THE WALKING DEAD Season 4 Finale Recap: “A”

     March 30, 2014


Even if you had your Dock Street “Walker” in hand as you watched the season four finale of AMC’s The Walking Dead, you were likely too nervous to enjoy it.  While the first half of this season wrapped up some leftover conflicts of season three, the latter half promised the survivors (and viewers) a look at Terminus, the mysterious meeting place advertised as a sanctuary.  This episode did its damnedest to make you fear for the safety of everyone in the cast, and for 90% of the hour, the tension was quite well sustained.  Then came the last few moments, which will likely divide fans on either side of the rail line.  Hit the jump for my take on the season four finale, and season four overall.

the-walking-dead-terminus-posterThis episode, titled simply “A,” showed us just how brutal the world of The Walking Dead truly is, while also reminding us of what kind of world it can be.  Central to this episode, and really the series overall, is the question of whether or not it makes sense to strive for a semblance of normalcy in a world gone insane.  Rick struggles with it as a central character flaw, but nowhere is his internal conflict more obviously presented than in this finale.  We’re taken back to a happier time when Hershel was still alive, and was showing Rick how to tend crops, a useful skill he then passed on to Carl. Of all the places our survivors have been, the prison was truly the closest they’d come to having the sense of security and family they’d been looking for since the day the Walkers first appeared.

But that time has passed. It may have taken a bit longer than many fans wanted (about a half season too long), but the prison is gone.  Rick laments its loss, as seen through his flashbacks, and he laments the loss of Carl’s innocence and his chance at a normal childhood even more. If it wasn’t all gone before, it certainly is now.  In one of the most brutal scenes of the entire series, Joe’s gang of “thugs with a code” catch up to Rick and get the upperhand on them.  In no uncertain terms, they plan to beat Daryl to death for lying, ie sticking up for Rick & Co., rape Michonne, rape Carl, and put a bullet in Rick’s head.  This was one of the most intense sequences in The Walking Dead at large for a number of reasons: first, the situation put our heroes in a very vulnerable position which made it feasible that any one or all of them wouldn’t make it out alive; second, that the evil these men were about to commit is a very real horror that doesn’t need to occur in an undead apocalypse; and third, that the violence carried out against each other was not survivor to Walker, but rather man to man.  I’m glad that Daryl offered himself up as sacrifice, as I’m equally happy that Rick not only saved their skins but got some vengeance upon the sickos in the gang.  It was a bit White Hats vs Black Hats, but it was also tense, and visceral, and satisfying; all the best that The Walking Dead offers.

As for how it affected Rick and Carl, they’re both convinced that there’s no going back (or even looking back, as the marketing suggests).  Maybe in the far-flung future there will be opportunity to sow and to reap, but for the time being it’s all about survival at the edge of a blade or the barrel of a gun.  Rick and Carl each came to this conclusion independently, and it’s a necessary frame of mind for this world, but it’s not a happy one for these characters.

the-walking-dead-season-4-finale-aIf the first half of this episode established the lengths Rick and the others were willing to go to keep each other alive, the second half tested that resolve.  Let’s just say right now that this foursome was a helluva lot smarter than the others that came before them; they avoided the tunnel and they didn’t walk right in the front door of Terminus.  However, that caution and foresight wasn’t quite enough.  As was quite obviously foreshadowed with Rick teaching Carl and Michonne, in detail, the best method of setting a trap, so too did his own group get funneled through the designed passageways of Terminus, harried by rooftop gunfire.  At the end of the trap wasn’t so much a noose with which to hang themselves but rather … we’ll get to that in a moment.

Let’s talk about Terminus now, since the second half of this season has been driving us inexorably toward it like a runaway train.  The penultimate episode left us wondering if Glenn and Maggie’s group found a warm welcome and a hearty meal when they arrived, or if they had been relegated to a more dastardly design.  Luckily Rick has a keener eye than I, since he noticed the citizens of Terminus (who acted rather like they were in the business of selling timeshares) in the possession of items prized by his friends.  Again, the tension was palpable as we watch the group herded through the maze like cattle to the slaughter, passing by tarps covered in a grotesque pile of bloody human skeletons, awaiting victims calling out for help from their imprisonment in containers, and through a candle-lit memorial with the words, “Never Again. Never Trust. We First, Always.” painted on the walls.  And then we come to the end of the line.

