Tim Burton May Reunite with Screenwriter John August

     June 10, 2010

Tim Burton may re-team with screenwriter John August for Monsterpocalypse.  The movie is based on a strategy board game involving miniatures.  Heat Vision reports that DreamWorks is currently in negotiations with August to take the gig, but Burton isn’t officially on board yet either.  If the two do team-up again, it will be their fourth collaboration following Big Fish, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and Corpse Bride.  The pair are also developing Dark Shadows with Johnny Depp attached to star, as well as a 3D stop-motion animation version of Burton’s 1984 short film, Frankenweenie.

Hit the jump for why this Monsterpocalypse reunion is easier said than done.

The big issue regarding August, Burton, and Monsterpocalypse is scheduling.  According to Heat Vision, Dark Shadows—which is based off the spooky daytime ’60s TV show—could shoot at the end of the year, but Depp may be worn out after shooting the action film The Tourist and then the fourth Pirates of the Caribbean movie this summer.  Furthermore, if Burton takes up Monsterpocalypse, that would push back Dark Shadows and Warner Bros—the studio behind the film—would be less than pleased.  As Heat Vision notes, the longer it takes for a project to get into develop, the faster that project loses heat.

So where does this all lead?  I have no idea.  I do know that Burton and August are 1 for 3 at this point, but I love Big Fish so that counts in their favor.  But following Alice in Wonderland, Burton is now in this crazy place where he can do any project he wants.  That’s what happens when you make the fifth highest grossing (worldwide) movie of all time.

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