Paramount Shows 18 Minutes of TITANIC 3D; Reaction and Video Blog Recap

     October 28, 2011


When James Cameron first announced he’d be post converting Titanic for a 3D re-release in April 2012, I was a bit skeptical.  After all, I think most of us can agree that post converted movies are usually substandard to ones being shot in 3D, and since the movie is 15 years old, I figured it would be an insane challenge to get it right.  However, earlier today I visited Paramount in Hollywood and got to see about 18 minutes of the converted film on the big screen.  So what did I learn?

Never. Ever. Bet against James Cameron.

The footage I saw this morning left me speechless.  I’m not joking around when I say it’s the best post conversion I’ve ever seen and it looks like they originally shot it in 3D back in 1997.  In addition, Cameron told us before they post converted they created a new 4K master and did a full color correction and cleaned the film.  So even if you see the film in 2D or 3D in April, you will not believe how crystal clear the images are and how good the film looks.   However, before you start to think Cameron made any changes to the actual film, he told us they are not editing a single scene.  He’s not pulling a George Lucas.  Hit the jump for more.

Titanic-movie-imageSo you may be asking why Cameron was able to make Titanic 3D look so amazing when other post-converted movies miss the mark.

The simple answer is time and money.

When a movie is being filmed and the studio has already set a release date, you have very limited time to post convert.  After all, if the film uses a lot of CGI, it takes time to get the effects delivered and it also takes time to edit the film, add a score, and make everything perfect.  You can’t do a post conversion until the film is almost finished, so it’s hard to get it right with such a small window of time.

But for Titanic, Cameron has been working on the conversion for 60 weeks and he’s spent 18 million dollars.  That’s more time than anyone has ever spent on post conversion but it absolutely shows.  I think as more filmmakers and studios do 3D re-releases, they’re going to use the template set by Cameron to get it right.  At least I hope they do…because what I saw today was stunning and I have no qualms recommending this post conversion to everyone.

Titanic-movie-imageDuring today’s presentation, they showed us 8 scenes.  As you might imagine, Cameron and producer Jon Landau picked moments from the entire film and they, of course, showed the very famous scene of Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet standing on the front of the ship.  As the camera panned around them, I felt like I could see actual depth.

However, my favorite scene was towards the end of the film when Winslet is running around the lower decks trying to find someone to help free DiCaprio from the handcuffs.  As she frantically searches up and down the long white corridors, the 3D added a whole new layer because the tight corridors made me feel her claustrophobia and desperation.  Trust me, you will be blown away when you finally see this again in 3D.

Anyway, shortly after watching the footage I recorded a video blog with Peter from Slashfilm and Alex from FirstShowing in the parking lot.  We talked about our reaction to the footage and what we took away from the presentation.  And unlike most of our video blogs, this one is relatively short.

With Paramount showing us the footage today, I’d imagine we’re very close to a trailer for the re-release.  Titanic 3D set sails on April 6, 2012.



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  • SP1234

    Wow, that sounds really good!

    • superwizardguy

      I’m sick of the Titanic hate. Seriously.

      People like it. Get over it.

      The fact of the matter is that Titanic became a phenomenon and remains a phenomenon; there’s hardly anyone in the civilised world who HASN’T watched it or at heard of it (or My Heart Will Go On… and no, I won’t go there).

      I don’t think the people who hate Titanic are the majority; they are just the loudest.

      Titanic was recently voted the most romantic film of all time in a poll of over 500,000 people (and NO they were not teenage girls), and is one of the greatest 100 films of all time according to AFI (who are ESTABLISHED film critics).

      Not only that, but Titanic renewed and propelled interest in the ship itself into a new generation. Since watching the film, I am heavily interested in the story of the legendary ship.

  • Elizabeth

    Titanic came out 14 years ago and James Cameron is still milking it. Until recently, he was still milking Avatar as well. Anyone who goes to see this is living in the past.

    He has got to be the greediest man in Hollywood. All those billions of dollars are not enough for him and he is still not satisfied.

    You don’t see Nolan and Abrams milking Batman and Star Trek.

