TITANIC 3D to Hit Theaters on April 6, 2012

     May 19, 2011


James Cameron’s Titanic is headed back to theaters April 6, 2012 in honor of the 100th anniversary of the ocean liner’s historic maiden and final voyage across the Atlantic Ocean in April 1912.  But this time, when Leonardo Dicaprio and Kate Winslet set sail on the big screen, they’ll do it in 3D.

Written, directed and produced by Cameron, the film was first released in 1997 and collected 11 Oscars along the way, including Best Picture and Best Director.  As the movie that was both the domestic and worldwide box office champion for more than a decade (until another little Cameron film called Avatar came along), Titanic had one of the most remarkable runs in history.  Hopefully, Cameron’s post-conversion job will produce a far better product than other 3D efforts that Cameron has publicly slammed, such as Clash of the Titans and Piranha 3D.  Either way, I expect people to come out in droves to experience what is sure to be one of the most anticipated releases of next year.  Check out the full press release after the jump, which includes a statement from Cameron on the conversion.

titanic-movie-poster-01Here’s the press release:


Movie’s Re-Release to Coincide With the Centennial of the Ship’s Sailing

HOLLYWOOD, CA (May 19, 2011) – Paramount Pictures, Twentieth Century Fox and Lightstorm Entertainment jointly announced today that James Cameron’s “TITANIC” will be re-released worldwide on April 6, 2012.

The release, which marks the 100th anniversary of the Titanic setting sail (April 10th), will present the film in 3D for the first time ever.

Written, directed and produced by Cameron, “TITANIC” is the second highest grossing movie of all time. It is one of only three films to have received a record 11 Academy AwardsÒ including Best Picture and Best Director; and launched the careers of stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet.

Called “A spectacular demonstration of what modern technology can contribute to dramatic storytelling” by Variety upon its release in 1997, the long in the works 3D conversion is being overseen by Cameron and his Lightstorm producing partner Jon Landau who produced the hit movie.

Said Cameron, “There’s a whole generation that’s never seen ‘TITANIC’ as it was meant to be seen, on the big screen.  And this will be ‘TITANIC’ as you’ve never seen it before, digitally re-mastered at 4K and painstakingly converted to 3D.  With the emotional power intact and the images more powerful than ever, this will be an epic experience for fans and newcomers alike.”

“This new presentation of Paramount’s top-grossing film is particularly special because 2012 is the 100th anniversary of our studio. Paramount has had the pleasure of introducing audiences to some of the all-time classics of cinema during that century of moviemaking and we cannot think of a better way to mark the occasion than with this re-release of ‘TITANIC’,” said Brad Grey, Chairman and CEO of Paramount Pictures.

Commented Fox Filmed Entertainment Chairmen and CEOs, Jim Gianopulos and Tom Rothman: “Our 30-plus year relationship with Jim Cameron and Lightstorm has been enormously rewarding, from ‘Aliens’ to ‘Avatar’, and the global phenomenon of ‘TITANIC’ remains one of the greatest sources of pride in our history.  We are pleased to allow a new generation of audiences to experience the film in its brilliant digital restoration in 3D.”

The other films currently slated to open the same weekend are the American Pie sequel American Reunion, the action-thriller The Cold Light of Day, and the Tim Story comedy Think Like a Man.

  • Kagan

    Titanic came out 14 years ago and James Cameron is still milking it. Until recently, he was still milking Avatar as well. Anyone who goes to see this is living in the past.

    He has got to be the greediest man in Hollywood. All those billions of dollars are not enough for him and he is still not satisfied.

    You don’t see Nolan and Abrams milking Batman and Star Trek.

    • LG

      By Nolan and Abrams “not milking” you mean “making a ton of sequels”, right?

    • Janet

      I suppose if it was you putting up millions upon millions, upon millions to make these movies you would not want to make all you could on it? I have Titanic, I have seen Titanic at the theater and I also plan on seeing it in 3D. It is a tribute to the people that perished as well as the 100th anniversary of the disaster. Go see a Dr. Suess for the 100th time. ugh!

  • nawtnt

    If James Cameron wants Titanic to be successfully then he should only allowed those who haven’t watch it in the opening screening.

    I don’t expect there will be many of people who haven’t watch Titanic, it is the greatest movie of all time and it is like saying that you don’t know who is The Terminator and haven’t even watched Terminator 2.

    Re-Releasing Titanic in 3D will be a bad idea, people are going to vomit when the ship in the sea because 3D gives you headaches.

    • Shan

      No, actually no one does no who the terminator is.

    • Shan

      No actually no one does no who the termonator is

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  • jymmymack

    Isn’t Cameron the one who consistently bashes the practice of post-converting movies into 3D. Didn’t he coin the phrase “2.5D”? James Cameron. The pot to everyone else’s kettle.

    Also, let’s not already start throwing around that this is the greatest movie of all time. Titanic better than Casablanca, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, The Third Man, Chinatown, or Seven Samurai? Please.

