Tom Cruise Courted to Star in Clint Eastwood’s A STAR IS BORN

     March 9, 2012


Clint Eastwood is gearing up to dip his toe back into the acting game with the upcoming drama Trouble with the Curve, but the director is still pulling things together for his adaptation of A Star Is Born. Production was pushed back when star Beyoncé Knowles became pregnant, then Leonardo DiCaprio—Eastwood’s first choice for the project—passed. Alternates for the male lead were rumored to be Christian Bale and Will Smith, but Variety now reports that Warner Bros. is courting Tom Cruise to take the part. Hit the jump for more.

a-star-is-born-tom-cruiseSeveral adaptations of A Star Is Born have come to the screen, but the most notable is the 1954 version starring Judy Garland and James Mason. The story concerned a movie star with a career on the decline who helps a young showgirl ascend to stardom. Tensions arise when her star rises and he fades further into obscurity. Eastwood’s version moves the action to the music world as the over-the-hill musician falls for the young star. Hit the jump for more on Cruise’s involvement with the project.

Cruise himself has quite a busy slate on his hands. He scored big with Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, and he recently completed filming the thriller adaptation One Shot. He’s next set to star in Joseph Kosinski’s sci-fi thriller Oblivion, and he recently signed on for Doug Liman’s sci-fi actioner All You Need Is Kill. Beyond these confirmed projects, there’s also another Mission: Impossible to think about and the untitled Les Grossman movie that spins off his character from Tropic Thunder. So yeah, Cruise is a very busy guy.

That said, A Star Is Born might be a smart move for the actor. He’s been working his way back into moviegoers’ hearts following Oprahgate, and he seems to have lined up primarily action-thriller films. It’d be nice to see him stretch his dramatic chops once again, and A Star Is Born could be the perfect vehicle for the stretching of said chops. The actor will be seen signing in this summer’s musical Rock of Ages, so if audiences respond positively then A Star Is Born would be another go-around with a musically-inclined Cruise. The actor has yet to sign on, but the studio seems keen on casting him. If he does show interest, he’ll have to move his schedule around a bit to accommodate the shoot (though Eastwood will be busy this spring with Trouble with the Curve). Hopefully we hear more soon, but for now I kind of like the pairing of Cruise and Beyonce.


  • tn8chusrdhd

    I have not attended any movie with Mr. Cruise in it since I discovered more than I wanted to about his “religion” which is a crock. I am going to stick to that. I don’t feel like I’m missing a thing. We should never admire someone, and give them our attention and money when he is obviously so mentally impaired. I know I won’t!

  • tsuka

    geez, these losers should stop obsessing with Tom’s faith.

    get a life

  • tn8chusrdhd

    What Tom forces on others is not a faith. It is a cult that teaches that you yourself are God and he uses that to control his family and every aspect of his life. Christian Science is nothing less than abuse. I would rather be well informed than an ignorant moron.

  • tsuka

    so what ?

    why are you mad?

    go outside, fornicate

  • nightflyer

    Please! Please! Please! Keep Beyonce and Justin Timberlake away from any movie parts. You can put lipstick on a wet noodle and get a better performance than from her. That horrible weak voice, and that awful postering. ……And he went to the blank, drugged out looking stare school of acting (Apparently the same school Kristen Stewart did). Please will someone save us from all these “singers” now becoming “actors”. How can people with no talent for neither, still be getting work? I never thought I’d feel sorry for Tom Cruise. But if Eastwood continues to court Beyonce as his lead, start jumping on Ellen’s couch Tom, before you get stuck in this mess.

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