Laughably Bad Trailer for THINGS FALL APART Starring 50 Cent

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I have to give Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson credit for pursuing dramatic work.  Unfortunately, that’s about all the credit I can give him because he’s not a very good actor.  While I admire his dedication and physical transformation to play a cancer-stricken football player in Things Fall Apart, the trailer makes it look like a Lifetime movie (I was about to write “A bad Lifetime movie”, but realized that was redundant).  I like how the trailer kicks off with a big football game and a crowd cheering in an almost-empty stadium.

I don’t want to spoil the rest of the hilarity, so check out the trailer after the jump.  Things Fall Apart also stars Ray Liotta wondering how his career got to this point.

Trailer via Vulture.


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  • Brandon

    lmfao! That did look pretty bad, but I’m still going to see it.

  • Jkl

    haha so terrible. i know the movie is probably gonna be bad, but they gotta try and make the trailer look a little better than that.

  • David

    That can’t be the real trailer. Looks like it was edited by a first year film student.

  • Shaun

    No really, is that for real? did someone actually give the OK to that?

  • adrian

    Salute the black Christian Bale…

  • !_!

    lol the dreads lil wayne?

  • nate

    “coming soon..”
    please don’t…

  • CylonRyder

    The whole trailer fell apart. I’m sure the black community thinks it will be a masterpiece!

    • Abch

      Hey, that coment was un called for and extreml racist

    • Lame_Duck

      Yea, the black community is going to think it’s a masterpiece just like how white young america treats the Twilight Saga like it’s instant gold. Stop being ignorant and blurting out sterotypes…ever race has one so lets move on.

      • CylonRyder

        My supposedly racist comment aside, Twillight is instant gold! It may suck in so many levels but it can’t be denied that the franchise makes loads of cash.

    • Terry

      Damn Cyclone you didn’t have to hit below the belt. Collider is about us talking abut movies and being a little crazy in our view points but you, you just fucked shit up.
      Why don’t you get lost and don’t come back. This is for movie geeks not your Jim Crowe bullshit!

  • Nick

    …..that hurt to watch

  • Excpired

    That was a terrible trailer, the quality was also balls that probably didn’t help! Who was their sound guy? He totally screwed up, they sound like they are talking through tin-cans.

    On a side-note Curtis looks good toward the end of the trailer when he is just thin and not buff but not annorexic.

    Kind of funny how they called it 50 cent’s “most critically acclaimed role in his career.” LOL!

    Its okay 50 Cent, you are rich already! Just retire.

  • Rocket75

    I thought he was going to say YEAH!, or WHAT!

  • Elitist Prick

    Want to make cancer, one of the most painful experiences a human being can go through, laughable? Get yourself a rapper-turned-actor!

  • jo

    studios fund this but they wont fund films like at the mountains of madness.
    i dont get it.

    • turd ferguson

      Guillermo del Toro wasn’t shot 9 times

      • Lame Duck

        LOL. Too funny for words

  • turd ferguson

    this is literally every generic sports movie formula rolled into a P.O.S. package of trying-too-hard-to-be-emotional crap with a famous actor thrown in topped off with 50 buckets of shit poured over it. and yeah this is his most acclaimed role since the music video of ‘in da club’

    • turd ferguson

      it’s a shame that you can’t edit parts of your comments because I immediately regret the decision of calling 50 cent an actor…apologies

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  • RickC

    Somebody should tell “50 Cent” that using your real name and losing a bunch of weight doesn’t make you an actor. Neither does wanting to be one.

    Most importantly, why is he making this travesty? Does he really need the money?

    Finally…I love how the voice-over guy is like “the most critically acclaimed role of his career”. All his other roles are complete crap so…quite a compliment there. One critic was probably like…”meh, it’s ok.”

    P.S. – Coming soon, at the end of a trailer, shouldn’t sound like a warning.

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  • Too Funny

    I can’t understand why this trailer is trying to be so serious. Anyways, I just watched a 2 hour movie in 2 minutes, it’s a damn record.

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