Co-Writer/Co-Director Evan Goldberg Reveals His Sequel Ideas for THIS IS THE END

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Every year, there are at least one or two movies that come as very pleasant surprises.  This Is the End seemed like it would be a pretty fun time but I didn’t really think the premise would lend itself to being a film that I would remember months from now or want to revisit frequently; boy was I wrong.  Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg crafted a near-masterwork of comedy filmmaking with This Is the End, and I don’t see how the pic doesn’t land on my Top 10 list at the end of this year.  The film pushes boundaries that I didn’t even know existed, and literally made me laugh so hard it hurt.  It’s an incredibly tight comedy complete with one of the most wonderfully ridiculous third acts in movie history, and I, like many others, would very much like to see this world revisited in a follow-up.

Goldberg—who co-wrote the script with Rogen and also co-directed the film—recently talked a bit about the prospect of a This Is the End sequel, revealing that he has a few ideas for how the story could continue in a further film.  Hit the jump for more.  Obviously, spoilers for This Is the End follow.

this-is-the-end-seth-rogen-evan-goldbergThis Is the End opened with an impressive $20+ million opposite Warner Bros’ mammoth Man of Steel, and the film marked a pretty strong hold in its second weekend for a current worldwide total of $60 million.  If the film continues to perform well, the prospect of making a sequel would seem like a wise business decision from Sony’s point of view.  Speaking with ScreenDaily, Goldberg seems pretty high on the prospect of This Is the End 2, but Rogen is not so sure:

“If you ask me, I’d say there’s a good chance of sequel. If you ask Seth, he’d say no. So, we’ll see.”

Goldberg added that the logistics of reuniting the film’s large (and popular) ensemble cast again would be pretty difficult:

“We lucked out that they were all available. I honestly don’t know if we could get the guys together [again].”

this-is-the-end-2-sequel-seth-rogenGiven that This Is the End concluded with the majority of Earth in ruins and Rogen, Jay Baruchel, and Craig Robinson ascending to Heaven, finding a continuation to the story might be a tough task.  However, Goldberg has more than a few ideas for a possible follow-up film:

“We actually talked about doing a sequel where it starts at the premiere of This is the End. Seth’s a cokehead in this version, Michael Cera is a calm dude with a boyfriend, Rihanna and the Backstreet Boys are back. We have a lot of ideas: a heaven and hell, for example, and a Garden of Eden version where Danny [McBride] is Adam.”

Since This Is the End turned out rather brilliantly, I’m inclined to trust whatever Goldberg and Rogen settle on for the plot of the sequel, assuming it ever comes to fruition.  The duo are currently busy prepping their second film as directors, a comedy called The Interview that stars Rogen and James Franco as two journalists granted an interview with Korean dictator Kim Jung-un who are enlisted by the CIA to assassinate the foreign leader.  Production begins in October.

What about you, dear readers?  Do you want to see a This Is the End sequel?  Where would you like to see the story go?  Should they do a sort of reboot a la the “This Is the End premiere” idea or should the sequel involve the heaven/hell repercussions of the first film? Sound off in the comments below.


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  • Hockablah

    no sequel please. the first was too good to get spoiled by a second.

  • Alan Burnett

    People who don’t like Moviez are haters man. This movie is one of the best ever. I don’t understand why people feel the need to be critics. Everyone is unique and special in there own way.

  • grapes9h5

    Id rather see them actually make Pineapple Express 2: Blood Red, or Superbad-er.

    This is the End 2 sounds funny though, but Id be more worried about ruining that one’s rep than those other two.

  • Hari

    Kind of surprised at the raves “This is the End” is getting on Collider since your critic only gave it a B+

    • Julie

      Since when is B+ a low grade? I understand some of the Goldberg hate, but christ people, not every single movie deserves a fucking A+. It’s not like he gave it an F-. Have some common sense, for everyone’s sake.

      • Nick

        That time of the month?

