Painful Trailer for A THOUSAND WORDS Starring Eddie Murphy

     November 10, 2011


Remember that brief moment where it looked like Eddie Murphy was going to turn his career around and go back to being that guy we all liked in the 80s?  Then he dropped hosting the Oscars after his moron Tower Heist director Brett Ratner resigned, and now there’s a new trailer for another one Murphy’s high-concept “comedies”, A Thousand Words.  In all fairness, Murphy made this movie almost a year ago, but it’s a strong reminder of why we all want to forget about him. The movie is about a guy who only has a thousand words left before he dies, which seems like a strong premise for a drama, but instead it looks like everyone involved said, “Let’s make Liar, Liar 2“.  At least it’s a nice reminder that we should all heed the warnings of Cliff Curtis.

Hit the jump to check out the trailer.  The film also stars Kerry Washington, Clark Duke, and Allison JanneyA Thousand Words opens March 23, 2012.


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  • Miles Bennett Dyson

    this should’ve been a Daniel Day Lewis vehicle, with pure method acting and Directed by… hm… Fincher.

  • Mike

    I didn’t think it was so painful. Not great. I probably won’t see it. But it doesn’t look Daddy Day Care bad.

  • Pete Randall

    Why is Brett Ratner a moron? Because he used the term “fag”? BILLIONS of men use that term & when they use it don’t have ANY intention to attack the homosexual community. What’s moronic is to make a big deal out of it.

    • Jack


      • mike hawk

        yeah billions. there is almost 7 billion people in the world. i guarentee at LEAST a billion or 2 billion of them have used the word fag and aren’t homophobic. that would be just about a quarter of the world. easily billions my friend. i agree with Pete Randell…people make way to big a deal of things like this, and it is so utterly annoying.

      • T. Van

        Let me say that I’m a long-time fan of Murphy, a fan of Ratner’s work, and someone who agrees that labelling the later a “moron” is unfair.

        That said, Collider is probably not the best place to discuss the inappropriate use of slurs (especially those that are homophobic, as I’ve seen a fair amount of that on these boards). This is despite the fact that the population to which such usage pertains is much smaller than some of us may think (there actually aren’t even *one* billion English speakers on the planet— let alone English-speaking men in countries where the word is a slur).

        In the end, I hope we can all recognize the limited benefit of verbal/written insults— because online communications just may be exacerbating such behavior.

      • Mike

        Moron might be the wrong word. More like talentless filmmaker. It’s possible he’s a smart guy but he’s made consistently awful movies his whole career.

      • Brian

        [What you are about to read may come off as douchey]

        “BILLIONS of men use that term & when they use it don’t have ANY intention to attack the homosexual community”
        “yeah billions. there is almost 7 billion people in the world. i guarentee at LEAST a billion or 2 billion of them have used the word fag and aren’t homophobic.”

        Okay, Jack lets think about this. Yes there are 7 billion people in the world, but only half of them are men and only 750 million of those men speak English (F*g is as English word after all). Math will not allow it!

        Even if you did mean ‘people’ instead of ‘men’ AND ‘at least a billion’ instead of ‘BILLIONS’, you are still trying to say that 2/3 of English speakers a) use the word and b) have absolutely no homophobia behind it. Just. Wrong

        Also, Brett Ratner is a mediocre director and a douche.


  • Dane

    Goldberg, Goldberg, Goldberg, so now you’re directly insulting filmmakers in your “articles”, huh?

    You’re lucky you’re nobody, otherwise your opinionated ass would’ve been kicked 2 million times by now.

    One would’ve thought that after all the bashing you’ve received on this site, you’ll actually learn your lesson and start respecting people, even if you don’t like their work. Guess not.

    I’m not a fan of Ratner at all, but I would never call the man a “moron”. What’s funny is that YOU of all people – a closeminded tool with no respect whatsoever – is calling others morons. Ahhh, irony is a bitch, ain’t it?

    By the way, on his podcast Kevin Smith trashed your ass big time. Apparently, you’re the butthurt film buff from Sundance who said that he’ll never write about movies directed by Smith.

    It was great to hear Jay and Silent Bob themselves rightfully bashing your ass on Smodcast. That’s what you deserve, my man.

    You can only blame yourself.

