Time Warner Cable May Stop Airing Fox

     December 20, 2009

Time Warner Cable logo Fox networks.jpg

If you subscribe to Time Warner Cable for all your television needs, you may find only static on all Fox channels in a couple weeks. Contracts between Fox television stations and Time Warner Cable expire on December 31st, and both parties have reached a standstill in negotiations for a new contract. If no deal is made by January 1st, Time Warner Cable will no longer carry such channels as Fox, Fox News, Fox Sports Net, and FX in over 13 million households (that’s 30 million people).

The chances of this actually happening are very slim. You may recall similar posturing about this time last year, when there was an analogous standoff between Time Warner Cable and Viacom that fizzled in the eleventh hour, and most viewers continued to watch Viacom channels none the wiser. My favorite part of the story is Fox’s attempt at a grassroots campaign to get Time Warner Cable to play nice: keepfoxon.com is a flashy website that informs the viewers of the basics of the situation and tries to stir customers to action to keep Fox programming on the air.