Kevin Feige Talks New Villain for THOR 2, Confirms It Won’t Be Thanos

     May 28, 2012


The success of Marvel’s The Avengers has allowed the comic book universe to introduce its rogues gallery to theater-going audiences, bringing in such extraterrestrial villains as Thanos, the Mad Titan.  Thor was the first of the recent Marvel movies to use other-worldly magic as a power source instead of Tony Stark’s technology in Iron Man or the science behind the genesis of Captain America and the Hulk.  In a recent interview, Kevin Feige confirmed that the death-obsessed Eternal would not be making an appearance in Thor 2; another big villain would be stepping in.  We know that Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman will reprise the roles of Thor and Jane Foster respectively (not to mention the return of Idris Elba as Heimdall).  We also know that Tom Hiddleston will return as Loki, but that’s not a new big villain.  And we know Mads Mikkelsen is set to play a villain, so who could it be? Hit the jump to see what Feige had to say.

In an enchantress-executioner-thor-2-sequelinterview with Empire (via Comic Book Movie), Feige talks about his surprise at just how well The Avengers did:

“I was just hoping it would beat the opening weekend of Iron Man 2, which was the biggest opening weekend for any Marvel Studios movie. We did 80 or 90 million above that. As the numbers started coming in on Friday night, Saturday night, Sunday night, they just kept getting bigger and bigger, into areas I would never in a million years have believed.”

Fans will also be happy to hear that The Avengers was just the beginning for where the Marvel exec plans to take the franchise:

The Avengers was not the finale for us. It was a giant, giant marker, but it was never the finale. We are already well into the plan for the next phase of our little cinematic universe.”

The next continuation will be, of course, Thor 2. Here’s what Feige had to say about it:

“We’re going to see the other side of Asgard. It’s not all polished and golden in this film. And the events of Avengers will have affected Thor for sure. His relationship with Loki will continue to evolve, and the biggest part is Natalie and Thor returning with Jane Foster.”

thor-2-sequel-enchantressAnd as pretty much everyone on the planet knows by now, Loki was whisked away to Asgard at the end of The Avengers with a very anxious Thanos left floating around on his space throne.  But will we see the supervillain again so soon?

“No, future, future. But there will be a major new villain. A major, major new antagonist…”

I’m not as up on Thor lore as some of you, but I do know that the Enchantress has been making the speculative rounds as the Thunder God’s next villain.  However, I’m not sure if Mikkelsen has the figure to pull it off.  Her addition to the sequel would make sense considering Portman’s Jane Foster should figure heavily into the plot.  Is it possible that Mikkelsen would be playing the Executioner, allowing Enchantress to still be relevant to the plot (or vice versa)?  Let us know who you think the antagonist will be, or should be, in the comments section below.

Thor 2, filming this summer in London, is directed by Alan Taylor and written by Robert Rodat. The sequel also stars Anthony Hopkins, Stellan Skarsgard, Ray Stevenson and Jaimie Alexander and is set to open November 15th, 2013.


  • Johnny5

    Having the same villain in 3 straight movies would have been Horrible. So would bringing back to life anyone who has died in these marvel movies. I don’t understand that fanboy need- they want a movie series where no one will ever get hurt or die,..boring , undramatic.

    • me

      i wonder if theres any chance they might use this movie to connect the enchantress, and maybe other magic affilliated characters, with some villian of dr stranges, with Mads Mikkelsen playing one of these characters. ive seen plenty of stuff saying theres a dr strange movie coming out eventually and if they do this, the extra scene at the end of the movie could include a teaser for a dr strange movie

  • Dave Trumbore

    I’d love to see Enchantress for sex appeal alone. It’d be interesting to see who they’d get to out-beautify Natalie Portman.

    • Dave Trumbore

      Got it! Charlize Theron. She’d eat Portman alive.

      • SP1234

        Abbie Cornish would be perfect too. She has the beauty and the talent (Candy, Bright Star). And she’s had some experience with effects in Sucker Punch, which should be handy for the Asgard world.

  • juke

    Marvel movies are so overrated

  • Krowzone

    If these 2 are in fact the baddies.. I’d do this.

