Exclusive: Tom Hiddleston Talks THOR, THE AVENGERS, WAR HORSE and Woody Allen’s MIDNIGHT IN PARIS

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The weak link is always the villain.  It’s like the writers and filmmakers assume they don’t need a strong villain if they have great action.  If you think about some of your favorite movies, they always have a kick ass villain.  Zod in Superman 2.  Darth Vader in Star Wars.  Agent Smith in The Matrix.  Kathy Bates in Misery.   And now Tom Hiddleston as Loki in director Kenneth Branagh’s Thor.  Trust me, when you go to see Thor this weekend, you’ll quickly discover that Hiddleston is a great actor who brings a lot of depth to the complicated role.

At the Los Angeles press day for Thor, I got to speak to Hiddleston about playing the God of Mischief.  We also talked about the huge press tour he’s been doing, what it’s like knowing he’ll be playing Loki in multiple films, he talked about meeting with Joss Whedon right after filming Thor to talk about the character and “swap stories” while Whedon was working on The Avengers script, and he talked about working for Steven Spielberg on War Horse and Woody Allen for Midnight in Paris.  Hit the jump to watch.

Thor_movie_image Tom HiddlestonFor more on Thor, click here for all our previous coverage.

Tom Hiddleston

  • :47 Talks about the promotional tour for Thor. Says he wasn’t prepared for how big this would be.
  • 2:01 Talks about playing the villain in the film, and how Loki was a three-dimensional character as opposed to a prototypical/underdeveloped villain role.
  • 4:50 Playing Loki in multiple films. What’s it like to play the character in Thor and then The Avengers, and presumably in a sequel to Thor further down the road. He sat down with Joss Whedon right after filming Thor to talk about the character and “swap stories” while Whedon was working on the Avengers script.
  • 6:20 Talks working with Steven Spielberg on War Horse. Says watching the speed of his creative execution is “brilliant.” Constantly thinks about the audience.
  • 7:10 Talks working with Woody Allen in Midnight in Paris. Says Woody writes a very finely tuned script and only sent Hiddleston the pages of the script that involved his character.

NOTE: At the beginning of the interview the sound drops out. This is on purpose. I said something that is embargoed for now…had to edit it out.


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  • christophercantos

    is that an Avengers spoiler Steve? cause i don’t read comic books, that’s why i wont be able to get it anyway.

    back to Thor, this guy played it great. and i’m starting to think that Hemsworth is as good as how Downey played Stark(a point where you can’t see any actor playing the part). Tom played it 3 dimensionally, i agree. there were still cliche with what happens to him, but you know, it’s the screenwriter’s fault, not him. it’s definitely a good performance from him.

  • Katarzyna

    They should not use the same villain from Thor! Is Loki going to be their equivalent of Lex Luthor or General Zod?!

    • Mike Cruz

      The best part about Loki is that for the most part he likes to be the puppeteer. He loves to mess with people and convince them to do his bidding without them knowing that they’re doing what he wanted. It leaves alot of room for who he gets to mess with in the movie. Also, the audience can’t be overwhelmed. Widow, Hawkeye, Coulson, Fury, Stark, Thor, Cap and Hulk are all returning from their previous films and we are going to have to be introduced to them to some extent because they’re meeting each other for the first time so for the audience to have to deal with that and learning why someone decided to be a villain and take on all of these heroes might be too much to handle for some. Plus, Hiddleston rocked every scene he was in as Loki so we can be guaranteed to have a strong villain. I say it was a wise choice to bring him back and we still don’t know, well, practically anything about the Avengers so they probably know exactly what they’re doing. Too early to judge.

  • Wolstenholme

    Hiddleson really brought Loki to life, he’s a fantastic actor and was easily the best part about Thor. Everything else about Thor for me sucked, I thought there was poor action, the Earth scenes were stupid and it was full of camp and cliche not to mention Jeremy Renner’s cameo felt forced…I’ll probably get a lot of flank for that but I just couldn’t enjoy the film. Maybe it would’ve been better if they set the whole film in Asgard

    • Wolstenholme

      And honestly who designed the Frost Giants…they are the stupidest looking things ever to be put to film since Jar Jar

    • Al

      i think Renner played a a character that will be more prominent in The Avengers. I could see this cameo being used as nothing more than something to look back on once The Avengers is out and thinking “oh look, there’s Jeremy Renner in Thor! Sweet!

    • Lily

      I’m pretty Renner’s cameo was just to establish a link between Thor and at least one of the heroes that’s going to be in the Avengers. Honestly, could you imagine the heroes’ reactions if the agency suddenly brought in an alien, who the humans consider a god, and said, “Hey guys, here’s your new hero buddy! We know, we know, he’s apparently a god, but he’s just like us, really!”
      There needed to be at least some connection between Thor and one of the heroes. In Thor, Hawkeye sees Thor fight, and admits that he’s starting to respect the guy, and that was really all Marvel needed, I think.

  • ffghfh

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  • K-dub

    I really enjoyed the movie as a whole. Great directing, great acting especially from hiddleston. During the movie I couldn’t help but think of all the times I have fought trying to get my fathers love. I could relate on a human level. I think Kenneth Branagh only could have brought this to the screen

  • Josh

    awesome dude, great interview

  • defiant

    Looks like theyre following the ULTIMATES route if loki’s a villian in avengers…to all that dont read comics…yet…pick up ULTIMATES vol 1 & 2!! Youll see where marvels getting a lot of their influences for all these films since the 1st iron man! Plus they’re really kickass stories thats got hulk killing and eating people, a capt america not to be f’d with…sum messed up stuff happening to wasp and hawkeye…while thor’s “crazy” and sam jackson kicks ass long before he was ever cast in the films!!

  • CMS

    dude… in your opening paragraph, how can you leave off Ledger in Dark Knight???

    • Mike

      I thought the same exact thing.

  • Tony

    He’s good in this movie and all but I’m more impressed by his technique when striking a football.

  • Dogg

    Hiddleston was fantastic. The sequel should be a Loki movie. Far more interesting character.

  • dc420911

    Lokis the villain in the original avengers storyline from the 60s so maybe bendis used it in the ultimates as an homage to the original

  • Vonargander

    Tom Hiddleston was awesome, I don’t read comic books so I became familiar with this through the movie.

    I really liked Loki because he might be the villain but it’s not difficult to see why he does what he does, not to mention Hiddleston is haaaandsomeee lol ;)

    If there going to be more Marvel movies, I hope to see more of him.

    Thor was good too, he’s a brute of a god. Which caused many of the funny situations in the movie. They should attack him with taser guns more often.

  • Lily

    Tom Hiddleston was amazing in this movie, easily the best part of what is overall a very good film. His portrayal of Loki was so intricate and so intense. Watching the movie, you could really sympathize with the character, but at the same time, Hiddleston brought out the fiercely intelligent, exceedingly devious “agent of chaos” in his character really well too.
    … I want a sequel, focused on Loki. Or… at least a spinoff or something!
    But I guess a huge part in Avengers is good too! Now I seriously cannot wait for this movie to come out!

  • 3lexis

    May I know what you just said on the front part? I am truly a Loki fan =)

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