THE WALKING DEAD Spinoff May Be a Prequel Series

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With ratings that continually rival even the network juggernauts like The Big Bang Theory, it was only a matter of time before AMC announced a spinoff of its zombie series The Walking Dead.  That’s just what happened a few months ago, when the network unveiled plans to develop a “companion series” that will follow an entirely new group of characters in the same zombie-infested universe that continues to plague Sad Rick, Maybe-Psychopath Carl, and the rest of the Georgia-based gang.  Comics creator and TWD producer Robert Kirkman is executive producing the companion series alongside fellow Walking Dead producers Gale Anne Hurd and Dave Alpert, but beyond a 2015 premiere date details have been scarce.

Now a new report claims to have inside info on the possible premise of the new Walking Dead series, which may actually take place before the events of the current show.  Read on after the jump.

the-walking-dead-spinoff-seriesThe folks over at TV Line are hearing that the Walking Dead companion series will be “a prequel of sorts” that would focus on the early days of the zombie epidemic and the effort to contain it.  The outlet is quick to note that this is still very early days so producers could further tweak this idea or throw it out altogether before it goes into production, but it’s definitely an interesting angle with which to approach the Walking Dead universe.

Some early critics of the series complained about not seeing any of the turmoil that arose just after the zombie epidemic began, and this idea would give the producers the opportunity to explore the real-world reaction to the zombie infestation.  Of course some of the tension is already deflated since viewers know just how dark and desolate things get for the major metropolis areas, but should this new set of characters catch on, we could follow them all the way through and past the major evacuations in subsequent seasons.

Kirkman recently told IGN that this new show won’t be set in Georgia and we already know the story and characters won’t be based on any existing material from his graphic novel series, so this is really a blank slate that could inject a freshness to the world of The Walking Dead.  Again nothing is in concrete yet so don’t count on this being the premise for the spinoff series, but personally I think it’s a neat idea.

What say you, dear readers?  Would you be interested in seeing the early days of The Walking Dead in a new series, or is there another avenue you hope the show to explore?  Sound off in the comments below, and if you’ve missed any of Dave’s recaps of the show’s current season, click here.


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  • Mike

    I think if they aren’t focusing on either what caused it or a side by side companion to Rick’s group then they shouldn’t mess with it. If they want to do a prequel then they need to do it during the current show like they were doing in the first and second season.

    • Juddres84362

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  • 80sRobot

    I doubt this premise will be greenlit. Look at how cheap the show is currently. Do you think AMC would be willing to pay up for a prequel series which would inevitably require a bigger budget due to all the effects and action viewers would expect to see?

    • BradZuhl

      Maybe the prequel will just be about one family stuck in their house.

      • Daniel Mitchell

        Don’t give them any ideas.

      • 80sRobot

        Season 1: The basement. Season 2: The living room. Season 3: The living room again (it’s a big living room, so there are lots of stories to tell!). Season 4: The second floor (the family will eventually get up to the attic, someday).

        Oh, and the family will be Rick’s neighbors. So Lori, Shane and Carl could all guest star in the first season! (Morgan and Duane in season 2.)

      • LEM

        We’ll just hear the walkers.

    • 80sRobot

      I don’t mind the downvotes, but I am pointing out how cheap-as-fuck AMC is. Remember Frank Darabont? Supposedly he wanted to do lots of flashbacks in Season 2, and start the season showing the fall of Atlanta and delving into the origin of the tank zombie soldier. AMC said fuck no, because that would have been super expensive.

      And AMC really has no incentive to spend more than they have to on the show now, or on a prequel. The original series already gets ridiculously high ratings for what little money they put into its production. Why would they commission a prequel that would cost more? They don’t need to, simply put.

      • LEM

        I do think they should forget another series and just give the show all the money. They can have longer seasons and much better sets and effects. I see no reason to make an entire new series when this show should be turning over characters every few years anyway. This decision by AMC is what will end up killing the shows constantly sky rocketing ratings.

  • TheDarkNut

    A prequel premise would be best served as a tie-in feature film. Except World War Z just did that. A companion show would only really be good if it contains a parallel group whether in ATL or not, fans will expect some type of crossover potential. Setting a show back two years or so chronologically negates that possibility.

    • 80sRobot

      I am thinking the cheaply produced prequel AMC would go for: A small CDC unit, cut-off from DC and HQ in Atlanta, that travels throughout the U.S. seeking to regroup with CDC field offices, surviving and trying to find a cure. Shot in Vancouver which would sub for various U.S. cities and towns.

      • 80sRobot

        Call me AMC and we’ll talk.

      • Johnny Nonsense

        I was thinking Vancouver as well. It was a great location for X-Files. Much diversity.

    • joeybot

      If you do that, then why make another show? You might as well just watch one because it sounds like it would be exactly the same. At least a prequel is a different take on things. I don’t need another raggedy group of survivors holing up in one place per season and talking about their feelings.

  • Idris Elba

    Idris Elba needs to fuck up some zombie ass.

    • Devon

      Well he does look a lot like Lee from the walking dead video game…

  • Clint

    Sometimes better to leave something to the imagination. Not sure a prequel is the right answer for the companion series, but I don’t have any better ideas either…

  • JBug

    As always, it depends on the writing.

    • 80sRobot

      Then how do you explain the ratings success of the current WD show. *zing!*

  • JBug

    What would be the connection to the Walking Dead Universe? It would just be a show about a zombie outbreak. Walking Dead is unique because of its characters and their journey. If the characters are not in it, and the story isn’t similar, there isn’t much Walking Dead about it. Just a zombie outbreak. If it’s produced as well as Walking Dead, I’m in. The premise alone doesn’t mean much.

  • EOD

    Is that what they’re calling spin-offs now a days? Companion series.

    • Nick

      Considering the original series is still running it’s not a bad way to title it.

  • Nick

    This show needs good writing.. That’s all. Not more companion series or anything just better writing. Also the psychopath remark about Carl? I don’t get it.. He’s probably one of the more realistic characters for the world they occupy… Stupid thing to say

  • proseph15

    as long as the zombies actually give a shit about eating people instead of how it is now, i say go for it.

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  • Scurvy

    If they were smart they would do a walking dead: week 1 miniseries involving the main characters.

    Each of the main characters gets a set of episodes showing what they were doing during the first week of the outbreak.

  • LEM

    That’s a stupid idea for a series but would work as a mini series. The entire thing happened in the span of a few weeks judging by how long Rick was in the coma. The best bet is to make it another group in a different country because if they go in the future then we know how hopeless the current group have it.

  • blank38

    Clementine and Lee? :)

  • blank38

    Clementine and Lee? :)

  • Cedhollywood

    Tired of Rick’s core group and the tired story lines of just maintaining of staying alive. I want to know more about the outside world. I want to know the origin of the infection. I want story lines about the how and why it started and if there is a cure. I want story lines of more diverse group’s of people who are handling the crisis differently.

    • LEM

      I would say you should watch “Survivors” because they kind of cover all of what you mentioned but BBC just cancelled it so there won’t be a third season.

  • Anon

    … No idea why you think Carl is a psychopath. He very clearly cares deeply for everyone in the core group and does everything he can to protect them.

  • Podd Socks

    Set it in another country and show how the British handled the zombie apocalypse.

  • Danny T

    They should just do it AHS style and have every season focus on a new group. Ones a military unit, ones in Alaska, ones in a high school, IdkI’m spit-balling here but you get it.

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