Tom Hiddleston Replaces Michael Fassbender in Jim Jarmusch’s Vampire Film, ONLY LOVERS LEFT ALIVE

     January 30, 2012


Tom Hiddleston had an awesome 2011 with roles in The Avengers, Midnight in Paris, The Deep Blue Sea, and War Horse.  Now he’s replacing the only guy who had a better 2011, Michael Fassbender, in Jim Jarmusch‘s Only Lovers Left Alive.  Jarmusch said back in May that the film is a “‘crypto-vampire love story’, set against the romantic desolation of Detroit and Tangiers.”  THR adds that the horror drama is “described as an unusual love story between two vampires who have been in love for centuries.”  With Jarmusch at the helm, you may as well toss out any expectations or pre-conceived notions you have regarding a vampire movie.

Tilda Swinton, Mia Wasikowska, and John Hurt are still on board to co-star.  Only Lovers Left Alive will shoot in Germany later this year.  Hiddleston will next be seen reprising his role as Loki in The Avengers, which opens in 3D on May 4th.

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  • David

    Does this free him up for Aronofsky’s Noah?

  • monk

    Maybe he had to drop out, because the X-Men sequel is in the works.

  • Mr.Rich316

    Hey Matt not to be a douchebag Goldberg hater but Tom H. was in Thor in 2011, not the Avengers. You might consider making the change before your hate crew wakes up today. Keep up the good work man. I think your reviews are spot on (90%of the time).

    • TwistedCastiel

      Hey, Mr. Rich, not to be a douchebag but Tom Hiddleston is in The Avengers which comes out May 4th. He’s reprising his role as Loki, which, if you’ve seen any of the trailers that have come out, you would know that.

      So no, Matt is correct in saying that “Hiddleston will next be seen reprising his role as Loki in The Avengers.”

      • Laura

        But Matt was referring to all of Tom’s roles in 2011 at the beginning of the article. Tom was not in Avengers in 2011 (this is 2012, my friend), he was in Thor in 2011. So Mr. Rich is actually correct.

  • jdsmoothe

    Perhaps this frees Michael Fassbender up for Aronofsky’s Noah? PLEASE tell me that’s the case because I seriously can’t think of anyone more perfect to play Noah especially a film ahout Noah being directed by Aronofsky’s and his gritty style. Mark my words if Fassbender play’s Noah expect him to win an Academy Award for best actor.