    Start the movie with a scene of Thor and Loki in their teens, with enchantress (of course she will have a regular name here) and she’s secretly in love with Loki. Show her attentions towards him, and him brushing it off, she considers it hard to get and continues so. Show her sad at the funeral of Loki at the end of Thor 1. She blames Thor and so on.. Then she finds out Loki didn’t die and is in fact imprisoned within Asgardian walls. She cons a warrior by the name of The Executioner into breaking Loki out. Loki, grateful at the release is kissed by Enchantress who conveys her undying love for him, then he rejects her, says there is nothing between them and she gets super pissed and commands The Executioner to kill Loki, the battle ends up being joined by Thor who has been tracking down Loki. I would “after credits” the vault getting broken into by Thanos, who beats down Odin and Thor, to take the gauntlet, as well as the Tesseract. End Movie. And of course have some romance stuff with Jane Foster in there somewhere.. Have Thor get some.

    • phoenix2103

      I’d pay to see that movie

      • Joe

        I’d pay too! To see Amora in a thong weaving her ‘magic’.

        Oh down boy!!

  • Joe

    I’m guessing the “major new villain” will be Mephisto. If indeed Mads Mikkelsen has signed to be a villain, his body shape and general countenance is best suited to playing Marvel’s devil.

    It would also make sense from the perspective of continuing the Thanos introduction since Mephisto is a critical character in the Infinity Gauntlet story.

    However there is another lead to follow. Feige said, “We’re going to see the other side of Asgard. It’s not all polished and golden in this film. In an Entertainment Weekly interview, Feige also said the sequel will: “take Thor literally to other worlds.”

    Piecing these together with character possibilities for Mads, he could play Malekith the Accursed. The other side of Asgard could refer to Svatalheim. This would be interesting, because they can introduce the Casket of Ancient Winters storyline – the Casket was already introduced in Thor 1 – the blue box directly in front of the Destroyer and which the Frost Giants tried to steal early in the film.

    Personally I prefer the Malekith route because the Avengers feature strongly in the Casket of Ancient Winters story and the setup in Thor 2 would be ideal.

    • Joe

      I’m leaning more towards Mads playing Malekith and the Casket being involved somehow.

      Loki used the Casket to freeze Heimdal in Thor 1. It wasn’t clear what had happened to the Casket after Thor defeated Loki and fell into the abyss.

      When Loki first handled the Casket, Odin shouted out authoritatively “STOP!”. It really is capable of destruction and can invalidate both Asgard and Earth, so i’m sure the story on this is not over!

    • Krowzone

      Good call, however when it comes to pulling off the Infinity Gauntlet storyline in the movies, it will have to be tweaked so much it will be a whole new story. Lots of characters cannot be used because of the rights over each studio.. but you bring up some really great points.

      • Joe

        Ya I don’t think the IG story as depicted in the comics can stand a straight translation to screen. Besides, it involves WAY too many characters – to dilute to just some characters or just the Avengers in dealing with Thanos would be a slight to the power of the IG – which is infinite.

        Personally I think Thanos at the moment is a red herring, put in there for “future future” as Feige puts it – when they’ve had a chance to flesh out the universe even more. The story in Thor is critical because that’s where most of the mystical introductions tend to come into play.

        Eventually though all things tie into Avengers. So it’ll be interesting how they develop the franchise and tie in the rest of the characters into that united threat.

        Cap America may either reface Red Skull or Baron Zemo, that story told in a flashback type story, with Zemo resurfacing in modern times to form Masters of Evil. An alternate would be Hydra now led by Strucker. This organization can also serve as the threat against SHIELD.

        Another way to look at the Avengers lead-in would be different heroes’ master villain taking centre-stage. For Avengers 1, it was Thor (Loki). Avengers 2 will be…? Time will tell!

      • LightsOut

        Yeah because the X-Men and everyone else need to be there as well, no doubt. I’m really hoping that Marvel will put subtle hints in their future films about mutants existence. But I’m highly skeptical that Disney even cares, when they hit the reboot button…

  • Petar

    “However, I’m not sure if Mikkelsen has the figure to pull it off. ”

    I guess you haven’t seen ‘Valhalla Rises’ (not that I’d blame you). Or for that matter ‘Clash of the Titans’. Mikkelsen will be FINE….

    • Dave Trumbore

      Doesn’t have the figure to play the Enchantress. I have seen Valhalla Rising and ol’ One-Eye sure ain’t no lady!

  • Strong Enough

    Hey look another mediocre Marvel movie full of lame romances and half ass action!!’


    • James

      Don’t worry. I’m sure it won’t be quite as awesome as Green Lantern, Superman Returns, or Jonah Hex.

      • Strong Enough

        Hey mediocre always works right!

