THE WALKING DEAD Recap: “Too Far Gone”

     December 1, 2013


It’s been a tale of two camps so far on this season of AMC’s The Walking Dead, but tonight’s mid-season finale put a definitive end to one of them.  Fans of the series may have felt that the last few episodes have been a bit of a retread of previously explored plot territory.  While that may have been the case, the events of tonight’s episode will force the survivors out of their comfort zones and into some tough decisions in the second half of the season.  We also lost some characters along the way, one who was beloved by fans, and one of whom viewers simply loved to hate.  Hit the jump for my recap and review of tonight’s episode of The Walking Dead, “Too Far Gone”. 

the-walking-dead-too-far-gone-david-morrisseyWhile I was holding out hope that last week’s closing scene of The Governor (David Morrissey) spying on Michonne (Danai Gurira) and Hershel (Scott Wilson) in the prison camp was from time before the illness swept through the prison, that turned out not to be the case.  This eliminated the Gov from being the mastermind behind spreading the disease among the prisoners; all fingers now point to a psychopath hiding among the survivors, as evidenced by the plague rat flayed and displayed within the prison.  It’s unfortunate that the Gov didn’t get a chance to add bioterrorism to his resume, but it looks as if this mystery will continue into the remaining eight episodes.

Enough about what didn’t happen, let’s take a look at what did.  The bulk of this episode centered on the conflict between The Gov’s new group and Rick’s (Andrew Lincoln) decimated camp of survivors.  While Michonne and Hershel managed to escape the disease without any ill effects, they were unable to escape The Governor as he captured both of them rather easily at the outset.   Although he appeared ready to listen to a compromise in exchange for his prisoners, The Governor opted not to budge when Rick offered him and his people room and board within the prison.  Instead, the lunatic hacked Hershel’s head off with Michonne’s katana.

Needless to say, Rick’s group didn’t take too kindly to that, and all Hell broke loose soon afterward.  In addition to The Governor’s new soldier, Mitch (Kirk Acevedo), rolling his tank through the prison fences and shelling the crap out of the structure, all the commotion drew nearby Walkers to the scene.  This proved to be too much for some of the prison dwellers to deal with and Hershel was only the first casualty.

Since this episode was, in essence, The Governor’s swan song, it was interesting to see how he was dispatched.  While he was busying himself with warmongering, his new surrogate wife and child – Lilly (Audrey Marie Anderson) and Meghan (Meyrick Murphy) – were watching Walkers float downriver or digging up Flash Flood Warning signs.  Meghan quickly succumbs to a Mud Walker bite, so Lilly does the sensible thing and carries the child’s dead body to where The Governor is assaulting the prison.  Not wanting to go through another situation like with that of his undead daughter, Penny, The Governor puts a bullet in Meghan’s head.  After he got the upper hand in a knock-down, drag-out fight with Rick, interrupted by Michonne managing to run the Governor through with a katana, Lilly returns the favor by finishing him off with an off-screen kill shot.  If there was any doubt that The Governor was really and truly dead, the shot of a Walker tromping on the Eyepatch King chess piece should put that question to rest.

walking-dead-season-4-scott-wilsonOther more relevant questions include: Where the hell is everyone?  Michonne saved Rick and then disappeared.  Glenn (Steven Yeun) got the survivors into the bus, but then the bus took off.  Maggie (Lauren Cohan) and Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green) both help an injured Bob (Lawrence Gilliard Jr.) get to safety.  Tyreese (Chad Coleman) is now the sole chaperone of a bunch of gun-wielding children (which is a spin-off I’d definitely watch), and Daryl (Norman Reedus) and Beth (Emily Kinney) were last seen together after perennial badass Daryl took out the tank and driver, Mitch.  Also seen heading into the woods to escape the horrors of the overtaken prison were Rick and Carl (Chandler Riggs), who not only saw their home overrun, but found Judith’s car carrier covered in blood and suspiciously devoid of the Grimes’ youngest family member.  It remains to be seen if Judith found safety with one of the aforementioned groups or if, gruesomely, she fell victim to hungry Walkers.

The writers apparently hate having any sort of consistent sage in the group as they’ve killed off both Dale (Jeffrey DeMunn) and Hershel.  While I fully expect the group to find another wise old character in the near future, I have equal expectations that that character will meet their demise sooner than later.  Much like Rick’s group of survivors, sometimes this show’s writing feels like it lacks a consistent voice of reason and experience.  Did we really need to revisit The Governor’s assault on the prison?  Not really, but if it brings closure to The Governor as a character while forcing our protagonists into making more difficult choices in the future, it was a worthwhile decision.