the-walking-dead-season-four-emily-kinneyI’ll admit, I was incredibly nervous when the four were slowly being walked to the lone train car. What possibly could have awaited them inside? More piles of dead bodies, which happened to include their friends? A cramped compartment of huddled prisoners awaiting their certain death? A surprise New Years celebration? (I was hoping for the latter.)  Nope.  Just their friends looking quite healthy and just sitting in the dark of a train car, without a word of warning or call for help.  As they walked forward one by one and revealed themselves, that sense of dread and anxiety that had been building since the episode’s open began to fizzle away.  ”There’s still a chance that someone won’t make it out of this alive,” I told myself.  ”They could do something crazy and just off everyone!” I thought, in a moment of terror.  Nope. They’re all just going to hang out in there until October, leaving fans frustrated at knowing little to nothing until then. (Oh, hey, anyone seen Beth? Daryl? Oh, she’s just “gone”? I guess that settles it then!)

Now I know this is a scene from the comics (Thanks, Twitter!), but Rick’s final line just sucked all the energy out of the episode for me.  Was it badass?  Sure, but it was equally cheesy.  I’m all for getting Rick back into alpha male mode, but this show has a habit of stringing its plots across season breaks rather than bookending them within a season.  Season four’s mid-season finale was essentially the desired endpoint of season three; season four’s finale felt more like an intended mid-season break point.  I guess I can’t be too disappointed, since everyone who was divided is now united again (Beth, who?), which does indeed make them a force to be reckoned with in Terminus.  The next question is, how long will we be spending there before moving on?  Guess we’ll have to wait until October at the earliest to find out.

Episode Rating – First 55 minutes: A+, Last 5 minutes: D, Overall: B+

Season Rating – First Half: B-, Second Half: B+, Overall: B

*A note on the second half of this season: I think I liked the way they split up the cast of characters more than most, but please let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Casualties: Joe, Thugs (x4)

Walker kills: 9

Best Kill: Has to go to Rick’s “throat rip” of Joe or his berserker kill of the fat rapist

Best effect: Man eaten alive starting with the eyes, and the Roadkill Walker.

the-walking-dead-season-four-steven-yeunOdds & Entrails:

Nice to see Hershel again, even if it’s only in flashbacks!

Rick: “It’s been a while. I’m gonna go check the snares.” Carl: “Can I go with you?” Rick: “How else you gonna learn?” To Michonne: “You too.”

Rick: “That was one small rabbit.”

Apparently it’s New Year’s Eve? Or was Joe just being Crazy-Talkin’ Joe again?

Joe: “Teach him, fellas. Teach him all the way.”

I honestly don’t know which of Rick’s kills was more brutal/badass/primal: the throat rip, or the sadist stab. Let us know!

Rick: “You should save it to drink.” Daryl: “You can’t see yourself. I can.”

Rick: “It’s not on you, Daryl. It’s not on you. You being back with us here, now, that’s everything. You’re my brother.”

We finally get to hear the rest of Michonne’s story about how she lost Andre (when Walkers overran their camp while she was on a run, because Mike and Terry got high), and why she kept them around as pack-Walkers.  Good stuff. Now she can continue to develop (if she gets out of Terminus alive).

Carl: “I’m just another monster, too.”

Remember this in October, but Rick buried a bag of guns and ammo just outside the Terminus fence.

Gareth: “Well, I bet Albert is on perimeter watch.”

What the heck were they all working at on those tables? And what’s up with their weird mantras? It’s like everyone’s been trained under the same pyramid scheme.

Alex: “The more people become a part of us, we get stronger. That’s why we put up the signs. That’s how we survive.” – So much creepier once you pick up on the cannibalism vibe. Kudos to the commenters who predicted this in recent weeks (even if you were sharing potential spoilers).

Ringleader. Archer. Samurai. The Boy… Carl just can’t catch a break, even in the cool nickname department.

Rick: “They’re gonna feel pretty stupid when they find out.” Abraham: “Find out what?” Rick: “They’re screwin’ with the wrong people.”

Well that’s it for this season of AMC’s The Walking Dead! Be sure to vent your adorations and frustrations in the comments section!


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  • Travis Gowen

    Personally I really enjoyed the episode. Toward the end it was pretty apparent they were being directed to some endpoint with the gunfire. The last line was indeed crushing to the episode. I think it would have been much better had he been able to add some true emotion with a few choice curse words, but you get what you get with cable TV.

