Tom Cruise Lands Christopher McQuarrie’s ONE SHOT

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After starring in what might be his last Mission: Impossible movie, Tom Cruise is already moving on to a new action franchise. Cruise has penned a deal with Paramount Pictures and Skydance Productions to star as Jack Reacher, a retired military policeman turned crime-fighting drifter, in One Shot. Based on the novel series by Lee Child, Reacher is a reoccurring character known for his stoic nature, brutality in dealing with villains and his imposing size. The plot of One Shot revolves around Reacher investigating an accused sniper who gunned down five seemingly innocent victims. Though it is set in a Midwestern town, the movie is expected to film in Pittsburgh. Christopher McQuarrie (The Way of the Gun) is attached as the writer/director. For more on One Shot and Cruise’s upcoming projects, hit the jump.

one-shot-book-coverNews of Cruise’s casting comes by way of Deadline and has stirred up a bit of discussion among fans of the novels. While Reacher’s formidable size (listed at 6’5’’, 250lbs) may confuse some as to Cruise as a casting choice (Cruise is only 6’5’’ if you’re dyslexic), the author of One Shot is squarely in his corner, saying, “Reacher’s size in the books is a metaphor for an unstoppable force, which Cruise portrays in his own way.” Having seen his performance in Paramount’s upcoming Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, the powers-that-be apparently agree with Child’s opinion and greenlit Cruise for the role.

After Ghost Protocol hits theaters on December 16th, Cruise can next be seen as 80’s rock star Stacee Jaxx in Adam Shankman’s (Hairspray) Rock of Ages. Cruise is also attached to star in Joseph Kosinski’s (TRON: Legacy) sci-fi war film, Oblivion.

McQuarrie, who wrote 2008’s Valkyrie, starring Cruise, also wrote The Tourist, to which Cruise was briefly attached. His screenplay work can next be seen in James Mangold’s (3:10 to Yuma) The Wolverine, which is slated to begin filming this October.

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  • Bumblesquad

    sack the shorta#$#… or at least get in a younger pretty boy. like me!!!

  • james

    I dont at all understand this choice. Reachers size is a huge part of his character. And besides that, in all of his roles cruise has that undercurrent of desperation. It seems like he just needs to be paid attention to. The character of reacher is at peace with himself and could not care less about what other people think. I mean, if they were going to go in the complete opposite of the character they might as well have cast peter dinkelage because at least he can act and is not a gay midget in the closet

    • Jessica


      You are a freak. Tom Cruise is a very fine actor, and even the author have no problem with the cast.

      I think Tom Cruise is fine for the part.

      He can act, this is the important thing.

      Bye Jessica

      • Garber

        Totally agree with Jessica! I don’t believe that you have to be a freakishly large and tall guy just to intimidate someone. And you definitely don’t have to be large just to shot someone OR kick their ASS. Glad their making the movie realistic, I hate movies that just have large dudes going around punching little frail guys in the face. It’s Better when it’s the opposite to me.

      • james

        IF you had ever read reacher books you would understand the character And the importance of his size and strength. I like tom cruise’s movies. I just dislike him as a person and that played a factor towards the end of my comment. That being said, it is still a horrible casting decision.

        PS How does me not liking tom cruise make me a freak? If you had called me an asshole i would have understood but saying that tom cruise is very short and in the closet is not a new concept. Im pretty sure that its been done before

    • Jessica


      I don´t think that Tom Cruise is gay. He is just good looking and this is the reason for a lot of people ( men and jealous boys) to call him gay. Because all the girls love him. They are jealous.

      This is the reason why a lot of morons , sorry for that word calling fine looking boys and men gay.

      It´s the same with Zac Efron, Brad Pitt, Keanu Reeves, Justin Bieber, Jake Gyllenhall and the list goes ……..

      And let me tell me that, not all good looking men or boys are gay. A lot of the younger ones are today metro sexual. My boyfriend is good looking and goes every month to the cosmetic and goes 4 x to the gym and did a lot of other things for his looks.

      And he isn´t gay.

      We are living in 2011

      That´s my opinion.

      Bye Jessica

      • james

        Again, discounting the rumors of cruise being gay, it is still awful casting. Reachers size is one of the most important parts of his character. As for the author being okay with cruise, whats he gonna say to the studio, thanks for the money but go f*ck yourself? Your whole argument is based off of you liking cruise and not any actual knowledge or appreciation of a great character.


    • Jessica

      Yes, I like Tom as an actor. I don´t have read the Reacher books and never wil, but I think that a lot of people that will watch this movie, never have read the Recher books. And in that case, it doesn´t matter how the author describes him.