Rating: B-

Odds & Entrails:

Walker kills: 7

Casualties: Meghan, Hershel, The Governor, Multiple Red Shirts on both sides of the conflict, Mitch and … Baby Judith???

Best Kill: Rick/Michonnne/Lilly’s combined kill of The Governor. Rest in pieces.

Best Effect: Daryl’s assault on the tank. The guy is unstoppable.

the-walking-dead-governorWhile The Governor was a horrendous individual, I will miss his gift with words, which won over multiple groups of otherwise peaceful people and convinced them to become bloodthirsty murderers.

Lilly: “Killing people?” Gov: “No, killing killers.”

Hershel: “Governor…” Gov: “Don’t call me that.”

Hershel: “If you understand what it’s like to have a daughter, than how can you threaten to harm someone else’s?” Gov: “Because they aren’t mine.”

Gov: “Any place that’s safe, really safe, someone’s already there.”

It was nice to see Glenn and Maggie back to their usual cuteness, but with the talk of their anniversary and the eventual splitting up of those two at the prison, I was worried one of them wasn’t going to make it out. (Did anyone else think the tank was going to target the bus as it drove away?)

Glenn: “You know, our anniversary is coming up.” Maggie: “When?” Glenn: “…sometime.”

We didn’t get to see Carol (Melissa McBride), but Rick and Daryl did remind us that she’s out there.  Will Tyreese and the kids run across her in the wild?

Rick: “I haven’t told Tyreese yet. I don’t know how he’s going to take it.” Dary: “Let’s go find out.”

Gov: “Rick! Come down here! We need to talk!”

Rick: “I don’t make decisions anymore.” Gov: “You’re making the decisions today, Rick. Now come on down here and let’s have that talk.”

Rick: “You got a tank, you don’t need hostages.” Gov: “I do. This is just to show you I’m serious. I don’t want to blast a hole in our new home.”

Rick: “I have a tank! And I’m lettin’ you walk away from here. What else is there to talk about?”

Honestly, Rick was just starting to get back to the confident enforcer of old.  Now, with an old nemesis nearly killing him, his home being ravaged by disease and destroyed by invaders, and the possible grisly death of his baby daughter, I’m quite worried for Rick’s sanity once again.

the-walking-dead-season-4-posterCarl: “I can kill the Governor right now.” Daryl: “From 50 yards?” Carl: “I’m a good shot. I can end this right now.” Daryl: “You could start somethin’ else.”

Rick: “We can all live in the prison or none of us can.”

Mitch: “Time for you to leave, asshole!”

Even if Rick was lying to himself by saying that everyone could get along in the prison, I appreciated the effort.

Gov: “Liar.”

Let’s take a moment to lament the departure of Hershel, who saved Carl from a gunshot, survived a Walker bite and amputated leg, acted on the council as advisor, and cared for multiple survivors along the way with his medical expertise, including almost single-handedly getting the group through the epidemic.

Gov: “Kill em all.”

The Walking Dead returns Sunday, February 9th at 9pm on AMC.

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  • LL

    i’m excited for the next half of the season. finally a new change of scenery and conflict. the first season will always be the best because each episode was an adventure.. i would like to see more of that in the future.

  • JudgeMethos


    • zillabeast

      Agreed. Extremely gratifying, and horrifying all at once.

  • Greyson

    A fun twist: Carol killed Tyreese’s girlfriend (still not sure I believe it…), but then technically saved his life because she taught the girls to shoot/kill. BOOM!

  • milk

    Great Episode…..everything that needed closing was wrapped up. Kudos to Mr. Morrissey in creating a truly hated character that will not be forgotten. Still cant get the image of Hershel being decapitated out of my mind. Bring on Feb.9!!!

  • Nick

    This first half of the season was filled with holes but this was a terrific episode. I give it an A. A lot happened, the plot finally moved and there’s still plenty of places they can take the season.

  • Nick

    This first half of the season was filled with holes but this was a terrific episode. I give it an A. A lot happened, the plot finally moved and there’s still plenty of places they can take the season.

  • Tritium3H

    Sometimes I get the feeling that the writers don’t want a popular character (Hershel) overshadowing Rick. Hershel had developed into a fan favorite. The same thing seems to happen on Boardwalk Empire, where favorite characters are suspiciously “offed” when they have become more popular with the fans than Steve Buscemi’s Nucky Thompson.