  • Mike91

    You can’t deny it people – even if you dislike Avatar (like me) …. TITANIC is seriously incredible and one of the greatest movies ever made.

    • jymmymack

      Maybe YOU can’t deny it, but I sure can. It wasn’t even the greatest film of 1997. I’d put L.A. Confidential, Boogie Nights, and Good Will Hunting ahead of it.

  • Michael

    I’d like to see Kate Winslet’s jumblies in 3D! (Thanks for the term, Austin Powers)

  • Ben

    No black and white film that had been “colorized” looked good. I have never heard of 2D movie that has been rereleased in 3D that looked like true 3D. If people want to see a real 3D Titanic movie they should look at Ghosts of the Abyss. Is the new Titanic still going to have lookouts Frederick Fleet and Reginald Lee too busy looking at Jack and Rose kissing, they don’t see the iceberg “sneaking” up on the ship until it’s too late to avoid a collision? Is it still going to have First Officer William Murdock take a bribe from Cal, give it back and then he kills himself? I would prefer to see A Night to Remember (even though that film has the ship launched with a christening and the White Star Line never christened any of their ships, including Titanic).

  • Marc

    Titanic pisses me off more and more every time I see it. I know most people find it a sad and exhilerating experience, but for me it’s enfuriating. For one reason….one scene. That bitch jumps off the damn rescue boat! Leo BUSTED his ASS to get that ungrateful slut onto that damned boat, and what does she do? She jumps off it! And I don’t wanna hear that shit about eeeww it was for looove….kiss my dick! If you’ve ever loved a woman, and you know that boats going down and you’re gonna die, and you somehow get your woman on a boat to save her life…..and she JUMPS OFF? If I was Leo I wouldn’t have ran towards her and hugged her on the lower deck, I’d have leaned into a good ol’ fashioned Victorian era bitch-slap (kidding) ! And I’ll tell you another thing, if she would have stayed on that boat, there sure would have been plenty of room for Leo on that door at the end, hmm??

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  • Bheaya Emortalis

    I think im gunna b sick, I think im gunna b sick, I think im gunna b sick!!!! SOMEONE KILL THIS MAN OFF!!! ARE U SERIOUS??!!
    WOW Hollywood is truly dead now :(

  • Minda Chewogi

    I have already watched Titanic movie and i think this movie is one of the best movie in the Hollywood and now I want to see Titanic in 3D i think it will be amazing.!

  • Britney S.

    I actually think it’s a great Idea, it’s one of my favorite movies at all times, I never had time to see this movie in theaters since I was out singing. It would be a great Idea to reput it in theaters, I could never get tired of the movie, I believe this movie has touched so many people and probaly changed there whole life around.

    Much love to you, Cameron!!!


  • Liam

    I hated the original, why would I go and see it again just because its in 3D. Despite my opinion, Titanic was a classic when it first came out and that is what it should remain, what it was and still is, re-releasing it just because now we have 3D films is just stupidity, it’ll ruin it, mark my words!

  • michelle

    y’all stop hatin on the movie…however doesn’t appreciate this movie really doesn’t believe in romance…i love this movie because of the romance yet i also love the whole history behind the Titanic…n i think its really cool to honor the anniversary of the sinking…if only they would donate money to the victim’s grandaughters then I would be impressed…

  • helfiza

    pastii kerenn bgt film_y..
    haruss nonton nichh…

  • Nimesh

    I love this move coz i m waiting for this moment to see in 3 D..

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  • Marguio

    You know what people, just SHUT UP if you don’t have any good words about this film and everyone behind it. Who cares if Jim Cameroon is the greediest in Hollywood? he made us some of the world’s best movies, and besides it’s his talent, he’s gifted. Just accept that. May I ask, can you do films like Titanic? C’mon! If you dislike his films, just deal with it and keep quiet since for sure you’re just part of the 1% out of 100% people in this world who love Titanic. And mind you, yes, it will rake hundred million dollars coming April and yes, it will make Jim richer again. Do you have any problem with that?

    • Dyan

      Agree! I’m one of the 99%. It will be great to see Kate and Leo during their younger years. Love it.

  • Deb

    I never saw Titanic in the theater the first time so I am very happy to see this come out. Anyone who isn’t happy about it, you don’t have to go see it so keep the negative comments to yourselves. I’m sure you are negative people to begin with.

  • Dean

    I think its’ depressing. Why make it in 3d being a true story. For me the idea makes me feel sick to go and try to enjoy it in 3d whilst I know so many people died in real life.

  • lois

    well some people really like this film so might wanna see wat its like in 3D!!!! durr who ever didnt think of that is dumb… and im only 11…
    anyways i htink its a good idea me n my gran are going to see it wen its out…………

  • roney

    i’m also going bcz ma grlfrnd want to see tht mvi in 3D . U gys can undrstnd me…