ABC Officially Cancels THE WHOLE TRUTH, But Will Air All 13 Completed Episodes

     October 26, 2010


Yesterday we found out ABC gave full season orders to their new series No Ordinary Family and Better with You. However, their new legal drama The Whole Truth wasn’t mentioned in the press release extended the series run. Now we know why as EW noticed a Twitter update from co-executive producer KristieAnne Reed saying, “ABC gave us the word. We will only make 13 episodes of [The Whole Truth].” However, she followed up by saying, “We are shooting all 13 episodes of [The Whole Truth] through mid-December and ABC will air all of the episodes.” So for any fans who may be devastated by the loss of this new legal drama (though judging by the ratings, there don’t seem to be that many) at least you’ll get to see all the completed episodes. Anyone disappointed?

  • Ryan

    I hated the Defenders and I hated L&O: LA. I was watching The Whole Truth. It was good

    • Jeremy

      I agree completely. Not a fan of these types of shows, but the younger (but not too young) actors were relative to me as I am in my 30′s and the witty reparte’ and unique ending were quite fun to watch. I hope some cable channel picks this up, my fiance and I really enjoy it.

  • Greg

    I thought the first episode was alright. Then the second episode aired and I was like, wait, its the same 2 lawyers again? Sure enough, the trend continued. Meh.

  • maggie

    I have been recording it and have only just finished watching the second episode. I REALLY like it and just now went on line to see how it was doing ratings wise……I am so sorry to see it was cancelled —- Rob Morrow and Maura Tierney are terrific!

  • PenguinOfTroy

    I loved it, bummed its not getting more of a chance

  • Anonymous

    This show was the first courtroom drama I’ve liked, probably because as a lawyer I was over-critical of the ins and outs of the legal process and how far most shows stray from reality. The Whole Truth must have brought in a lawyer for the writing because there are subtleties that I think only those in the legal profession would pick up on; ie discovery rules, PR issues, etc. Of course you have to give quite the theatrical license to a show that pits the same DA and defense atty against each other each week, but I really thought there was huge room for character development throughout. Sucks.

  • Kcshuler

    i liked it too those dumb asses at abc dont know shit

  • Kcshuler

    i liked it too those dumb asses at abc dont know shit

  • Lcucci

    I am so disappointed The Whole Truth is being cancelled. Its one of my FAVORITE shows. The last two minutes of the show is so great as you find out the real verdict. Something different. Please reconsider.

  • Content

    Love the fast pace drama and confrontation between the prosecution (DA) and defence as they build up their case. It allows us to see both sides. We’ve seen Law and Order for many years and now it’s time to see a new take in court drama. If ABC does not want to keep this showthan may be another network might consider picking this show up. This show has potential. There is a lot of fluffy shows.

  • Paul V.G.

    It is one of the better legal tv-shows. I cannot believe it got canceled. Episode 4, “True Confessions” was extremely good !! Good stories, good acting, good pace, original concept … I don’t understand the average viewer anymore if this show has bad ratings, poor tv-watching public and why ABC don’t give a chance to the better shows who are less commercial ?

  • Wholetruth lover

    It was incredible and I’m in the legal profession as well. Very accurate writing. Darn shame!!!

  • Aghili

    i love this show so far!!!!! they didnt even give it a chance to air long enough to get good ratings!!!!!

  • sharp

    aww man thats a great show,why do they always cancel the good stuff to make room for more “reality tv”??????