    • Leo Spaceman

      Hershel was the expected person to die. He was liked enough so it wasn’t just killing off someone like Bob who is technically a main character but one that no one cares about but it was killing someone who had enough of a presence in the show to matter. When Oscar was killed last season, no one cared and if you are asking your self you is Oscar again then that is exactly my point.

      It is like when (SPOILER) Sons of Anarchy killed Opie. He was the beloved character and it shows that the show is willing to kill a popular character. When the only Sons that are dying are people like Kozic, Phil, V-Lin, Miles and Nomads, the sense of danger disappears. It is important to show that even the stars can die.

    • LEM

      Explain Daryl being alive?

      • Scurvy

        Killing Hershel will not get people to stop watching the show. Killing Daryl will.

        I don’t think I’ve ever seen a shirt that says, ‘If Hershel dies, we riot’.

      • LEM

        Those idiots will still watch and then come to websites to bitch about it.

    • poppincherry

      I don’t think anyone can overshadow Rick. He is such a moral based, frenetic superstar character . Probably one of the best written characters in tv history.

  • Rjd12345

    It might of been a retread, but Season 3 was so incredibly bad that I’m kind of glad they fixed their errors. I really enjoyed the episode except for one thing….the actor who plays Carl’s acting. His reaction to Judith’s probable death seemed so forced.

  • derek

    What a bad episode. Bad acting, bad plot points and just bad writing. And to top it off. The army tank driver who was trained to kill people in a tank; seems to have trouble actually hitting people. Oh and yes lets get out of your tank and suddenly turn around to make sure the tank is okay. Never mind the war zone surrounding you. And how about that dumb lady with her dead daughter? Did she traverse the woods of georgia over to the prison carrying her fortunately still unturned zombie daughter? Did she map quest directions to the prison for the quickest route? I could write better material in my sleep.

    • Alan

      She probably followed the EXPLOSIONS.

    • Travis Gowen

      First, if you could do better in your sleep you wouldn’t be commenting on a Collider post. Second, tanks aren’t designed to hit people, but rather much larger objects. Finally, he got out of the tank because a grenade was dropped into it. He turned around because he realized the chaos and insanity that had occurred and in the process his baby (tank) had been destroyed and was in a state of disbelief.

      • poppincherry

        Yo Derek, shut your pie hole!!!!! This was one of the best goddamn episodes in the series! Now go back to your mom’s basement with your fucking ascot and velvet lounge lizard jacket from the rat pack days.

    • Zoxx

      Let’s see you put your “talents” and “skills” to work? No? Would you rather they copy the comic book page for page? People like you seem to enjoy the same crap over and over and over again anyways. Have you ever manned a tank? They aren’t created to hit people, rather large objects and buildings. If you weren’t such a moron, you would realize shooting the people would damage the fences. Rick even said in the episode the prison would be useless without the fences. They clearly wanted the prison for themselves. Are you that daft and blinded by fan boy anger?

    • Sprinkles

      You can’t even write coherent sentences…. How do you expect to write a better show?

    • Nick

      These are valid plot holes. I like how quickly he was able to get out of the tank lol. I think it’s safe to say that this show will always have plot holes and some lazy areas of writing, but if they’re driving the story forward with them, I’ll live with it.

    • Michael Thompson

      Trying to track a moving person with a tank gun is insanely difficult. If they were bunkered up, you could fire the tank gun at the bunker and probably kill several as collateral damage, but tanks are not designed to be anti-personnel weapons. Tanks are designed to take out hard and soft targets. If you are trying to kill people with a tank, you are better served to just try to drive it over them than to try to swing that long of a barrel around to aim at them. Not coincidentally, that is why there is a machine gun mounted on top of the M1 Abrahms. The machine gun is put there to keep enemy soldiers from trying to do exactly what Daryl did.

    • Juan

      Tanks are designed to hit other tanks,they are not anti personal weapons, and tanks are piloted by several soldiers, it must be a pain in the ass for only one to aim, drive target and shot ( yea i know my english sucks) :P

    • LEM

      He got out of the tank because a grenade came down the barrel but Lily continuing the trend of bad parenting in a zombie apocalypse is infuriating.

    • TammyH

      You should listen more carefully. Lilly overheard the gov telling his minions where the prison was and you should have seen her drive up to the prison in a car.

  • Geoff

    B-, really? Fuck yourself. This was truly a great, emotional episode. Maybe one of the best. It is fine to have an opinion of your own, but for general grading… come on, man. The Walking Dead has done SO much worse.

