Universal to Reboot TIMECOP; Jean Claude Van Damme Not Involved

     May 22, 2013


Universal is taking a jump back in time to reboot director Peter Hyams‘ 1994 sci-fi film Timecopstarring Jean Claude Van Damme.  In the original film, time travel existed in 2004 (must have missed that development) and Timecops were employed to prevent criminals from messing with the time-stream for ill-gotten gain.  Van Damme’s character, Walker, happened to run afoul of a crooked politician (Ron Silver) doing just that.  The studio is looking to do an original reboot with a reworked concept; the project is currently out to writers.  Van Damme is not involved with the project, but whoever they get to star best be able to do the splits.

Hit the jump to watch the trailer for the 1994 original.

Heat Vision reported on the Timecop reboot.  Check out this epic trailer for 1994′s Timecop:



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  • RiddleThemThis

    As a Van Damme fan I have to admit I did not enjoy the original. This however, does not make me want to see it be remade.

  • Max Walker

    How can you touch the original!? That would fail as bad the Total Recall reboot. Some originals, should STAY, original.

  • Lance

    I remember liking Timecop well enough when I saw it. That said, it wasn’t so great it couldn’t be redone well. This is the kind of movie studios should be remaking, with better budgets and effects.

  • kvanar

    Total Recall, RoboCop, TimeCop…what other remakes are in the pipeline unoriginal Hollywood?
    How about Running Man (arguably called Hunger Games now)?

    There must be another ongoing writer’s strike we don’t know about.

    • http://tarek-to-verso.over-blog.com/‎ tarek

      Especially when you know that “The Running man” is itself a remake of the French movie “Le Prix du danger”…

  • Joe

    3 random points about this ‘remake’:

    1. Who’s gonna do random full splits on the kitchen counter?
    2. Ferris is gonna be real pissed that Van Damme is bangin his chick!
    3.Cast Ron Silver again or go home.

    • NoPantsMcLane

      Better start digging if you want number 3 to happen.

  • Saltonstall

    I’d argue this is something worth rebooting. Unlike Total Recall and RoboCop, the original version of this wasn’t so good, so if some new ideas could be put into it, it could end up being more worthwhile. Probably going to just be a dumb action flick, though.

    • Joe

      Bro, back then most things with JCVD in them weren’t so good. :-P

      • RiddleThemThis

        They’re working on a Bloodsport remake, that is inexcusable. About 1/3 JCVD movies are worth watching, this movie just happens to be one that isn’t so good.

  • http://twitter.com/Mike_Frenchy Frenchy

    They have to at least give him a small cool role, every remake has the original star in it… i’m not saying like TRON but something like Johnny Depp in 21 Jump Street

    hopefully its a little more, like JC is the boss of the Timecop Unit,…

    Or maybe he he turned bad after his wife has been killed again and now he is the villain, could be a good twist and we all know Van Damme would nail the role as a crazy over the top yet emotional (about his wife) villain…

    And Chris Hemsworth should be the main guy, plus he loves JC so he would “fight” with producers to give him a good role…


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