in season three. She should have survived so that the writers could get her back on track and realize her potential as the badass walker slayer she was becoming.

      • LEM

        There was no reason to kill her off and I think if Tyrese would have burst in and saved her at the last minute no one would have been mad.

      • LEM

        I hated her at first and then I liked her only to have season three erase all of that and made me revile her and applaud her stupid pointless death.

  • steve c

    the reason they didn’t shoot the walkers by the fence earlier,is that they didn’t need to while the fence held, doing its job and saving them vital ammo,which is also why they spend so much time harpooning them at the fence with sharp sticks.

  • BigJimSlade

    “A” rating?

    I can’t think of many episodes that have been as weak ~ first time in a while I wound up watching most of a WD episode while doing chores. This whole flu thing has been a bore (though, I don’t know if the comic has it, and if they’re kind of following the story). The attempt at generating suspense with another mini-zombie fiasco and the standard suspense music was one of the emptiest I’ve seen on the series. Bummer because the first episode of this season seemed more character driven and also explored more survivalist aspects of living in a zombie apocalypse.

    Been a faithful WD watcher but starting to lose interest. I feel like the only reason I’m watching the show now is to see if it winds up going somewhere/anywhere soon. Other than Daryl and Michonne, there’s not much for me to root for these days.

    If the comic has lots of other scenarios, I hope they wrap up shop at the prison soon and move onto another situation very soon. I guess the season may end with them ready to head onto another chapter. I hope so…

    • Bob

      “A” rating richly deserved.

    • LEM

      So you’re mad that a show set in the zombie apocalypse had zombies in it? I think they did a great job highlighting Herschel and foreshadowing his death as well as having some great zombie action.

    • Travis Gowen

      Yes, because during a zombie apocalypse illness and disease won’t be a problem. Not sure what you want out of the show.

      You seem to hate zombie attacks, the characters and real problems that would occur in such a situation. All with the Governor watching outside the gate.

    • dal

      You’re dumb.

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