Warner Bros. Pays Seven Figures for Dan Fogelman Pitch; Tom Cruise Attached to Play Politician

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Warner Bros. beat out Fox, Paramount, MGM, and other studios to win a bidding war for an untitled pitch by screenwriter Dan Fogelman (Tangled).  Tom Cruise is attached to star as a politician who is caught having an affair: “With his reputation in tatters, the politician retreats to his hometown to lick his wounds, repair relationships and confront his past.”  The deal pays $2 million upfront, with $3 million promised if the movie gets made.  This is the latest in a series of impressive spec script paydays for Fogelman.  WB paid $2.5 million for his Crazy, Stupid, Love screenplay which led to a summer comedy starring Steve Carell, Ryan Gosling, and Emma Stone.  Fogelman will reunite with Carell for his directorial debut, Imagine — that script netted the writer $3 million.  In addition to a story credit on Cars 2, Fogelman set up My Mother’s Curse at Paramount.  So basically, start preparing for the imminent Fogelmanization of your local theater in the next couple years.  More on the story after the jump.

dan-fogelman-imageDeadline broke the news, but the synopsis at The Wrap adds an interesting wrinkle:

The movie is about a man who has never made a mistake in his life and becomes a politician. His first mistake — an affair — causes his perfectly constructed life to fall apart and he returns home to rebuild.

I’m not sure how literally to treat “never made a mistake” — is this hardcore allegory?  Anyway, there are obvious parallels between the virtuous public figure with a sudden image problem and the recent tribulations of Tom Cruise.

Up next for Cruise is Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, scheduled for release December 16.  After that, he’ll film the adaptation of the Broadway musical Rock of Ages.  Cruise was recently linked to Horizons, slated to begin shooting in October.  Fogleman still needs to write the script, which should provide Cruise the opportunity to line this film up after Horizons.

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  • David

    Getting 2-3M$ for small comedy or drama flick is little bit too much. Don’t get me wrong but I really think he must have GREAT agent for getting him this kind of money, and in Hollywood his name Fogelman can only be a plus, like Sorkin… But if he is let say Jackson, Johnson etc. guess he wouldn’t be getting this kind of money. What I mean to say, there are other screenwriters/authors out there with many good scripts but they cant get their chance or this kind of money since they are not jews. Please this is not antisemitic rant, since I myself am a jew, but simply an observation.

  • cuteview

    When is Cruise starting in Del Toro’s Mountain of Madness…oh wait it was cancelled…by fucken Universal…

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