    • Andrew Shaw

      Only on the internet could a B- be considered a slap in the face.

      • Geoff

        Well I am asian…

      • amy

        Hey I’m Asian too and I consider a B- a slap in the face!
        Yay for fitting the stereotype!! :D

      • Geoff

        Well I am asian…

      • Geoff

        Well I am asian…

    • Oolie zool

      I’d agree with the B-

    • Dave Trumbore

      Relax, man. Bs get degrees without bringing shame upon the family.

  • Leo Spaceman

    Last week I finally figured out what to me personally stops this show from being great. There is a strong lack of cohesiveness in the writing between episodes. Only the plot points tend to carry over between episodes but the characters tend to be who ever the episode needs them to be. It feels like each writer was told this is the big thing that needs to happen this episode, have fun with the rest of it and then everybody turns in their episode. So they are free to add their own dialogues that add nothing, such as the “Feel the Sun on my back again” dialogues. That adds nothing but they find it poetic and beautiful or something so its filler.

    I believe that they can deliver some fantastic episodes on an episode basis and for the most part the episodes tend to be good but each episode has a beginning middle and end. Its not just an on going story that plays out over the season but rather some short quick setup that gets the ball rolling for the episode and it explains how the characters are in this situation and then it has a climax and a dramatic setup for the next story. If you watch the last time on AMC’s the Walking Dead, it really only shows the very very bare bones of what happened last time. Anything they need to justify what happens in the current episode is provided in the current episode. There isn’t a sense of wait so last episode this person was upset about that so now I can see why the character acted this way in this episode. The reason for a person’s action is justified in the episode that the action takes place and sometimes it doesn’t jive well with past episodes.

    Take Sons of Anarchy for example. That show is the exact opposite in terms of writing. There is a very cohesive sense in the writers room and themes and motivations and character development occur in what episode and then fester in the back of your heads and carry over into other episodes where the action suddenly makes sense. It doesn’t feel like it is being introduced and then resolved in the same episode. For instance if SOA was written by the people who write the Walking Dead then we probably would have never known Sheriff Roosevelt had a wife until she is introduced at the start of the episode that she is killed in at the end of the same episode and then Roosevelt would be sad for an episode but something would happen at the end of the next episode and Roosevelt is all better and there is no more mention of Roosevelt’s dead wife.

    I think the writing can be fantastic but the writing needs to be more cohesive between episodes.

    • LEM

      Sons of Anarchy also has the same creator/showrunner for the entire series.

      • Nerdgasm

        Sons of Anarchy is no where near better than this show and I hate both of them. the writing as far as dialogue and character development is weak except for their main characters but even to that Sons Of Anarchy is less to Walking Dead because of the fact that no cahracter grows on that show and the acting is worse than Wlaking Dead.

        That being said you basically did the same thing you claim the show does. You said all this fluff stuff without proving your point. Can you give some actual points here? Other wise you waisted my time and you clearly have no clue what you are talking about. I agree with you but you gave no points what so ever you just basically said “They do this and that instead of this and that” in 5 paragraphs.

      • LEM

        This was a reply to spaceman I assume but I’m wondering why you’re commenting here if you hate TWD? It’s in season 4 so if you still hate it why watch? I would understand growing to hate something over time but to continue to watch and then comment about something you hate is very strange to me.

  • Leo Spaceman

    Well that played out pretty much exactly as I thought it would. The teaser last week looked a lot like what happened in the comics and I think in the review of the last episode of season 3 I said they need to just have the Gov show up with a Tank and blow it all to s**t and kill off all the people we don’t care about and low and behold they did. Go pompous and pretentious smug JackA** me! Though I admit I predicted it would happen in the Season opener rather than the midseason finale. They stuck pretty close to the comics and the people I expected to die died, except maybe Beth would have died too (in the comicsSPOILER FOR THE COMICS, Laurie died running from the prison carrying Judith and Beth died in the comics when the Gov attacked the prison and she was pretty Judith’s Mom so it would have made sense and that is when Hershel lost the will to live and stayed and died with Beth I believe).

    More comic spoiler but in the comics Tyrese was around from the beginning and this would have been the episode where he died. In the comics he was beheaded by the Gov standing on his tank outside the prison and his head was tossed over the fence or something like that. I fully expected that event to happen in this show but since Tyrese is so new and the producers still want to Develop him and play with his character it made sense to kill someone of note and that someone might as well be someone who died in the comics at this point in time but also was not just a redshirt no one cares about which is why it made sense that it was Hershel.