        Marvel mastered that sh*t

      • Spock Jenkins

        Add “Steel” and “Catwoman” to that list, and this clown hasn’t got a leg to stand on.

      • duke

        You do realize there are other movies besides DC/Marvel movies?

        Pointing out mediocre DC movies doesn’t counter mediocre Marvel movies.

  • Colin

    If they did the Executioner, Vin Diesel would be perfect. Now they would have to do some camera tricks with the height, but they would have to do that anyway. Executioner is over 7′ tall.

  • Kenny B

    Vin Diesel is Tom Cruise sized

  • Lo Sa

    I could do without Natalie Portman, she was awful and boring as hell. Hopefully Loki gets to be in Avengers 2 though, maybe his character will be reshaped in Thor 2, so he can have a part in it.

  • spongefist

    I would hardly have called Thanos anxious at the end of the Avengers, more psychotically happy at the turn of events.

    • Joe

      He looked happy because the Chitauri leader said: “the humans are not to be underestimated. To face them would be to court Death itself.”

      And since Thanos is in love with Mistress Death herself… :)

  • Django9000

    Beta Ray Bill. lol


    You are all of you beneath me, I am a God you dull creature!

  • M

    Please, no more Jane. I love Natalie, but Jane is… just not interesting. Why do all movies need romance, seriously? Is it because Marvel thinks it will draw in more “girls”? I’m a girl, and I don’t care.

    Romance is nice and all, when it makes sense. Here, I just don’t care for it. All other Marvel movies have romance going already, and good romance, too, like Pepper and Tony (and Peggy was awesome, awesome as well, in Captain America, though I’m guessing she won’t be appearing again).

    Can’t we just keep Thor focused in *other* sorts of relationships? Like friendships (Warriors 3, Sif) and, of course, family-bounds?

    Personally, I’m a lot, lot more interested in how things will go and develop between Thor and Loki than I am about anything else. It’s that twisted relationship between the two brothers that has truly drawn me to the series and it bothers me a lot that it might be left for a second place in focus in favor of a relationship with Jane Foster that’s boring and uninteresting and just… Stupid, even. It makes no sense.

    Please, Marvel, don’t disappoint in this movie. It’s the one I’m looking the most forward to.

  • Johnnyb78

    Holy shit Dave… How about a little spoiler alert??? I’ve been dying to see the Avengers but just had a new baby girl so have been a little busy… Don’t assume everyone on the planet has seen the movie and ruin parts for us!!!! Thanks… Jeesh, impossible to avoid spoilers on these sites these days.

    • T. Van

      Now that you mention it, I think many of us have forgotten that there are a few markets where the movie hasn’t even yet been released. In partifular, any Avengers fan living in (or visiting) Japan must clearly avoid almost every genre website.

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  • Morgan

    Bring in Beta Ray Bill, and keep most of the story in space and Asgard. Everything on earth really bores me.

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  • André

    Will Kat Dennings return?????

    • Joe

      Or more importantly, will she bring her boobs along? :)

  • Ray

    Jamie Alexander Please =]

  • LightsOut

    Even though Thanos is “future, future, future.” He is going to definitely play a part in Thor or cameos in ALL forthcoming Marvel films, my guess anyways. As a fan, I just wonder why Marvel/Disney can’t throw us a bone with subtle hints of mutants existence and the X-Men. Wolverine and Co. were critical in past story lines with Avengers. I understand the magnitude of an operation of that scale but why not start now, instead of reboot later…

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  • rock

    question why is the avenger movie been released in japan so late? can any one answer this.

  • Joseph Lucas, II

    I want the Executioner and the Enchantress to play as villians in the Thor 2 movie.

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  • ana scotland

    a mi parecer.loki esta muy bien en thor 2,tom hiddleston es considerado el villano perfecto y el actor mas camaleonico que hasta ahora e apreciado;asi que gracias por hacer que nuevamente nos deleite con sus actuaciones. felicidades a hiddleston y que continue asi para que los personajes de marvel revivan uno a uno ;
    super heroes con villanos y se reencuentren todos,muy buena idea a los productore,directores,escritores de disney y marvel…exitos…..

  • rocky

    loki should be in thor2 if hes not i am not watching the movie i would like if loki is in the movie

  • Dumbell

    Loki isn’t in Avengers 2. Or at least, “Tom Hiddleston won’t be reprising his role as Loki in Avengers 2″ -Direct quote from one of the movie’s people. lol

  • appolox

    And years later it turned out to be Malikieth. Doubt any one will ever see this comment.