New Video, Images and Concept Art from Marvel’s Phase 2 Including ANT-MAN, GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, CAPTAIN AMERICAN 2, and THOR 2

     April 2, 2013


Earlier today, we were treated to some images of concept art from Marvel’s Phase Two slate of films, courtesy of the release of Marvel’s Phase One box set today on Blu-ray.  Now, there is a sneak peek video for Marvel’s Phase Two available along with concept artwork and images that provide a look at Iron Man 3Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Thor: The Dark WorldGuardians of the Galaxy and even Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man.

Hit the jump to take a look at the video, concept art and images from Marvel’s Phase Two films.

Check out the video for Marvel’s Phase 2 below:

Here are a ton of images and concept art from Marvel’s Phase 2 films including Thor: The Dark World, Guardians of the GalaxyCaptain America: The Winter Soldier and Ant-Man.

via Bleeding Cool and CBM

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  • sense 11


    That’s just fucking cool

  • Mandy

    I want to squeeze rocket raccoon until his head pops off!!!!!! Or until he shoots off mine… Anyway, he’s fucking adorable!!!!

  • Bob

    Ant-Man looks so badass! I showed this to my bro who has no idea who Ant-Man is and thought he would be lame, and he was like “that was fucking awesome” lol. And Guardins really does look epic, like a real space epic. Rocket Raccoon!!! Seeing all these films at midnight!!!!! Can’t wait for Falcon to…Phase 2(even phase 3 cause of Ant-Man) has got me so excited.

  • Cyclops

    Very excited, Guardians does look pretty epic, Im not familiar with the comic, but that concept art looks stunning.

    • A.Warlock

      Guardians of the Galaxy will work because it’ll combine the two things that have bolstered Marvel’s success and that is the humor (that started in the first Iron Man) and the spectacle. Come on seriously, your life isn’t complete until you can say, “Yes, I have in fact witnessed a talking raccoon start a bar fight in an alien bar”.

  • mattedscreen

    Since they’re all one big happy family, how long before Mickey, The Avengers, and Luke Skywalker get their own phase in the Disney Universe? – May be a bad joke but I wouldn’t put it past them to have at least thought about it…

    • Rich woa

      Kind of like Kingdom Hearts?

  • LEM

    I was never an Ant-Man fan but Edgar Wright has an amazing track record so I was already interested but now I really want to see the movie. I think the hardest sell to the general movie goer will be Guardians of the Galaxy. I just want to see more superhero crossover in these movies.

  • Someone


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  • LMB

    Am I wrong in saying that the 15th picture down shows Iron Man in Guardians of the Galaxy? Has this been properly confirmed?

    • Bob

      I thought the exact same thing. it’s either just from Iron man 3 or its guardians. Reason I do not think it’s Iron Man 3 is because there is not one picture of iron Man 3 besides this if it is. All the other pictures are for different movies and have multiple shots. Why throw a random Iron Man 3 image in right?

    • jamesy

      From what I can see, I think it’s the Hulkbuster and an unmasked Tony, along with his drones. But yep seems a bit strange to throw in a random IM3 image, if they were to choose any of the Avengers to introduce the audience to Guardians it would be Tony/Iron man as he’s the most well known to general movie goers.

  • eMONEY

    I’m not sure if its been confirmed, but there was some talk (on collider) that Iron Man will travel to the GOG after the credits of IM3… therefore maybe hell have a small part in the GOG film

  • mad man

    I don’t care what anybody says about Rocket raccoon, he is a badass.

  • Andrew

    Soz but i reckon the Ant-Man shots look lame & i’ve got zero interest in watching this movie!
    Really excited about Guardians though!!

    • ch

      Andrew, your opinion sucks balls. Honestly.

      • Andrew

        That’s rich,…coming from somebody who clearly hasn’t got any!
        It’s just my opinion,…i’m allowed that!

  • sense 11

    Or maybe the Guardians come to earth to help the Avengers take down Thanos

  • Dmula

    Im extremely confident they are going to keep getting better,only problem is all good things come to an end…

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  • Miguelito

    Who’s the dude with goggles after the falcon pics? Winter Soldier or Starlord?

    • Ur mom

      I think it’s the Winter Soldier.

  • snoop3

    actually thier more than one ironman suit in that concept drawing , which makes sense since ironman is supposed to help the gog and from what hear about im3 he’s supposed to be able to control more than one suit at a time , thanos is going to be thier main villian i think i read that ant man wont appear till avengers 3 , everything looks bad @ss thou.

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    Well that peaked my interest! Ant-man looks great! Love the suit.

    GOTG had zero expectations before, never knew what they were, but now, looks like Star Wars meets Avengers, which looks stunning! Just hope it doesnt go all green-lantern.

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  • Dobby

    Way to go mouse house. Lets take down anything that gets people excited about new releases. Jeez. Get some real marketing people will you?

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  • chod

    I don’t think they understand what makes the fan base and the people who will actually go and see these movies TICK. We want to be involved in the development process and at the very very least get to see the trailers and so forth and not have a few seconds of what was posted here torn down. Things like pics, concept art and anything else helps us get excited for the end product. Being denied these things makes us angry. The tactics the ‘mouse house’ is employing is certainly infuriating and will definitely not sway people into seeing these movies who never had any intention of doing so in the first place. Very silly attitude and kind of reminiscent of the logic being employed by a certain video game company notorious for churning out all those football games and cripling it’s software and the populace with the always online crap. Don’t understand the people buying your products do you??

  • Markiewankenobi

    Like all of us I was a little “worried” that Rocket Raccoon could turn the Marvel Cinema Universe into something it has yet become – for kids!!!! But having just watched a predominantly “kids” film in Narnia – Voyage of the Dawn Treader with my daughter, I am super confident that a bad ass CGI raccoon will work just fine. Pegg’s performance as Reepacheep does not jar at all with the human cast and the seemless CGI just make it all seem right!

    Colour me excited for Gaurdians a lot lot more from now on.

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