    Judith’s death here was expected as it was this way in the comics and it shows the produces have balls and its hard to care for a baby. I’ve said a couple times in these reviews how horrible it was that there are no babies in this show and the reality of it being that babies can’t protect themselves and they make the perfect bite sized snack but to see it actually happen is still heartbreaking to think of a baby in a carriage being picked up by a walker and bitten into.

    I strongly doubt that Judith is alive because she wasn’t with anyone in the end. This tends to be how The Walking Dead has their sad moments played out where its symbolism and lack of presence that shows what is loss rather than the actual loss. Not even Breaking Bad would go so far as to actually show Gus Fring killing Walt’s infant daughter if things were to have progressed that way. By just having the empty bloody carriage they can show the horror that babies can’t survive in this world but leave it to the viewers imagination because they could never do something that horrific on cable TV. Every new channel and internet site would flip their s**t for the next month about TV shows taking things too far. I remember a kidnapped baby in Sons of Anarchy caused controversy so when the little girls were carrying out Judith it became clear her time was up but I am just surprised that they didn’t write out the rest of the kids from the show.

    The Gov’s death was still pretty true to the comics. He was shot in the back by a Woodbury woman named Lily who finally broke after seeing what he was while the prison battle was happening. I am sure if that is all that happened in the show people would complain that there was again no confrontation between Rick and the Gov. And to see the sword pierce him was rather satisfying. They sent out the Gov in a way that felt very true to the comics but still left some satisfaction for the way the show has changed things up. It doesn’t make a lot of sense that Michonne didn’t end him completely but leaving him for Lily was right for staying true to the comics.

    Scott Wilson and David Morrisey both did great work with their character’s and their deaths were satisfying. The writing wasn’t always great but their portrayals were spot on. And Baby did a pretty good job at playing Baby, to see her happy in her carriage is heartbreaking to picture how things ended.

    Any ways , enough of character deaths; on to bullet points and random thoughts and why the hell am I up writing all this right now I’m not the fricking reviewer. Sorry to anyone who I am pissing off with these long fricking comments, theres just a lot to think about.

    • LEM

      I don’t think Judith is dead but I really don’t care if she is either.

  • cloud720

    Someone needed to spit in the governor’s face as he laid dying. Daryl maybe, he still needed some revenge for his brother.

  • Leo Spaceman

    The Gov talked to Andrea in the exact same way that he was talking to the girl he was in love with this episode. Though its hard to care about the non Prison group, it felt appropriate that they explained where the Gov was at and since it was his end, in retrospect it was the right idea to give him two episodes of back story otherwise it would have just been o ya that guy is back time to blow s**t up and why the f**k does he have a tank now.

    David did good with the Gov and I’m really happy with how things ended with him.

    So they can’t cross a river so lets just assume all of the Biters are on that side of the River, that should work out just splendidly.

    The Gov is a great liar. If they turned on the Gov I bet the Prison gang would have let everyone else into their group. Who the hell would turn down a Tank!?!?

    So what was their plan? It made sense that things followed the comics and the Prison got destroyed but the Gov’s group wasn’t a bunch of killers. What were they thinking when they destroyed the prison? Well they aren’t going to give it to us so lets destroy it so no one can have it and kill a lot of innocent people while we are at it and then since this prison is destroyed we are safe? The logic doesn’t fit.

    The people could have willingly come together if the Gov didn’t kill Hershel. If Rick had kept his cool when the Gov swung his sword he could have said this is what we fought, this is who we tried to keep out. Rick was winning the group over and his speech was actually pretty good. If he just said we have no beef with you, just the crazy bat S**t man that took the head off of my friend, the others might have realized its just supposed to be the living against the dead and came together for the better of everybody and just said tough s**t for the one guy who showed up a week ago at the same time that all our leaders died and took over.

    Glenn was pretty useless for this half season. As far as the plague, that was clearly not meant to be a conspiracy. The producers wanted to show that this is a dangerous world and there are more threats to our world than just dead people and living people.

    Carol will be back soon enough. She will just be chilling and then like O S**t what happened. Ok I guess I forgive you for kicking me out so now you can come join me in my new home. Maybe she believe the little girls were dead and confess that it was the little girls and she was trying to protect them and then Tyrese will show up with the Girls and they will be all like WTF we got a pyschopath. Wait are you the crazy f**ks that were nailing rats to boards and what not?

    Bob and Sacha moment was painful. I don’t give a s**t about them but they have to develop the characters.