    Overall, I thought it was a great 2nd half of the season and I can’t wait for it to start up again (but I will have to), The Beth thing is frustrating as I feel like we may not know anything about her until the mid-season finale, and I watch every episode in constant fear that Daryl is going to die (all other major characters feel safe, and really Daryl is the only character I have any emotional attachment to which says a lot for the writing I guess). Until October…

  • Shawn Micheal Madden

    Early on I matched up the Terminus map with a map of Georgia and put one and two together. Damn cannibals. As soon as I saw the pile of bodies. I really liked this one.

    Seems apparent that Beth is already dead and Carol/Tyrese are coming to save the day next season.

    • Leo Spaceman

      I can’t imagine Beth is dead. I think it is more of an assumed death similar to how Rick and Carl think Judith is dead. All you see is somebody driving off with her, most likely in the trunk. She probably isn’t going to be at all the sweet innocent girl she was before. I’m guessing when they find her, she will have really experienced some terrible things…Then they will kill her.

    • Christian Leroux

      It would be a little retarded to kill Beth, simply because in her arc she was being built up for something more – moments like her training to use the crossbow show that she isn’t done yet. As many have speculated, she’s probably tied up somewhere missing a limb or two.

    • LEM

      In the flashback when Rick puts the hat on Beth and says there’s a new sheriff in town makes me think she will be instrumental in saving them.

    • Oolie zool

      IMO Beth is in terminus already and probably one of them in some way, but not completely in the loop as far as what’s going on. They’ll use her to get to the mid-season finale next season where she’ll probably die a gruesome death.

  • Leo Spaceman

    Felt like a Mini Superbowl with all of those trailers. Still haven’t figured out
    what the conflict is in Transformers though.
    Seriously, it’s Transformers are bad. Guys in suits are bad. Dinosaurs?

    • ThatGuy

      Check out the wiki page for Transformers. Not necessarily detailing the entire plot, but basically the conflict revolves around Galvatron (a decepticon created by humans), the awakening/appearance of the Dinobots, and the fact that the human race feels they don’t need the Transformers around anymore.

      • Doug_101

        Am I wrong in guessing that that big floating transformer in the sky in all the trailers is Unicron? I’m getting that vibe.

    • mattinacan

      there is no plot to any transformers just balls of junk rolling around explosions.

  • Leo Spaceman

    Been off in Europe for the past couple of weeks, finally
    caught up on The Walking Dead, enjoyed all of the episodes for what they were,
    but they never really brought the story anywhere. Only thing that really bothered me was that
    Maggie was able to take down the ceiling of train tunnel with a pistol. No less the fact that in a prior episode
    Sasha said that they only have 7 bullets left.
    Was she really able to take it all down with probably less than seven
    bullets. Also, I really hope that isn’t considered the end of the Beth
    storyline. I am still a bit surprised how
    quickly Daryl just accepted that she was gone.

    • LEM

      YES it annoys me so much when they effects team just come up with something that looks cool and the writers come up with a half-assed story as to how it happened. You’d be lucky if seven bullets made a few chips in a tunnel let alone crash it down. It would have been better if the tunnel was just like that and Maggie went around and when Glen got rescued by them she could have just said “Why didn’t you go around?” they never even had to explain it then.

    • #Humblebragmuch

      “Been off in Europe for the past couple of weeks” — Oooh la la! You think you’re better than us?

  • Leo Spaceman

    I think this was a great way to end the season. It’s the perfect setup for next year, and I think its awesome how Rick and Abraham are going to become a team. Just seeing the two absolute strangers who are leaders of their own groups coming together will be pretty sweet next season. Leaving that bag buried is great
    set up for next season. Clearly getting to that will be their main goal. Sergeant Ford and Sheriff Grimes are going to F**k some B**ches up.

    The show was treading water until they reached Terminus which was set up for Season 5, but they treaded water incredibly well. I think if this was watched in one single go, it would have been great. But up until now, nothing really happened.

    I’m really glad they brought in the Mayor of Charming for that little arc. He’s a great actor and he brought something more to the gang than just no name actors. Letting it be just a mini arc for a few episodes was the perfect idea and resolving it in the first half of the episode and then having the second half be set up for the next season made it a great episode and a well written finale.

