CLOUD ATLAS Provides This Year’s Hot Halloween Costumes as Tom Hanks Plugs His Movies on THE COLBERT REPORT

     October 26, 2012


Put Tom Hanks in a sketch and he’s going to be golden.  I’m surprised Saturday Night Live doesn’t have a constant rotation of Hanks, Alec Baldwin, and Steve Martin.  Hanks showed up on The Colbert Report for some good Halloween fun…or at least that’s what Stephen Colbert was led to believe.  Instead, we see that kids this year don’t care about dressing up as The Avengers for Halloween.  The kids are all about Tom Hanks’ movies, including Cloud Atlas.  It’s a great sketch with an awesome cameo at the end.

Hit the jump to check it out.  Cloud Atlas opens today, and maybe you should go see it.



  • TheSargonTimes

    That was hilarious

  • tinypony

    This was pure gold.

  • Jacob

    This is fucking great! Colbert, Hanks, and Damon – awesome!!

  • Giovanni

    He looks like Walt Disney still at the moment lol.

  • LP

    Tom Hank: National Treasure.