    That first cannon shell that rocked the prison to get their attention would have been loud as balls. Every walker within a 20 miles would have heard it and they would have come running (Walking really fast at least).

    Michonne with her hands tied would not have just sat patiently in the trailer. And what Hershel couldn’t have used his free fingers to untie her hands and then she unties his hands? They weren’t restrained in any other way then having their hands tied up. She clearly regained consciousness quick enough that she could have done something about it while he was giving his speech to his group.

    So much for the council. Thats probably gone.

    Why was the guard tower on fire? Because a metal cannon ball hit it? Flint on steel? That is a bit of a stretch.

    The Dilemma of should we hand it over felt very legitimate and Andrew Lincoln played it well. If only the Gov didn’t lose it, they could have worked it out and all survived.

    There were more kids than just Meghan at the river but they were completely forgotten about when that walker tried to cross the river. Lily was pretty useless saving her daughter. She should have just stayed at her apartment and let Brian leave. (These past 8 days have been terrible for characters named Brian. My heart still goes out to Paul Walker’s daughter).

    People in this show are either expert shooters or the worst shooters on earth.

    Daryl Dixon. Tank Killer.

    I really liked seeing Tank Killer Arrow down the Tank Driver.

    Why was Michonne suddenly not with Rick after stabbing the Gov? Other than to have the moment we learn Judith diedbe a private moment with Just Rick and Carl.

    Carl’s acting has become so much better. I think its clear that the writers are trying to avoid anything too difficult but Chandler Rigg’s is really making up for the terrible acting he did in the first two seasons.

    That grenade took a long time to explode.

    I just went back. Tyrese chased the kids after they saved him. They probably went back to Judith so it is possible Tyrese grabbed her. Personally I hope for the sake of the story, Judith is gone, not because I like the thought of a Baby being devoured but because it feels right with how the show should be progressing.

    Clearly when TWD returns, it is going to be all the survivors regrouping. That means there are still a lot of people alive I don’t care about. Like the people from Woodbury. I was hoping they would have all been killed off here and let things get back to the original gang.

    When Daryl, Tyrese, MIchonne, and Bob were in the Car and they heard someone say those who arrive survive right before Daryl pulled a Laurie and crashed his car when he was the only car on the road, it looks like that was a little teaser for where things are going next for the Walking Dead. I don’t know alot of what is to come but I know they have cast some of the next big players from the Walking Dead. The people who come after the Governor so it seems like they are still going to be following some of the bigger plot points of the comics and if I am correct than like the reviewer said we are going to indeed be getting another wise old man.

    Looks like we can look forward to the return of the Carol and a regrouping of everyone. Personally I would like to see Lily join the group but I’m pretty sure her story is done. She is one of the more interesting character’s and she has to live with the fact that she fell for such a bastard. I would rather they kill off the people on the Bus except for Glenn and let Lily become a main character.

    Also the little kids said they were going to the bus but the Pyscho girl said that Carol told them to be strong so they didn’t go to the bus. If they went to the bus then Judith would still be alive. But I do find it ironic that the only people other than Glenn who ended up on the bus were people we don’t care about. If Glenn wasn’t on the bus they could completely write it out and just say they all died. I don’t know how they are going to say that a sick and barely able to Walk Glenn survived but no one else did but that seems to be how they set things up. Every body the mattered wasn’t on the bus.

    Anyways, Sorry for the long posts. I guess I just had a lot to think about.

    • Leo Spaceman

      Also seeing that Walker that was the crazy French lady who killed herself in the season opener was one of the Dead attacking the Prison just shows why they can’t show mercy to the walkers and they need to kill everyone they can. If they let it live, it is just one more danger that didn’t have to be one.

    • Michael Thompson

      Tanks have different types of ammunition. If they were firing HEAT rounds at the tower and the prison, the explosive shaped charge certainly could have set the wooden tower on fire. Tank rounds aren’t like old style cannon balls.

  • Leo Spaceman

    I really just don’t like Chris Hardwick. I could be completely wrong because I don’t watch Talking dead or Talking bad, but Chris strikes me as an incredibly ego centric person who inserts himself into popular things to promote himself and while he has a perfect smile for the camera and is really energetic while he talks, I imagine his smile completely vanish as soon as the cameras stop rolling.

    • Oolie zool

      Yah you really know the guy from watching an hour long talk show about another show… hit yourself.

    • Nerdgasm

      You’re an idiot. Chris is really down to earth and does a lot of things only cause he’s a nerd. Podcasts and panels for things he doesn’t get paid for or anything like that. The talking Dead he doesn’t over shadow anything and is a better host than Jay leno or David Letterman as he doesn’t actually insert himself into anything until after everyone has talked and most of the time he’s just adding little tidbits.