    Seriously, if you are being circled by Walkers, don’t just wait for them to surround you and bite off your eye. Charge at the littlest one and hope you knock it over and then run like hell.

    I like that Rick sees Daryl as a brother. Looking at Merle and how his original brother would have fit right in with Joe, it probably means a lot to Daryl to see how he has changed.

    If I had a boy and a fat man just crawled on top of my boy and there was no judicial system to judge or sentence me, I would like to think that I wouldn’t be kind enough to kill him by just stabbing him a couple of times.

    It was nice seeing Hershel come back, the farm scenes didn’t add a lot but it was nice to see a calmer time where they were still hopeful in contrast to how much worse things have gotten since the Governor tore it all down.

    How the F**k did that Patrick guy survive before they brought him into the prison, he seems like the most weak and pathetic kid in the entire series.

    Its good to have the group back together again and hopefully the plot will finally start moving forward again at a decent pace. The only ones still out there now are Beth, Carol, Tyrese and Judith right? I’m wondering if Rick will finally get the upper hand and then all of a sudden Carol and Tyrese walks his baby daughter right into the hands of the Termites and have that be the cliff hanger of the mid season finale. It shouldn’t take those two that long to arrive at Terminus though.

    I liked the Michonne story about how she learned that Walkers could be good camoflauge, but it makes me wonder why they didn’t bother with that as they made their way to Terminus. It would have made a lot of sense if they walked down the tracks looking like another group of monsters.

    How ever it goes, I’m really looking forward to a more Brutal Rick.

  • João Paulo

    I like the episode, better the season finale of S3. I like Rick return to be leader again finally.

  • Betty Johnson

    Well I felt just a little let down by the finale. I had a feeling that Terminus wasn’t going to be a sanctuary but I was hoping for at least a hint to Beth’s fate. That most everyone has been reunited, albeit under horrible circumstances, is great. Can hardly wait for season 5

  • Daniel O’Reilly

    No Beth, but we did get to see Rick go all William Munny again (former gunslinger, now farmer, now gunslinger…). Except this time, it’s permanent. No, really.

    As others have said previously, it really is baffling Maggie never mentioned Beth once the entire second half of the season.

    If there was any reason to doubt there were cannibals in Terminus, that yard full of gore and bones sort of clarified everything.

    Way too many commercials tonight. Most likely there were just as many as usual, but it felt like more.

    The second half of the season felt like an extended trailer for next season. You knew there would be just a little bit of Terminus and then cut to black. Which does serve to whet your appetite for next season, but doesn’t feel wholly satisfying. According to Scott Gimple on Talking Dead, that’s apparently going to be the new normal, with the show “reinventing itself every eight episodes.” In other words, two independent (but probably intersecting) arcs now form a “season.” It’s an interesting approach, but it would be made better if the meandering through the country side was kept to a minimum from now on.

    • LEM

      The commercials were out of control and during the first run they air at least 2-3 minutes more. They really need to find a better balance and stop with all the AMC station promos.

    • Amanda

      i think maggie doesn’t mention beth if it was my sister I probably wouldn’t mention her because i’d rather not even consider the idea of what’s happened to her. whereas glenn has always had a knack for surviving and she had a better idea of him possibly surviving. and what yard of bones and gore? i think i totally missed that, but all that running I’m not surprised.

      • Daniel O’Reilly

        It was just a really quick shot and would be easy to miss. The camera didn’t specifically focus on it, but it was there just long enough to see what it was.

    • Leo Spaceman

      In episode 10, Maggie says, “I know Beth made it out, but I don’t know about Glenn. I have to find Glenn.” Or something to that affect. Basically it was to justify the ‘I only give a rat’s F**k about my hubby’ attitude, but it does show that she thought about Beth.

      • Daniel O’Reilly

        I was watching the marathon off and on yesterday and must have missed that. Good catch.

  • Nick

    It was exciting to see Rick, Carl & Michone for the 3rd time since the mid season finale, but i think there needs to be more cut scenes between whats going on with everybody in one episode rather than one set of people one episode, the next set the next episode, and so on and so forth. In my opinion it would have been nice seeing Tyrese, Carol & The Baby reuniting with Rick before they had entered Terminus, along with Darryl finding Beth or vice versa. All in all it seemed like it should have been a mid season finale rather than the season finale. My rating of the episode B-. P.S. Rick was a savage for eating the dudes throat and then cutting the overweight dude from stomach to chest, that was awesome.