    • jdsmoothe

      Dane…I totally agree with you on how annoying this guy is, but he will never stop doing what he’s doing. Ever heard of Armond White? The fact that Matt Goldnugget trashes people in his so-called “articles” to the point of getting a reaction directly from Kevin Smith is how he get’s his name out there. Don’t get me wrong I love it when Kevin Smith bashes someone, but when he bashes a nobody like Matt, it just feeds the mans half-lit fire. Goldnugget knows he’s nothing but a piece of undigested nut in a turd so he’ll keep insulting people no matter how much he annoys everyone else. He’s the guy who sits at his computer, watches other people’s hard work, and puts his fat, greesy fingers to the keyboard and types up all the harsh things that come to his head, and hopes for a reaction from everyone.

      People like that who will go to the lengths of not being liked by anyone who comes to this site, just to get there name out there is sad, and beyond the point of being helped. I don’t fully hate the guy, however, I do feel very, very bad for him.

      Mr. Goldnugget, you are not slick. You will never be a “famous”…whatever the hell you are. And your game is no different from Armond White’s, which makes you a rip-off of the lamest dude in the world.

      • Jay McKells

        What’s even more ironic is you 2 nobodies felt inspired to write paragraphs worth of response to this nobody’s article that apparently doesn’t deserve recognition… The comments sections on movie websites are comedy gold! :)

  • Jon

    Wow not at all the tone I was expecting when I read the concept. Thought it was going to be a drama.

  • Christopher S

    Matt Goldberg you are the moron. Can you actually write something that is objective and has any substance. And I don’t know who you are talking about that wants to forget Eddie Murphy, he’s been doing some rough stuff but who hasn’t.

    • thats one big twinkie…

      I cannot begin to express my pure loathing hatred for Matt Goldberg. Couldn’t agree more with you Christopher. Matt is a giant hack.

  • Hrothgar

    Ratner said something stupid. An apology should have been enough. What I don’t understand AT ALL is why Murphy would quit as host of the Oscars. That was even more stupid than what Ratner did. I agree with Matt on one thing, he had a chance of recuperating some of his former glory and he blew it. For what? To express solidarity over a dumb mistake? Yeah. I guess I can sort of understand now how a person with that mentality makes such terrible movies.

  • cloud720

    So the moral of the story is that words matter?

    How ironic.

  • terry

    He made that movie a year ago? OMFG!

  • Jay

    Probably not the best career move Eddie to drop out of the Oscars hosting gig…

  • Drew

    I happen to love Liar Liar! Hey now!

  • justin

    the trailer was ok, you take a movie like that for what it is, its not setting out to win oscars…

    and yet again im sick of reading matt goldbergs hateful, opinionated, dreary use of words. someone up in the collider offices needs to send him on his way.

  • Duke

    The funniest part of this trailer was John Witherspoon

  • Jeremy

    Matt Goldberg, I say this with no insult whatsoever to the homosexual community, but in the words of Louis C.K. “Quit being a faggot and suck that dick!”

  • Jeremy

    Matt Goldberg, I say this with no insult whatsoever to the homosexual community, but in the words of the great Louis C.K. “Quit being a faggot and suck that dick!”

  • Phoenix

    Is the audience suppose to believe that the only way to communicate non-verbally is through physical acts? How about a piece of paper and pen? That would pretty much solve the issue. Except when a blind guy asks you if its safe to cross the road: if you can’t spare a simple “no” then what the hell are you saving your words for?

    • T. Van

      I suspect written words “count” against his total. As gestures aren’t generally words, they wouldn’t count. Thats probably making things too technical, but…

  • Nick Reynolds

    Why can’t he talk? Why is there a tree that grows almost outta no where? AND why when he talks the leaves fall out? I use a thousand words a day. He’s practically been given a death sentence. What are you suppose to learn from that???? hahah soo stupid

  • Ben

    It’s totally incomprehensible to me that if someone doesn’t share another’s opinion on these boards then almost 100% of the time trash talking ensues.

    I like that Matt is vocal with his opinions. That’s why he’s writing articles and we’re all writing on the comment boards. Not to mention, have you guys ever heard of British opinionists like Charlie Brooker? They basically make a living off slander… No doubt America has it’s fair share of them too. Nothing wrong with it, and if it annoys you, that’s precisely why it’s successful. Online writing exists almost purely to elicit a reaction, and it’s irrelevant whether that’s positive or negative.

    And back on topic: Ratner is a jerk and this movie does look like it will suck.