THE WALKING DEAD Producers Robert Kirkman and Scott M. Gimple Comment on the Absence of David Morrissey’s The Governor

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While viewers watched Rick’s (Andrew Lincoln) group battle against The Governor (David Morrissey) all last season on The Walking Dead, audiences are now wondering where the antagonist has disappeared to this year.  The producers are well aware of that fact and have commented on the villainous character’s current whereabouts, how the fallout from season three has changed him, and if and when we can expect to see him again.  Hit the jump to find out more from Robert Kirkman and Scott M. Gimple’s own words.

david-morrissey-the-walking-deadIn speaking with THR, Kirkman and Gimple shed some light on the mystery surrounding The Governor.  Head over to their site for the full quotes, a sampling of which we’ve provided below.  It’s clear that neither Kirkman nor Gimple are shy about their thoughts on whether a character is working or not:

“We’ve just devoted an entire season to the conflict of The Governor and [new showrunner] Scott Gimple came in and was like, ‘You know what? I’m sick of The Governor.’ He actually said that. It’s not that we don’t like that character; it’s just that we needed to give that character a break,” executive producer Robert Kirkman tells The Hollywood Reporter. “Going right back into that would seem like more retread of season three and that’s the thing we don’t want to do.”

So when can we expect to see The Governor?

“He was never supposed to die in season three; we always knew there was a bigger story with him and taking a break from that story is going to make things more heightened when he comes back,” Kirkman explains. “These characters are having real struggles and going through a lot of really bad shit. Viewers are watching this the entire time knowing that The Governor could emerge from anywhere at any time and add another threat to whatever these characters are dealing with — it adds another layer of tension. We wouldn’t be able to do that if we move right into his story.”


When he does return, it sounds as if the eyepatch-sporting villain will be quite different than the one we remembered:

“This guy was completely driven by ego and the fact that he lost all this and it drove him to a point where he slaughtered his own people — this is not a guy who is just going to be able to come back from that. We’re going to see a very different Governor when he does come back.”

Kirkman continues with more definitive statements that The Governor will return, likely when it’s least convenient for the other survivors:

“We like to keep people guessing and he definitely will return this season. Just when you think things are getting to a breaking point, that’s when The Governor layer will be thrown in to make things that much more deadly and dangerous. It’s going to be a really big, memorable moment in the show.”

The Walking Dead airs Sunday night’s on AMC.

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  • rhizomeman

    The whole governor thing was BORING as shit. Season 3 was the worst – almost made me not even give Season 4 a chance. Season 3 was all filler bs leading up to a “final confrontation” that never happened. Zzzzzzzzz…

    Sorry for my negativity but I got to call it like I see it.

    • indy42

      Completely agreed.

    • LEM

      I agree, they built the season around a pay off that never came. It was like when Poochie was on Itchy and Scratchy and just took up time but they never got to the fire works factory.

    • goodshow

      i completly agree my friend and these episodes with people who aren’t with the group are wastes of time and show! they have the opportunity to make a great show but they are afraid of doing it! massive zombie attacks every show people with one arm on leg and still fighting not people who are doing fine in a building full of walkers right!? action is so easy and obvious why not do it these people should be basically 8 degree black belts in fighting zombies are pussies lets get it going stop wasing episodes telling weak stories please……..there should be atleast 25 zombies an episode killed and on a high side over 200 so where’s the 10,000 zombies why save it to the end make 15 shows fighting them full of action not talking this world is ending not trying to start again! and if it is starting there would not be a group of 10,000 zombies! get the fighting started for god sake i’m tired of being disappointed every episode except the first one all the rest sucked big TIME! lets get it right before the walking dead is just dead and boring like the last three episodes thank assholes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ISeemToBeAVerb

    Loved the Governor story line. I wanted to see him have a particularly nasty death. This season I hope. Haha

  • Frederico Silva

    I bet he will return in the mid-season finale with the TWD’s classic cliffhanger in the end of the episode

    • LEM

      Yeah obviously and I hope he has carol and kills her in front of the prison.

    • Gojiro

      Absolutely agree. He’s the big antagonist for the show. There’s no use wasting him all at once. Wait for the episode where everything starts out happy and nice, by the end that will all be destroyed when the Governor returns with a herd of Walkers.

  • Lucas Accardo

    The whole Governor story line was trite and uneventful. The very character was something out of the tone of the previous WD seasons. Now we are back to sheer survival , day by day in the zombie apocalypse and i couldn’t be happier.

  • Al

    Next time there is a show runner shake up, lets just let Kirkman take control. He’s been way more involved with the series then anyone ever expected, he’s totally down with changing continuity from the comics (which I think is a brilliant move, other then changing the coolness of characters – cough cough – Andrea.) and he’s been the longest running executive producer the show has had. The only difference with him in charge? Continuity of the vision.

    He’s also been an amazing cheerleader for a show that has been at times at odds with his vision. Give him the reins for season 5 and trust me, it’ll be way worth it.

  • MrBurrrns

    I think that when he returns he will kill one of the main characters.

  • Arthur Stookey

    I sure hope he doesn’t return when things are “okay” at the prison. Get to the point when the diseases are just uncontainable, and the walkers finally breaching into the prison, and when all hell breaks loose, dun dun dun, THE RETURN OF THE GOVERNOR

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  • goodshow

    I really thought that the show would of learned their lesson? Consistenly the worst episodes are the ones that are only about people not with the main group. like last time when it was andrea and mishone in woodbury and it sucked when i rewatch that season i always skip that episode because its not the group just them and honestly i don’t really care what happens to anyone not in the goup it feels like i got robbed for a week. while this week was better than last time they wasted an episode it still sucked the group is who i want the show to focus on not some asshole who deservantly got deserted! please realize that the group needs to be in every episode wheather the live or die. there really only needed to be about 5 minutes of the show for the governor not the whole dam thing man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so i’m disappointed with this weeks waste i’m tired of looking foward to seeing the show when they waste an episode its like a BIG FUCK YOU IN THE FUCKING FACE PLEASE START GETTING IT RIGHT PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the show is rick and what he’s going to do not every one else they are walker bait not show material thank you! :(

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