    • geHuC

      *cough*…. Star Wars … *cough*

    • Jonathan

      Why would you call it greedy? Big Directors launch loads of films – are they all greedy? A lot of the public will want to see Titanic on a big screen again, especially in 3D – does giving the public what they want make someone greedy? Of course its all about money (as nearly every film is – original or re-release – Nolan or Abrams) but maximising the life of any product is a good thing in any business. It can only work if people part with their money and want to go and see it.

      300 artists have been employed, millions of people will have a good night out in the theater, millions of dollars in tax will be generated – everyone’s happy – why is that wrong?

    • superwizardguy

      “The greediest man in Hollywood”; another common statement that really annoys me. Considering he was willing to give up his share of Titanic’s profit just so he can finish it to his standard and not cut a single scene he didn’t want to cut doesn’t indicate greediness; it indicates a love of filmmaking.

      The purpose of this re-release is to, of course, make money but Cameron wants to prove that post-conversion 3D can only work if appropiate effort is applied.


  • I cry u smile

    Cameron is not greedy he’s just very passioned about his work and he really loves 3D so why blame him for converting his oscar winning movie to 3D

  • jamais

    Love how passionate you get, Steve :) Thanks for the heads-up.

  • jymmmymack

    I’m sure the conversion is great looking…

    too bad Titanic is still as mediocre today as it was back in ’97. If you can look me in the eye and tell me that Titanic is better than L.A. Confidential, Good Will Hunting, Boogie Nights, Wings of the Dove, and Donnie Brasco, then you are delusional.

    • Ron

      For jymmmymack…….I can’t tell if you’re serious or not. Let me get this straight, if somebody’s opinion jives with yours then they are ok, but if they disagree then they are delusional. That attitude is why I believe we are heading in the wrong direction.

      • Hunter

        Didn’t you know, Ron? He’s the only one who sees things objectively.

    • superwizardguy

      I can. I have no interest in any of those other films. Titanic’s dialogue is somewhat cheesy at times, but that error is dwarfed when you consider the overall “epicness” of the movie; it was a monumental achievement and the first real “blockbuster” in a very, very, very long time.

  • Leo

    My personal view of James Cameron is that he is a complete piece of shit. When talking about who he is on the internet, there are no articles about how he is a good person. I loathe him to the deepest part of my core.

    Also Pochahantus + $500,000,000 = Avatar

    • Ruprect

      Oh … I thought he was a brilliant and visionary film director. I did not realize that his job was to make you feel all snoogy-woogy inside too.

      Do me a favour … please leave a link to an article that describes what a nice guy ANY A-list director is. ANY article. In the mean time here are some other directors that I am sure that you hate just as much Cameron.

      Also Avatar + Terminator + Abyss + T2 = More dynamic, creative output than you and the next 10 generations of you will put out.

      • gimpsuit

        Nice reply, I like it!

  • IllusionOfLife

    I’m very curious to see the conversion, but I would never forgive myself for providing James Cameron with another penny. I’ll probably choose a better movie to support with my money when this comes out and sneak in just to see the conversion (normally I don’t condone this type of behavior, but Cameron is an ass hole).

  • tarek

    Jim Cameron is a genius,

  • Jeqnizoe Smith

    Cameron has a straight work policy for his work. In my opinion, he deserve for Oscar winning award. And Titanic movie was incomplete without his role .

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  • battleangel

    Do I prefer LA Confidential, etc. to Titanic on a lazy afternoon? Hell yes.

    That said, Titanic is one of the only films in recent history to legitimately approach Gone With the Wind status in cinema… there are precious few of these films that we grew up with that have literally become such cinematic icons.

    Like it or hate it, Titanic is more on par with something like an opera. Don’t tell me just because someone got the ring cycle right once means it can never be done again. Titanic in 3D is akin to a new production of a familiar piece of work – I personally believe Titanic is a time-sturdy enough film to warrant this kind of retrospective. It’s a masterwork, again, like it or not.

    If it were done well enough, I’d personally be happy to watch Jurassic Park with a Cameron quality conversion. This is another film that just stands up and transcends cinema.

    For that matter, if there was a way to get a Cameron quality Gone With the Wind conversion, I’d check that out too!

    I’m not a 3D slut, but when it’s done right, it’s pretty freaking amazing.