        Another woman making a good point, but ruining that point by being unable to contain emotions

      • partysub

        You must have a limited exposure to women

      • sam

        i’m sorry, what emotions did she not contain? also, i’m pretty sure dudes get emotional, too. we like to get angry about stupid shit, but if a girl does, it’s her ‘time of the month’? get a life, man.

  • Nick

    I really don’t understand the hype of this movie? I enjoyed most of the jokes, probably 50% of all of the jokes had me dying, and another 30% were worth at least a chuckle, but overall it was like watching a collection of somewhat related skits loosely strung together. To me this was like a really well done “scary movie” type movie, but I hate those types of movies and so do most movie goers, as those numbers fail at the box office lately.

    I need a legitimate plot that is cared for, and to, me these guys only cared about being funny. The directors chair should have been filled by someone else for sure.

    • heylook

      The movie had a tighter, smarter story than any of the big summer blockbusters. It’s possible it was just a bit over your head…unless of course you didn’t actually see it.

      • Nick

        Smarter story? Listen fanboy, I’m not even bashing the movie. Damn noobs. I just don’t get the love for it, the plot is all in the 3rd act.. The rest of the movie is just them hanging out, making shout outs to the real world and Pineapple Express. The jokes, again, we’re good but Pineapple Express focused on having a full story, a real movie… This to me felt like a clipped together funny or die mini series. Apparently defending movies that aren’t being bashed, rather just questioned is something a bit over your head. Dork

      • heylook

        I find your attempt to lob little insults my way adorable. The fact that you think the plot is all in the 3rd act confirms for me you didn’t actually see the movie. Because, there’s a very early and fairly long nighttime sequence where people disappear that is STRICTLY plot-motivated. And the relationship issues between Jay and Seth (and “other woman,” Franco) is setup in the film’s very first scene. If you could take a moment to comprehend my earlier comment, you’ll see I feel that it’s LESS likely that it was over your head, b/c it’s pretty clear you didn’t see it.

  • KHW5

    instead of doing a sequel do something else.

    • Josh Barnett

      …they are…

      The story even talked about the next film they are filming…why can’t they do their new film and then make this sequel as well?

      • KHW5

        because THIS IS THE END doesn’t need a sequel. I loved the movie and I want to see more, but I think a sequel will be so bad we wont enjoy it.

  • Al

    Both heaven/hell and premiere sequel sound good to me.

  • heylook

    I loved the movie. Was shocked at how good it was actually. I figured it’d be, you know, just some stupid fun…but it was really clever and interesting. I described it to friends as “Superbad meets Ghostbusters.” So, with that said, I hope they leave well enough alone. No sequel.

  • Jim

    How about Jay, Seth and Greg decide to break into hell to rescue their friends?

    • Jeremy D

      This sounds like one that could really work.

      But I agree with another commenter in that it’d be cool if they all played themselves again in a completely separate film.

    • Larry

      Whose Greg?

  • lpd

    my first choice would be no sequel…I’d hate for such a fantastic film to be sullied with a poorly made sequel. But if they’re thinking about it, maybe do the same sequence from another celebritys point of view.. Like Emma Watson. What happened to her?

  • lpd

    my first choice would be no sequel…I’d hate for such a fantastic film to be sullied with a poorly made sequel. But if they’re thinking about it, maybe do the same sequence from another celebritys point of view.. Like Emma Watson. What happened to her?

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  • Armand

    If theyre dead set on making a sequel, they should take the edgar wright approach and take these characters and put em in another bizarre situation, i would prefer they dont make a sequel, this one is just too unique for that sort of thing

  • TaeTiggy

    They should Put adam Sandler and Lil Wayne in part 2

  • Maxwell Bale

    it would be cool if the sequel started in heaven and showed the surviving characters from the first in heaven some more cause they could show some funny stuff with that. Then craig finds out that everyone who fell in the whole is not dead just in hell, so the surviving group travel down to save Cera, Seagel, and others on their biggest journey yet.

  • Jose Reyes

    I think they should have the second movie about saving Franco and Hill from hell and other people

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