Tom Hiddleston Confirms Loki Will Not Appear in THE AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON; Talks Classic Movie Villains

     August 5, 2013


Consider it double-confirmed: there will be no Loki in writer/director Joss Whedon’s Marvel sequel The Avengers: Age of Ultron.  While Whedon already addressed the issue previously, saying he didn’t want to repeat himself by having Tom Hiddleston’s love-to-hate-him villain back in the mix for The Avengers 2, we’ve now got confirmation straight from Hiddleston’s mouth about the non-appearance.  The Avengers are likely to have their hands full anyway considering the fact that the robot menace Ultron will be causing considerable mayhem in the sequel, and Whedon is already adding at least two new superheroes to the mix with Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch.  That being said, Hiddleston’s Shakespearean delivery and charm will surely be missed.

Hit the jump to read Hiddleston’s comments regarding Loki not appearing in The Avengers: Age of Ultron.

the-avengers-2-sequel-tom-hiddlestonSpeaking with EW, Hiddleston confirmed that he will not be appearing in Whedon’s Avengers sequel:

“[Loki’s] not in it. Here’s the thing: I don’t think there’s anything else Loki could contribute to The Avengers, narratively. Joss gave me so many wonderful things to do in that first film that we’d only be trying to repeat ourselves, and probably less well in the second one.”

While unfortunate, both Hiddleston and Whedon are right.  It’s much more interesting to see the Avengers face a new threat rather than dealing with Loki’s mischief once again.  However, Hiddleston spoke about how the character’s presence will still be felt for years to come:

“When I think of all the things I loved as a child, for example, Hans Gruber wasn’t in Die Hard 2. And in Indiana Jones, by the time he moved from the Lost Ark to the Temple of Doom, there was a whole new bad guy. I think keeping it fresh and new is good for The Avengers even though it’s a shame for me. And let’s face it, there’s seven or eight of them as it is, and Joss is thinking about adding two more, so the screen’s gonna be a busy place. But I had the time of my life on that film. It was the most fun ever.”

Obviously we haven’t see the last of Loki, as he plays a part in this November’s Thor: The Dark World.  While the first trailer for the film didn’t tease much of Loki, the footage we saw at Comic-Con hinted at some major developments in his relationship with his brother.  Moreover, this is the comics world we’re talking about, so who’s to say Loki doesn’t pop up again in another Marvel film down the line or even The Avengers 3?


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  • Loki’saWimp

    Loki will not be missed.

  • Merlin235

    Loki will be missed.

  • Strong Enough

    THANK GOD! no more whining about not being daddy’s favorite. i hope he dies In Thor 2 so i never have to bear his over acting again.

  • This guy

    Loki is cool but it’s time to expand the universe and welcome others to the party.

  • Person

    Loki has a last-minute change of heart in Thor 2 and sacrifices himself to save Thor/Asgard from Malekith. But since it’s a comic book, it means he’s prolly not dead, just in some other dimension that it’ll take a few movies to get out of. I have spoken.

    • Faptain America

      Yep, ’tis what the comics say happens to Loki. I’d like a new trailer for Thor 2 with a little Algrim/Kurse thrown in.

  • Dude Man Bro From Dude Land

    What a generic unoriginal villain, just…bleh, that’s all.

  • angelgargola

    too much people for the avengers 2.if you are going to bring 2,then take out 2 more.get hawkeye out.that guy is a puss anyway.totally worthless.

  • Ridge

    now looks that everybody hates Loki…

  • Hop

    Loki was nothing but chiselled cheekbones, fruity speeches, and a posh Brit accent. That being said, he was not _bad_ per se.

  • Andrew Sanders

    I thought Loki was a pretty weak villain in the first Thor movie,…but he upped his game & redeemed himself in The Avengers.

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