THOR 2 Recruits Zachary Levi for the Warriors Three

     June 8, 2012


Not all of the Warriors Three will be returning for Thor 2.  While Volstagg (Ray Stevenson) and Hogun (Tadanobu Asano) will be reprising their roles as two of the warriors from Thor, Fandral (Josh Dallas) apparently will not.  Dallas’ prior commitments to the ABC series, Once Upon a Time, will prevent him from joining the sequel.  So reports have it that Marvel is looking to ex-secret agent super-spy, Zachary Levi (Chuck) to fill the role.  Hit the jump for more.

Heat Vision reports that talkthor-2-sequel-zachary-levi-fandrals have yet to begin, but an offer is imminent for Levi to join the Asgardian vanguard.  Marvel has no comment on the report.  In  a strange twist of fate, Levi was originally offered the role in Thor back in 2010, but had to decline due to his commitments to NBC’s Chuck. The role then went to Stuart Townsend (The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen), who then departed, which allowed Dallas to take up the sword.  Now that Dallas is the one with a television commitment, Levi may be free to travel  to Asgard after all.  (It’s a good thing Levi isn’t stepping into Stevenson’s shoes as Volstagg; he is not what one would call, “voluminous.”)

Thor 2 is gearing up for a July start on production with Alan Taylor (Game of Thrones) sitting in the director’s chair.  Returning for the sequel will be stars Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman, Idris Elba and Anthony Hopkins, while Mads Mikkelsen is in talks to play the villain, a role expounded on by Kevin Feige in a recent interview.  What do you think of this potential casting, commenters?


  • wacko3205

    Sounds like a terrible casting call there.

    • leticia

      Zachary levi is the best

  • Matt

    Waiting on Amora news.

  • margareth

    Zachary levi is very hot and the best

  • junowhoim

    I hope he breaks out in song in the movie. Sure, that would ruin the movie, but his voice can thor above it all.

    • Tatiana


    • Montana

      hahaha so true..

  • SP1234

    Wasn’t Levi cast in that role briefly during the development of the first movie? I remember hearing something about that.

    • Eric Nixon

      You did hear about it… in this very article.

      “In a strange twist of fate, Levi was originally offered the role in Thor back in 2010, but had to decline due to his commitments to NBC’s Chuck.”

  • Jesus

    Hopefully they’ll at least try to make him look as close to Josh Dallas as possible. Really it’s only an issue if the Warriors Three have a huge part in the sequel.

  • Nat

    While I dislike recasting, I do adore Zachary Levi.

    Still waiting for Yvonne Strahovski as Ms Marvel though, tbh.

    • Varonica

      I am too. I am too.

  • Masshuu il Thulcandra

    I thought the Warriors 3 were a joke in THOR. I liked SIF, the only one who acted like a warrior. Hope she comes back.

  • Evan

    Odd casting, but I’m sure he’ll be fine. Not a major character.

  • Jesus

    Can’t we just go back in time and get a 30-year-old Cary Elwes?

  • Sugreev2001

    Fuck this Christian Fundie !

  • Sugreev2001

    Screw this Christian Fundie !

  • hiddlestoner

    i can’t believe you didn’t mention ♥♥♥TOM HIDDLESTON♥♥♥ as one of the returning cast members. WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU?!!!! I’M GONNA HUNT YOU DOWN FOR THAT MISTAKE dave trumbore!!!!

  • Luis Vargas

    I really want jamie alexander to return as SIf tho

    • izikavazo

      It’s a little worrisome that she isn’t mentioned.

  • Django9000

    Perhaps this could mean more screen time for the Warriors Three. Let’s hope so – as they had a good chemistry in the last one, & most of their establishing scenes ended up on the dvd extras.

    For a view of how the supporting Asgard characters can contribute greatly to the pacing & variety of things, see HULK Vs. THOR.

    It’s really a showcase of the many characters in Asgard, more than anything, and quite well done.

    And yes, Amora & the Executioner would be a nice additional announcement to wait for.

  • Inoperative

    Why don’t they just cgi over his face like they did with the Oracle in Matrix 4

    • Grimcicle

      There was never a fourth Matrix film.

  • ISeemToBeAVerb

    @Luis Vargas-

    I thought Jamie Alexander was confirmed to return as Sif. I’ll be sad if she doesn’t. SEXY lady!

  • AnaB

    This is surreal and weird and I loooove it!

  • Ramone

    This looks like great casting! I hope they use him to full effect.

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