December 1, 2011


In October, we reported that Tom Cruise was in talks to star in Doug Liman‘s sci-fi action film All You Need Is Kill.  We also reported that the title had been changed to We Are Mortals, but Variety is referring to the film by its original title (which is the one I prefer since it’s catchier).  The movie is similar to Source Code in that involves a soldier getting killed over and over again.  However, this time around the soldier is involved in a war against aliens and has to keep reliving the day he was killed in battle.  However, reliving this experience makes him a better soldier.  Presumably he’ll memorize the location of all the weapon drops and how to ruin the game for anyone who doesn’t spend every waking hour playing it God I hate online first person shooters so much.

Hit the jump for more on All You Need Is Kill.  Cruise will next be seen in Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, which opens in IMAX on December 16th before going wide on December 21st.

Dante Harper‘s script (re-written by Jody Harold) called for a younger actor, but Warner Bros. president Jeff Robinov wanted a blockbuster star, which is why they had Brad Pitt on their wish list before they went to Cruise.  The script will be re-written to make the character older.  Cruise clearly doesn’t mind doing two sci-fi action movies back-to-back since he’s also signed to star in Joseph Kosinski‘s Oblivion (which we thought had been re-titled to “Horizons“, but Variety is going by the old title).  Cruise is currently in Pittsburgh shooting the adaptation of Lee Child‘s One Shot, which is due out February 8, 2013.

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  • Christopher S

    Matt you suck at life…How could you hate online first person shooters?…Well you do hate everything…You do seem more like a World of Warcraft live life online because no one likes me in real life kinda guy…

  • I cry u smile

    Hurray! ^_^

  • stewresd

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  • CMS

    and here i was under the impression that you hate everything so much

  • Jason

    Wow, Warner Brothers is doing a quick one two with white washing.

    First the Akira manga and now the All You Need Is Kill manga.

    They really just don’t care about nonwhites.

  • NoName

    It’s hilarious how these washed-up white actors like Cruise and Ben Affleck think that stealing minority roles will put them back on top. Newflash guys: it’s only making people hate you more.