  • LL

    They were building up some tension to make it seem like they were going to execute Carl. It’s disappointing that it didn’t happen. His acting is just not getting any better, it’s torture watching that kid try and muster up convincing facial expressions.

    • Leo Spaceman

      Carl has gotten better every single season. Yes the showwriters are writing the show to what he is capable of, but he is still just a kid and is too important to the show to kill off at this point.

    • LEM

      Kid actors are almost always excruciating to watch especially when it’s something emotionally charged but he is getting better.

  • Comics Guy

    Anyone who’s read Fear the Hunters probably has a pretty good idea of what’s coming up…

  • LEM

    It may have been better if the episode had flashed between Glen and Co, actually getting corralled and Joe finally catching up with Rick. The ending could have given us some satisfaction and dread instead of a weak cliffhanger with a sanitized version of a cool comic book line.The episode could have ended as Rick and them come to the back gates of Terminus and one of the other group inside is being used for food.

  • Oolie zool

    I thought it was a fine episode and finale and I like how they’re taking something that was a small part of the comic and building it up into probably a season or half-seasons worth of content (for next season that is). Sure, the show has a ton of holes in it. The questioning of Daryl about Beth has to be one of the biggest to date and it annoyed me, but what makes the show great is that when it all clicks together, it’s grab you by the balls entertaining. It has always been a better show when it sticks to the archs of the comic and the finale brought it back to being a show about a man, Rick, who is willing to do whatever it takes to keep his son alive and teetering on the edge of humanity in the process.

  • Robert Seay

    I enjoyed the episode as well. I am glad to see Rick has returned to leadership mode. I never had the pleasure to read the comics, but am glad I didn’t. If I did, I would find myself comparing the two as I do when I see other comics brought to the big screen. Looking forward to October.

  • RecoveR

    I actually really enjoyed this episode, alot happened (compared to other episodes) and finally, a FULL episode involving Rick, Carl and Michonne- Sweet baby J i thought we’d never see it. How come no one is talking about Tyreese and Carol, did they not end up at Terminus? Are they going to? (did they say they’d avoid it? can’t remember) I’m so glad that i can finally recognise big moments from the comics again. As soon as the Gang rape scene happened i was like “Oh dayum thats from the comics!” then when Rick took a chunk out of Joe’s neck i was pretty happy. I was more pleased with this season finale than last. i was worried that we were only going to see Terminus at the very end. I wasn’t going to be too bothered about the wait till October, but since this episode- I am pretty excited.

    • Leo Spaceman

      The reviewer got it wrong. The whole group wasn’t back together. Beth is still out there and not on her way to Terminus and Carol and Tyrese are out there, still on their way to Terminus. They just had a bit of a detour with that whole Of Mice and Men thing they had going on.

  • Stefan Bonomo

    Is it just me, but wouldn’t eating flesh off of people’s skins be bad, considering everyone’s infected so wouldn’t the cannibals get sick like what happened to the prison earlier this season?

    Either way I thought this was a much better finale than season 3′s and i thought both halves of this season were equal in quality. Also I vote for Rick’s bizerker rage kill.

    • Amanda

      Rick spit it out, I can’t imagine he swallowed. But, I think that the way the disease works is that maybe it’s more infectious after you die so it’s easier to contract then. maybe, also if you mean the flu, i think that might have been caused by infected water source

      • Stefan Bonomo

        I meant the cannibals eating the flesh off of the people, not just Rick biting the guys neck. But I can understand what you mean. Maybe that could be something that actually happens, they eat so many people that they literally start turning into zombies? Just something to theorize.

        And yeah, the flu was from both the infected water source, and I believe the pigs had something to do with it too.

      • Amanda

        yea i totally realize what you meant, i think i missed a bunch and will have to rewatch the episode, totally didn’t catch the evidence that they are actually cannibals. and maybe cooking the meat, kills the bacteria, or so they think. I also just re-read what was on the wall, i totally bet they didn’t originally decide to kill people, except some bad seeds came across them and then from then on they started eating them, since it’s easier, and use the terminus signs as a lure.

    • Leo Spaceman

      I look at it like this, every body has the disease that will reanimate them and when they die, they will reanimate. If they get reanimated, they produce a second but similar disease that will kill anyone who they bite or scratch and then its the first disease that reanimates them.

