AMC Developing “Companion Series” to THE WALKING DEAD; Aiming for 2015 Premiere

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The Walking Dead is one of AMC’s biggest hits, and once Mad Men and Breaking Bad finish their runs within the next year, it will be the network’s marquee title.  Since new concepts are risky, AMC is going to as close to a sure-fire bet as they can get with another Walking Dead (in addition to the “Better Call Saul”/Breaking Bad prequel series).  Variety reports that author Robert Kirkman and executive producers Gale Anne Hurd and Dave Alpert are working on a “companion series” (is this what we’re calling spin-offs now?) that would air in 2015.  The new series would feature a new story and new characters, but presumably the same ‘ol rascally zombies.  Kirkman added that the new series would be completely from scratch and not from his comic books.

The fourth season of The Walking Dead will premiere on October 13th.

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  • Fan

    Does that mean there is only 2 seasons left for The walking dead?

    • Alex Hajna

      I think that would be most logical. It can’t go on forever, and — unless they make drastic changes — its concept is going to go stale eventually. Why not quit while you’re ahead? Breaking Bad did the smart thing. Walking Dead should, too.

      • Kevin

        It would be very smart, since the comic only had a couple of good arcs after the Governor one.

    • Kevin

      I would assume not, since the comic series will last indefinitely. Although having two very similar zombie series going on at the same time on the same network would be odd to say the least.

      • Leo Spaceman

        Comic series isn’t indeinate. Kirkman has stated before that it is a 300 part series. So ya it will go on for about a decade, but it will end.

      • Kevin

        Oh, well thanks for the info, never heard him say that.

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  • HeSaidSheSaidReviewSite

    “it will be the network’s marquee”
    That’s just sad. The only reason the show is still on because there’s nothing like it (about zombies) on TV. The actual production value is fairly amateur. The drama is lame, the acting is hit or miss, and the CGI gore is terrible.

    • Kevin

      Then don’t watch it. I think its pretty good.

      • IMPYEMU

        He was just giving his opinion. I agree with him.

      • Kevin

        Then don’t watch it. I think its pretty good.

      • IMPYEMU

        I’d rather watch it and complain about it.

      • Kevin

        I know you would.

      • Strong Enough

        what a loser thing to do

      • HeSaidSheSaidReviewSite

        Who put sand in your vagina? Because someone criticizing a TV show can’t possibly generate such a butt hurt comment. I’m assuming there is something much more important bothering you (like an irritated nether region).
        I don’t. I watched season 1 all the way through and occasionally tune in and try to give it a chance.

      • Kevin

        You’re not worth my time.

      • Nick

        Nice response! Dork, this guy gave valid reasons for his dislike of a fairly lamely written tv show. He could have been less specific , to which most fanboys like yourself would say “you suck. I hate when people talk trash on a show and never give reason.” He gave rational reasons. The show is surviving off of its gimmick… Zombies. I personally am fine with that and I watch. But I’m never excited for the next episode and I’m not emotionally invested in the way I am with well written shows. Don’t give this guy crap because his thoughts mirror what you don’t want to admit.. Which is that the walking dead is an ultimately mediocre series.

      • Kevin

        I gave no opinion of his comment or about the show at all, other than saying it was pretty good.

      • IMPYEMU

        Now, Kevin, don’t lie. You told both he and I not to watch it, which is basically saying that we don’t have a right to our opinions.

      • Don’t Care

        No, he didn’t tell either of you your opinions were wrong, he merely suggested that if you don’t like the show, don’t watch it.

      • Kevin

        Thank you.

      • HeSaidSheSaidReviewSite


  • Leo Spaceman

    The big thing the series can’t do is stay stagnant. The story has to keep moving forward, the filler episodes have to stop because all they are doing is writing for a big season or half season finale with a filler story until the last episode where they actually accomplish something.

    I like the world well enough to want to see another story, hopefully from the very beginning of the outbreak, but there is a lot that this show is going to have to do to avoid falling to the same pitfalls of the original series. I’m more than willing to give the show a season.

    • Kevin

      I think you’re dead on. Most of last season was “when are the prison and Woodbury going to fight?” And, unfortunately, this season looks to be more of the same. Hopefully they can make it more like the beginning of last season, which was fast-paced and had some good drama.

    • Nick

      I think they had the right idea. And the comic did this well, but going in the “humanity is the real evil” route takes precision and I feel like they just spelled it out for the audience. They didn’t want to take time to develop the world and the decay of humanity, they force fed it… To the point of eye rolling and constant shouts to the tv”we get it!”. At least in my household. Not everything can be the gold standard, but TWD still has potential to be great… I disagree about wanting the spin off to be from the time of the outbreak. I don’t need a reboot. They may have only toughened on it with this series through flashback, but I want to see a story told that I haven’t yet seen. Something totally new within the zombie world.

      • Kevin

        Yeah, I think it has to be totally new to differentiate itself from the Walking Dead. I think they have to have a greater purpose than to just survive or else it will just be WD with different characters. Maybe its about people trying to stop the outbreak or its told from the zombies’ point-of-view lol.

  • spudo

    just what we need more Chris Hardwick after shows. great idea AMC. Just like vampires and werewolves, people will tire of zombies, milk the cash cow while you can.

    • Nick

      True, I do watch the talking bad shows however. If you watch than you’d have seen last night when both his guests dismissed his awful lame joke about how Walt causes the zombie apocalypse. It was amazing how stupid he looked, and he’s said this multiple times. It’s like the Malcom in the middle joke for that show that people still think is funny. I’m pretty sure Chris hardwick will be talking and goofing about don drapers emotional complexity next year too lol sadly that is

  • Sweet Pea

    Do a breaking bad / walking dead crossover.. Maybe Saul Goodman in the zombie apoloclypse

    • The Exploiter

      “Better Maul Saul”

  • Nico

    Hmmm… I wonder why they wouldn’t just kill everybody off ,and go onto another story instead? Why a new series? I’ll watch it anyway, but it’s just abit weird to me.

  • LEM

    I’m not sure how it’s a new story. It’ll just be new characters in a different setting, maybe a different country or something but basically just new survivors. I like the idea so they can have one running while the other is off and hopefully with the other shows ending they can free up some more money for the shows.

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