      You sound jealous cause he’s apparently better looking than you. and more likable.

      • Guy

        I don’t watch talking dead but from his preview I saw for it he looked like he was about to bawl.

    • amy

      Did he ever claim to know him?
      He was just saying that was the vibe he got from him.
      He even said “I could be completely wrong”, what the fuck is wrong with you people? Judging him too quickly for judging someone too quickly!

  • Travis Gowen

    A few things.

    1. Why can’t you simply believe the disease was naturally created? It’s not like every disease is some sort of terrorist creation.

    2. This was the episode we deserved last season. While we may have gotten it a little late, I’m glad it finally came.

    3. This season in my opinion has progressed at a fine pace (minus a few bits here and there) but the real question is how well it will end. Last season came to a grinding halt toward the end of the season. I hope this one doesn’t do the same.

    • Fiz

      Yeah, I’m not sure where that rat/plague connection theory came from. I’ve always thought it was more to show that there’s a deranged person among them. I don’t believe the malady that hit the prison is anything rodent-related.

      I thought it was one of the more entertaining episodes in the series’ history, much more effective than the last prison assault and dramatic not just for the main character deaths, but because the group is hitting the road again.

      • Dave Trumbore

        The disease popped during “Infected” around the same time as the first signs of the illness. Rats have long been carriers of disease, so it seemed like more than a coincidence. A “naturally created” disease could still be used by an evil-minded individual to thin the ranks of an enemy population, but sadly this isn’t the way things played out. (And thanks for being respectful in your posts!)

  • Oolie zool

    The most consistently interesting stories in this show are the ones that stick closest to the comics. Why the writers feel the need to deviate so sharply in between those moments and then work so hard and so inconsistently to get back to those points is beyond me. I know they like to build up fan favorite characters, but it just drags the pace of the show down for characters that end up getting killed anyway. They could have stretched the Governor arc over two seasons by sticking to the comics, used the previous two episodes to tell his back story, then get back to where we were last night and it would have been amazing. As it was it was just ok, not bad, but not great.

    • Kevin

      To be fair, he’s much more three-dimensional on the show. In the comics, he’s just a crazy dictator.

  • Michael Thompson

    I never like plot devices that depend on the audience buying into mass stupidity in order for them to work. I’m not talking about the prison group. I’m talking about the group of people around the Governor, other than Mitch – who has been characterized as a relatively stupid thug. So that’s fine. Mitch is believable when he says stupid things like, “Time to leave, asshole.” The guy is stupid and amoral, so sure. On that level, he’s basically like a slightly dumber version of Merle. But unless the rest of the group with him and the Governor is also stupid, then at some point, the reality of this situation has to set in.

    1.) They cannot win this fight. Not in any way that is meaningful. They are facing a heavily armed group who has had time to build up defenses. The only way to beat those defenses is to use the tank and thereby destroy what they are supposedly here to obtain. The only way they win is by running over the fences and blowing holes in the walls they came here to gain.

    2.) Aside from that, even with the tank, even if they manage to ‘out body-count’ the prison group, some of them are going to die. Most likely within the next five minutes. And gain nothing in the process.

    3.) Just given the brief conversation between Rick and ‘Brian,’ it is blatantly obvious that these people in the prison are not what ‘Brian’ has characterized them to be.

    4.) They are doing all of this on the questionable word of a guy they met about three weeks ago.

    At this point in the story, we are about two years after the apocalypse of the human race. The common characteristic to every person left alive at this point is that they have survival instinct. So explain to me why these people would do this? Why would they be willing to sacrifice over half their number, conservatively, to gain… nothing? That is what I mean when I say this particular plot device relies on us buying into mass stupidity. It relies on none of this occurring to any of them and none of them subsequently just leaving as soon as this reality becomes apparent.

    This despite the fact that last year, the entire Woodbury group deserted the Governor during their aborted assault on the prison when the Woodbury group seemingly had far more invested in their attack on them. After all, even though it was all a lie concocted by the Governor, Merle, Martinez, and the others in the Woodbury militia, the prison group actually had supposedly assaulted Woodbury for no apparent reason. At least, that’s what the population of Woodbury believed. But the Woodbury group bailed when things got too rough and these people stupidly fought to the death with nothing to gain?