      And I think also, that Tom Cruise has so much money , that he can buy his roles. And the other point is, Tom Cruise is one of the biggest movie stars arounfd the world. He has a standing that other actors don´t have.

      I don´t think , that the Reacher movie has a chnace for a potential franchise without a big star.

      Clive Owen , Lief Schreiber are no names compared to Tom Cruise.

      And the producers and movie studios like Paramount want a success not a flop.

      I don´t say that Clive Owen don´t can play the role as well as Tom, but he isn´t a big star as Tom. And this is the problem.

      Box Office is the important thing for the movie studios.

      And this is also the reason why the producers never will cast Nathan Fillion in the Uncharted Drakes Fortune movie/s.

      Bye Jessica

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  • Anna

    All I know is that a mouse wouldn’t be intimidated by someone like Tom Cruise, not unless he decided to smack at it with his beaded handbag. The whole idea of Cruise playing Jack Reacher is ridiculous. The character’s size is a huge part of who he is. Why in the world would they hire a midget to play the part of a 6’5 character. Reacher also weighs well over 200 lbs. Cruise’s head is the only thing on him that weighs that much and that is due to his immense ego!. I will never go see something this stupid. It is amazing what parts Cruise is able to buy with the money he possesses. He can even ruin good books. It is just ashame that the writer is willing to sacrifice his novels and the characters for this.

    • Pat

      Amen sister! I was at a book signing for Lee Child in Nashville, Tn. in 2004, and in the FAQs at the end of his talk, someone asked him if any actors had expressed interest in playing Jack Reacher. Lee said three big name actors really wanted to play Jack Reacher. Tom Cruise – everyone groaned and Lee said “Too small”. Keanu Reeves – “Not a good fit. I can’t see the guy on “Bill and Ted” being Reacher”. Harrison Ford – “great actor but too old at this point in his career”.
      I really like all of these actors. “The Last Samurai” is one of my all-time favorite movies. Tom Cruise is great but he is completely miscast for this role.

  • Jen

    This is the absolute work possible choice for Jack Reacher. Reacher’s size is not just a metaphor. In certain instances, being physically imposing or monstrously huge was a matter of life or death (i.e., drowning a bad guy before he himself dies) If Lee Child is actually on board with this casting, he is a sell out. I have waited a long time for a Reacher movie, but looks like I will be waiting a while longer before I go see one.

  • Elitist Prick

    Cruise has shocked people before in roles that he was seemingly miscast in, only to do a great job (Interview with a Vampire, Born on the 4th of July), but yeah, this is almost like casting Paul Giamatti as Cary Grant in a biopic. Sure, he may be a great actor, but it still does not compute.

  • Jesse

    So much for my dream casting of Ray Stevenson.

  • keith

    Interview with a Vampire played an intimidating vampire. he did fantastic. I don’t understand why some people hate on Cruise. I’ve only seen maybe one Tom Cruise movie I didn’t like, and that was Knight and Day. I’m sure he will again do a fine job

    • ozzie

      Tom Cruise’s rendition of Lestat was nothing short of a joke … anyone who has read the books then watched that movie had a WTF moment. The follow up sequel, Queen of The Damned, flopped at the box office but cast Stuart Townsend as a much better Lestat (closer to the actual character in the book) .. people then had another WTF moment when hollyood rewrote the Jesse character to have the main roll in the movie.

      Tom Cruise very much like Keanu Reeves is so monotone all his roles he plays seem to blend together. To claim he some great actor is sad. He picks or buys rolls that fit his lack of range.

  • TXVball

    Really?? Tom Cruise? He is a good actor, but he does not fit the character of Jack Reacher. I am surprised that Lee Child is on board with this choice.

  • Michelle

    Worst casting ever!!!

  • Momo

    Lee is on board with it just as you would be if they were going to make a movie your book and an 800 pound gorilla (box office terms, of course) jumped on board. Say no, and maybe the movie money goes away.

    Best possibility is Cruise produces it and steps back from the role. Either way, I’m stickin’ to the books and the Jack Reacher in my head…who doesn’t have a history of going batshit crazy or joining cults. Just sayin’. ;o)

  • zdb

    It doesn’t really matter if TC is gay or not….I mean who really cares….But I do agree that size, in this case, DOES matter….as was stated, if you read the books there are many times his size is a matter of life or death…if you really needed a popular actor to push it, even Daniel Craig or John Travolta (in Charlie Watts form) would have seemed more realistic. Sure, Stallone pulled off the whole “loner wants to be left alone so bother at your own risk” character in First Blood, so I DO see where size can be compensated for with persona, but I am still not convinced Cruise can do it…..remember Collateral?

  • Jack Steen

    Cruise is a gay dyslexic midget cult member.

  • Beth

    Two words: Alexander Skarsgård

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