THE WALKING DEAD Season 6 Images and New Plot Details from the Cast

     July 30, 2015

the-walking-dead-season-6-imagesSeason six of AMC’s The Walking Dead premieres October 11th, so to hold you over until then we have a few new images of fan-favorite characters to go along with cast comments on what you can expect this season. Carol (Melissa McBride), Daryl (Norman Reedus), and Rick (Andrew Lincoln) recently posed for some promotional shots and shared their thoughts on what the state of the undead union is this year.

Reedus says you can expect, “a lot of internal conflict. A lot of characters that you didn’t see having beef are starting to have beef—there’s a lot of mistrust.” Lincoln followed up that sentiment by revealing his reaction to reading his first script from this season:

When I read the first script, I called [showrunner Scott M. Gimple] up and went, ‘You know, I say them and they, and us and we a lot.” He said, ‘That’s your journey, from them to us.’”


Image via EW

The season six trailer certainly supports what Reedus and Lincoln have said, but executive producer Greg Nicotero says not to expect all the action to happen in a linear timeline.

“We do play with time a little bit,” says executive producer Greg Nicotero, who directed the premiere. “And not in a traditional sense. We open right in the middle of this heightened action sequence, and we then jump around in that time frame to allow the audience to put together in their own minds what it is that we actually just saw.”

There’s sure to be more to come before the new season premieres, but in the meantime, check out the new promotional images from season six of The Walking Dead, courtesy of EW (including the “unofficial” EW cover):


Image via EW


Image via EW


Image via EW

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