    During the Woodbury attack, the writers assumed that at least some of the Woodbury people had brains, which is why they ran. But unfortunately the audience was dissatisfied with that encounter, so this time the Governor was surrounded by people who apparently had no brains.

    Sorry, this just really strikes me as a situation where the desired outcome wrote the story instead of them actually writing a story that made much sense.

    • Christian Leroux

      I don’t get why Rick didn’t just say “did he tell you the truth? He captured and tortured our people. Oh, and the survivors of this old town he blames us for destroying, they are all on this side. Why don’t you ask yourselves why the apparent murderers are living so peacefully with these “victims” ” Instead of negotiating, why not just make people wake up. Sure, Hershel would probably still have died, but there’d be so many fewer casualties and the prison would remain intact.

    • amy

      Rick couldn’t say that the Governor was a sadistic douche because that’d make him kill Hershel for sure. He was still holding onto the (maybe naive) hope that the Governor wouldn’t make any rash decisions if it would keep him from losing his perfect image.

      To me at least most of the Gov’s group seemed hesitant to attack them.
      The Governor chopped off Hershel’s head, the prisoners started shooting at them, they had to either fight back or run away.
      They still did need a place to settle down to, and if they ran away they wouldn’t know what would happen.
      Fighting wasn’t such an illogical choice for them.

      I don’t know what you mean about the people of Woodbury having brains. I thought they were the most one dimensional, badly thought out background characters who are just there to be a burden. But I do agree that the group is too dumb and passive :
      “Oh, this man shows up, Martinez seems suspicious of him, all of a sudden the potential leaders die, and he decides to take their place. We know nothing about his past but let’s trust him because no one who travels with a kid can be evil!”

  • justin

    why do you insist that the plague was created by rodents and the governor….even the show references the swine flu as a possible precursor and they slaughtered the pigs because they were clearly infected. The rats were a completely different plot element and the sickness was clearly naturally created not Outside induced. Pay at least some attention to the show you are reviewing.

    • Christian Leroux

      Not only that, but we saw carrier walkers at the school 50 miles from the prison… it seems like kind of a stretch that this was concocted.

    • Dave Trumbore

      Ever hear the phrase “hindsight is 20/20″? It’s easy to say what was “clearly” intended now that it’s all said and done. Rats have long been a carrier of disease throughout history and their appearance in “Infected” alongside an outbreak in the prison seemed far too coincidental. Now we can assume that it was merely a coincidence. But what do I know since I haven’t been paying attention. Thanks for being an ass! :)

      • amy

        I don’t know if it’s because I read the comics or not but the rats definitely had nothing to do with the flu/the governor for me.
        Plus, maybe it’s because I’m the special kinda geek who asks for zombie shows to be as scientifically accurate as possible, but biological warfare in a post apocalyptic world where it’s enough of a struggle to stay alive is kind of a far stretch.

      • amy

        I don’t know if it’s because I read the comics or not but the rats definitely had nothing to do with the flu/the governor for me.
        Plus, maybe it’s because I’m the special kinda geek who asks for zombie shows to be as scientifically accurate as possible, but biological warfare in a post apocalyptic world where it’s enough of a struggle to stay alive is kind of a far stretch.

  • LEM

    Wow! what a great ending to season 3.

    • Christian Leroux

      I totally didn’t get what you meant at first, but this comment is brilliant!

  • Daniel O’Reilly

    Kind of sad to see Guvnah go so soon after being re-introduced.I liked the way Gimple and co. handled him. It’s just too bad it was mostly clean up work from the mess Glenn Mazzara left last season.

  • heathd

    He missed the best quote of the whole episode. Michonne telling the Governor that she was going to kill him. That was my favorite part.

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  • DoubIenaughtspy

    Terrific episode best since leaving the farm.

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  • poppincherry

    It was so damn good I kept checking how much time was left.

  • Btbcc12859

    Gov. not Rick: “I have a tank! And I’m lettin’ you walk away from here. What else is there to talk about?”

  • Btbcc12859

    It was interesting how irrational the Gov new group was. Rick was very logical, he told them its not the prison, but the fence that kept them safe-ish. Also what a lousy katana wielder the Gov is. I know its suppose to be a horrific death, but to get your head hacked off is a horrible way to go.

  • J

    “Did we really need to revisit The Governor’s assault on the prison?”

    Coming from a comic fan, YES. YES. YES. The prison raid at the end of season 3 was a pathetic joke and a misstep, this volume in the comic was the best volume ever, and as it turns out this is the best episode of The Walking Dead ever too. A+

  • Touche

    A++. Best episode of TWD by far, for me.