  • Amanda

    I’d like to know why the episode was called A. will the next season have subsequent titles, b,c,d,e, etcetera. great episode I’ll give it an A, haha.

    • DarkMeans

      it was the area they herded the group to in the end

      • Amanda

        totally just saw that, I’m not the most observant watcher apparently

  • poppincherry

    I loved the episode. Downloaded it this morning from iTunes. Wow!
    Rick went full on crazy hen he bit into that mofo’s neck. And when he hacked up the guy trying to rape his boy…. Damn!
    I was screaming go Rick go!
    But I’m puzzled at his punk ass son. He doesn’t seem to get the whole survival thing. He needs to go.

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  • utazdevl

    I am trying desperately not to be a hater, as I really do enjoy the show (though not as much as I enjoyed it in the first couple seasons) and overall did like last night’s episode. I think my issue comes down to the writing, which I find, at times, a bit heavy handed. A couple weeks ago, I felt that Carol killing Lizzie lost its emotional draw because Lizzie was poorly written, and the situation was stacked so far in the “Lizzie is crazy and needs to be killed”. Then, last night, as much as I enjoyed the intensity of the battle between Rick’s group and the Claimers, I feel like it was missing some depth and ambiguity because Joe and his teams intentions were so over the top and awful. Don’t get me wrong, I do believe in the post-apocalyptic work these types of gangs would act that way, but by literally spelling out the awful actions they planned to take, I never felt any sense of “Rick went too far” in trying to save his group. In fact, I never saw Rick’s actions as particularly monsterous, and because of it, the scene didn’t have much more than the visceral effect on me. I felt like there was no need to justify Rick’s actions in the subsequent scenes and no real concerns that people like Daryl, Michone or Carl would think any less of Rick for what he did.

    As far as the Terminus scenes, I knew those were just a tease for Season 5. Starting them so late in the season finale told me there was no way they could give us any real answers about Terminus in the short time remaining. I am OK with the set up for a Season 5 conflict. I didn’t like Rick’s final line because it felt very cheesy and heavy handed writing yet again. Even though I know it is from the comics, I think there is a big difference between what works in a graphic novel and what works on a TV show.

  • diazfan209

    How am I supposed to root for characters that are making such mind-numbingly poor choices?

  • To Be Continued

    I like the fact that the living people are getting more dangerous than the dead ones. And that they’re exploring this whole “how to live in a post-apocalyptic world” theme. I like it.

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  • Sarthak

    I thought First half of the season was better than the second. Some really slow episodes that had no real point like the one between Daryl and Beth which almost had no point whatsoever.

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  • Grendal Sven

    So much bashing of the show on FB right after the episode was over, but I thought it was pretty good. I feel the worst problem with the series right now is the writers and producers are afraid to bump off anyone important. Killing Hershal was a cop-out, no one thought the old man was gonna live long anyway and no one cared about Andrea. That feeling of “no one being safe” was prevalent through the 1st and 2nd season is missing. Ppl comment all the time “if ___ dies I’m gonna stop watching!” Worrying about whether your favorite is gonna make it is what kept the comic great, if Darryl or Rick got axed, I would keep watching because that would make it that much more tense having to worry about the rest.

    The thing with Beth… we don’t know what happened at this point. Has she been made into dinner? Is she being raped and tortured? Remember that one of the main characters from the comic was a priest, and the head of the 1st truly sane community that our intrepid adventurers came across, isn’t it at all possible that he set up the funeral home with provisions to find like minded people, saw the situation and whisked her away to safety not knowing about Darryl? Or, maybe we have truly seen the last of her, it’s not to far fetched that in a zombie apocalypse someone could be taken like that, with no phones, or any other long range communications you could get separated by a couple of blocks and never see one another again, its entirely possible we may never find out what happens to her.

  • Grendal Sven

    Oh, and my prediction…

    Rick and company attempts an escape and fails. They cut off his hand to discipline him.

  • Basil Nolan

    Rick ripping Joe’s throat stole the whole episode. An indeed, the tension was quite high overall, although it settled down in the end. Agree, it felt more like a mid-season cliffhanger, but it was a good way out after a slow paced, character-centric second half of the season.

  • cbtaylo

    Great episode, Rick’s violent episode was epic and his lil speech at the end shows the old Rick is back and ready for vengeance and will do anything to survive.

  • Steven

    Loved the finale and really dug the last line.

    Next season should be great.