    • Ruprect

      VERY well said.

      (clap, clap, clap, clap)

    • Ytsejamer1

      agreed, very well said…but in my opinion 3D is still a gimmick and offers nothing but some headaches, a bit of nausea for some, and higher ticket prices. I don’t see how it really adds to the quality of the story or the acting? The wow factor is there, but that’s basically it.

      I give Cameron credit, he’s determined to make the world understand how 3D is the way of future. But the implementation thus far is relatively underwhelming in most circumstances.

    • Dave91

      I agree – the way I see it is that although Titanic isn’t my personal favourite film, it is one of the greatest films ever made. And I hated Avatar. But Titanic is an unforgettable emotional experience, entertaining and romantic, epic but simple, I love it.

  • j jonah jameson

    IT’S A TRAP!

  • gimpsuit

    Cameron is the man.
    You don’t get to be The Man by being overly sensitive and caring to everyones unique needs and feelings. He makes awesome movies and sometimes others can’t keep up. People who claim he’s an a-hole may be right, but there are many more other cast crew who have and will serve under him over and over again, because he’s a groundbreaking film maker.
    As for Titanic, loved it orginally, still love it and I’m sure I’ll love it in 3D.

  • Tarek

    did I say that Jim Cameron is a genius ?

  • Underground AnthemTexas

    Man, I get so tired of people kicking Jim Cameron’s Titanic in the balls.

    Titanic is, like it or not, one of the most incredible films to be released in the past 25- 30 years. Aside from Pulp Fiction, I can’t think of another film that has impacted film and pop culture more significantly (and I’m a 32-year old film fan).

    I remember in the months leading up to the release in ’97, everyone was tripping over themselves in a hurry to call it a failure. 14 years and the-biggest-box-office-gross-in-history later, those same people are still trying to convince people it isn’t good? Whoops!

    What kills me is that people like to s**t all over this movie by referring to it as a “chick flick”. Yeah, a hot piece of a** like Kate Winslet getting naked in a PG-13 movie and hundreds of people being brutally killed on-screen is total chick flick territory. It’s a historical epic, with an emotionally engaging story and still-to-this-day incredible special effects or as I like to call it, just “a damn good film”.

    I don’t know why people get all bent out of shape about Cameron, or seem to lose all sort of clarity or sanity when discussing his last two films, but I think it may be some sort of weird fanboy backlash. He made Aliens and the Terminator films, and everyone seems to agree those are fantastic. But because something was wildly popular in a pop culture way (meaning: your grandma, step father and your little sister all agreed Titanic was awesome!), now the fanboy has to turn up his nose.

    It’s possible that because of Cameron’s brash persona he comes off as arrogant, but when you make the top 2 highest grossing films of the past 20 years AND IT”S NOT EVEN CLOSE, there may be cause to be a bit proud of your work.

    End rant.

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    Kate Winslet Bikini

    Please repost/Tweet!

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  • zakaria

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  • kuldeep yadav

    i think james cameron is the best director in this world and i respect it.
    titanic is one of my favourate movie and i had saw it many times…
    i love this movie and contribute its story to everyone.

  • kuldeep yadav

    i think james cameron is the best director in this world and i respect it.
    titanic is one of my favourate movie and i had saw it many times…
    i love this movie and contribute its story to everyone.


  • melimoos

    seriously, titanic is an amazing film in 2D or 3D so whoever thinks otherwise is just delussional, it was a real life event that nobody in this generation will have seen or known about in slight detail without that film, yeah it wasnt the real thing but i doubt that anyone would want to see the real thing considering that it was heartbreaking and a lot of people died because of their class. it shows how people were treat according to their class and also about other things. seriously i think that film is amazing and it is my favourite film. james cameron is truly amazing for creating titanic and making it so realistic and all this is coming from a 16 year old girl. whoever thinks bad of james cameron then seriously get a grip, he makes good films and satisfies a lot of people with the films he makes. if you dont like james cameron or the films he makes or even the amount of money he makes out of making them then dont watch them! and stop critising what he does when a lot of people love what he does and what he creates. he goes to a great deal of trouble to make them in such detail like he did with titanic and if you dont like it then like i said, DON’T WATCH IT!!

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