HBO to Rebroadcast Every Episode of THE WIRE Remastered in HD [Updated]

     September 1, 2014

the wire remastered hd

“It’s Baltimore, gentlemen.  The gods will not save you.”  That’s the opening line of a new promo for a plan to rebroadcast The Wire that promises “every episode, every season, remastered for the first time in high definition.”  The promo says the episodes air weeknights 8pm starting September 4.  If you check TV listings online, you’ll find other programs filling those timeslots—while About Time is a fine movie, it is not The Wire remastered in HD.

However, the Wire page at TV Guide has listings starting September 8 with season 1 episode 3, which would accommodate the first two episodes airing on September 4-5.  I can’t guarantee these remastered episodes will start airing this week, but it sure sounds like they exist, and that’s a major step for those of you hoping for an eventual Blu-ray release.  Hit the jump to watch the promo. [Update: It appears that The Wire is indeed in the process of being upgraded to HD, but news of the air date was premature. More after the jump.]

Update: Adam here.  HitFix’s Alan Sepinwall reached out to HBO for confirmation about this HD upgrade business, and it appears that news of the marathon was premature:


So HBO has confirmed that they are indeed in the process of remastering The Wire in HD, but it will not be airing this week.  Simon has been adamant in the past that The Wire shouldn’t be presented in HD so as to refrain from giving a theatrical presentation to what he sees as a more realistic series.  I imagine that this promo making the rounds is fake, but a separate source claims to have more information on HBO’s plans for remastering The Wire.  According to a Kottke reader whose friend works at HBO, the network plans to chop off the top and bottom of the 4×3 frame in order to create a 16×9 aspect ratio for the series.  This is not unlike what FXX did to with recent The Simpsons marathon, and given that Season 5 of The Wire was the only one actually shot in 16×9, one imagines the quality of the “HD upgrade” of Seasons 1-4 will be quite terrible.  Here’s hoping this is not actually the case.

Watch the probably fake promo below, via HBO Watch:

the wire remastered hdThe Wire HD Blu-ray


  • week

    How about that Blu-ray set…

    • EndlessChris

      Right!? I think it is pretty much a lock now…..

  • [A]

    HD comin’ yo

  • Key Chung

    Time to rewatch THE WIRE! This is some wonderful news.

  • World’s Finest Comments

    Idris Elba in glorious HD? I’ve always wondered what God looks like.

    • Joe

      Well he is a god in the movie Thor…

      • Brian James

        Waitwaitwait.. the MCU Asgardians aren’t gods, just aliens ::eye roll::


  • CJ

    “Where’s Wallace at!?!”

    Greatest show ever.

    • Brian James


      “Well, lil man, he is now flying around, lit on fire.” :)

  • Brian James

    FINALLY!!! I hope now that the blu ray set should be forthcoming, we can have some additional commentaries and bonus features. I already own the complete series on DVD, and would buy it again on blu-ray in a heartbeat. It is the best series ever made, and it’s about time!

  • vitextreeradar

    the creators used to always say the show was shot in such a way that remastering it would look odd and the intended grit would get lost. however i will be first in line to rewatch it on bluray if that happens.

    • Farrell

      Well if it was shot on film I don’t see how making it look as close to its original quality as possible is somehow a detriment. There are plenty of high def films that look gritty.

  • Michael Thompson

    great news

  • Lee Harvey Cobblepot

    Do the chair know we gonna look like some punk-ass bitches out there?

    • CJ

      “Motherfucker!!” :-D

      Oh, Bodie…

      • Lee Harvey Cobblepot

        Now, adjourn your asses…

  • Tezcatlipoca

    Breaking Bad is the best show I’ve ever seen.

    Except maybe the Why-are.

    You will never stop talking about Breaking Bad or the Why-are.

    • Brian James

      Whenever I talk about the top 3 shows of all time, those are 2 of them.

  • Vulcan

    And I will be crying again.

  • One of Nine

    I do need to get back around to watching this, I went through season 1 and loved it but for some reason season 2 seemed to lose me. Also, for anyone who has Verizon FIOS they already have all seasons in HD on-demand.

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  • theBoi

    Oh indeed!

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  • paul h

    Just remaster s1-4 in 4:3 ffs!

  • CJ

    Yeah, I’m gonna be that guy…

    Can they remaster Nicky and Ziggy out of season 2, please?

    Sorry, folks. I had to do it.

    • Brian James

      lol, I can’t blame people for hating Zig, since he was clearly the most annoying character in the entire series.

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