Tim Burton May Direct PINOCCHIO for Warner Bros.; Robert Downey Jr. Courted to Star

     January 6, 2012

Competing projects with the same premise (usually based on a fairy tale) has become a thing as of late, and a new race has just kicked into high gear. Director Tim Burton is interested in directing Warner Bros.’ take on Pinocchio, and he has his eye on Robert Downey Jr. to star as Geppetto. The film tells the story of the woodcarver’s quest to reunite with his missing marionette. While it’s easy to roll one’s eyes at a project like this, the Black List script was written by Pushing Daisies creator Bryan Fuller. If it’s anywhere near the delightfully charming tone of his ill-fated television series, this Pinocchio take could make for quite the feature film. Throw in Burton and Downey Jr. and that’s a whole lot of whimsy. Hit the jump for more.

robert_downey_jr_image(1)Heat Vision reports that Burton is currently in talks to direct the film, and Downey Jr. is his first choice to star. Downey Jr. has apparently expressed serious interest in the project, but his busy schedule first has to be worked out. Warner Bros. is hoping that both sign on soon so they can fast track the project, but if Burton decides to choose one of his other lingering projects as his next directorial effort (like Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children), the studio may move on to another director.

Then there’s the issue of Downey Jr.’s schedule. His next project is most likely Iron Man 3, and Marvel understandably wants to get production going as soon as possible. There’s no official word on when Pinocchio would shoot, but it would have to be soon for Downey Jr. to be able to fit it in. Personally, I like the idea of Burton and Downey Jr. teaming up on a Bryan Fuller script. They’re three of the more imaginative minds in the business and should cook up quite the epic fairy tale.

As I said before, Pinocchio kicks off a bit of a competing project race with director Shawn Levy (Real Steel) attached to direct the Pinocchio prequel The Three Misfortunes of Geppetto. That film also centers on Geppetto, but it tells the story of his quest to reunite with his true love (who is a woman, not a puppet). Levy has yet to decide on his next project, so whether Fox kicks The Three Misfortunes of Geppetto into high gear following this Warner Bros. announcement remains to be seen.


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  • Jeff

    Love it! One small change. Instead of Downey, Jr. how about… Johnny Depp? Can you picture it? And Helena Bonham Carter as Pinocchio. That’s gold, baby!

  • im mister manager

    i call bs. johnny depp by law has to star.

    • ssharp

      i was going to say exactly that! And awesome name. “Look at Banner, Michael!”

  • sense 11

    I have lost all faith in Tim Burton, is he ever going to make a good movie again?? doesn’t seem like it

    I guarantee you someone offered him a chance to direct the new Pee-Wee movie and I’m sure he turned it down

  • Sam

    After watching Hugo , I vote Scorcese to direct this . Justo thing onthe diference between his and Burton ‘s interpretation

  • Catrina

    Can Chris Colfer play Pinocchio?

    • pépée

      I agree with you, Chris Colfer would be the best performer for pinnoccio.

      • pépée

        excuse me : Pinocchio
        i have an error

  • Strong Enough

    Imagine a Martin Scorcesse Pinocchio? that would be f*ckin amazing. But Tim Burton would be amazing as well in a weird kind of way.

  • Helelna

    Downey’s 3 last movies with WB were all pretty much forgettable – made a lot of money but artistically pretty meh. Burton I don’t know about him – this somehow has Hollywood blockbuster smell all over it. I want to see something daring and edgy from Downey for a change.

  • Irene

    Umm…. Chris Colfer for Pinocchio. Yes? Yes.

  • Jackie Diane

    Obviously no-one in Hollywood cares about making anything worth watching. If this works out, we can most likely chalk up one more horrible waste of time/effort/money/talent on a Tim Burton remake. Johnny Depp was NOT in Planet of the Apes so, no, Downey, Jr. is a definite maybe.
    One day – long after Hollywood is a footnote in history because of their appalling lack of vision at the beginning of the 21st century – an astute student will make the following observation:
    Tim Burton is a hack. Who in the WORLD greenlighted Pinocchio?!?

    • Jackie Diane

      “Tim Burton WAS a hack…”

      • Carson Dyle

        Hacks don’t make films like Ed Wood and Sweeney Todd.

      • daniel head

        ed wood and sweeney todd rock


  • sDgfvdsfg
  • daniel head

    best burton films ed wood sweeney todd and big fish

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  • Jon

    Pleeeease, for the love of god, cancel the remake.
    Pinocchio was good enough when Disney made it. It is also the number 1 cartoon!
    Leave it alone!

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