Tom Hiddleston in Early Talks for THE CROW Remake

     April 19, 2013


When he’s not antagonizing The Avengers, Tom Hiddleston might become a dark avenger himself in the remake of The Crow.  Reports have Hiddleston in early talks to star as Eric Draven, a resurrected murder victim who rises from the grave a year after his death in order to exact revenge on the thugs who killed him and his fiance.  The 1994 cult classic directed by Alex Proyas starred Brandon Lee in the title role and was based on a James O’Barr comic series.  Director F. Javier Gutierrez (Before the Fall) is helming from a script by Cliff Dorfman (Warrior) and expects to start production this fall.  Hit the jump for more.

tom-hiddleston-the-crowWord from The Wrap has Hiddleston in early talks to lead The Crow.  James McAvoy (X-Men: First Class) was previously rumored to be in talks to star, but recently debunked the rumor.   McAvoy could have been a good fit, but Hiddleston is a bona fide chameleon who can portray both the light and dark sides of Draven/The Crow, something the remake’s producers were keen to explore.  The write-up says that Hiddleston even sent them a make-up test for the folk hero that he did on his own in London.  He’ll reportedly undergo a professional make-up test in the next few days to see if he passes muster as the costumed crusader.

After Lee passed away due to an accidental shooting injury he sustained during filming of The Crow, other actors have tried to take on the role over the years with varying success.  Vincent Perez, Eric Mabius and even Edward Furlong tried to take on the mantle of The Crow, but the sequels paled in comparison to the original.  Here’s hoping that Hiddleston the Marvel baddie will find his way into a proper remake and further endear himself to his fanbase.  Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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  • will

    If they must make this (we really don’t need it), Hiddleston is a very interesting choice. It might be enough to sway me into checking it out.

  • Zhora

    I’m acutally shaking with excitement right now! This would be awesome! Such as big fan of Tom, and a starring role in a remake like this would be incredible for him and so deserved! And he would knock it out of the ball park, I’m sure! I’m keeping all my fingers crossed! (Just as an aside: Tom got photographed in a cafe with F. Javier Gutierrez today, so this is not just a rumour!

  • Anonymous

    Now that’s proper casting !

  • Mizz Jizz

    I CAME

  • LEM

    Tom Hardy would be better.

  • Em

    Tom Hiddleston would be perfect for it! ive seen most of his work and he can really transform into any character perfectly! And even though the crow is a hero, the dark aspect of the entire movie will suit tom well since he was great as loki. Hope he gets it!

  • Ur mom

    I’m not worried about Tom. He’s a great actor and will do the role justice. I’m just worried about te director. I looked up his profile on IMDB and his record is about average/not so good. Unless someone can tell what great work he has done. I don’t a lot about Javier.

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  • choicemate

    someone who can actually act on the screen. Wahoooooooo!!!!!!!!!

  • choicemate

    and yes, admittedly, it is usually the director who can turn things to utter shite as we have seen so many time before.

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  • mimi

    Hardy? Tom Hardy is an incredible actor, but physically not right for this role. I think Tom Hiddleston would be perfect and would bring a very different vibe to the character than the iconic role of the past. Bring it on!

  • icerose

    Tom is the right person for the part and it will be intriguing to see a new remake of the Crow especially with the writer of the Warrior involved. I like the idea of an up and coming European director but you never really know until its out if it hits the mark

  • T. C.

    Оh! My! GOOOOD!!!!!!!!! That is my the MOST FAVOURITE actor of all times and my THE MOST FAVOURITE film. After seeing this, I can die in peace…)))Oh please, please, please…Dear God, dear director, dear producers, dear Tom, whoever. Make one little fan happy! What should I do to make that dream come true?

  • T. C.

    It would be soooo interesting to see Tom Hiddlestone as Eric Draven.

  • Dr. Mr.

    wow-its a damn shame- you people are the reason cult classics rust-the crow is already a perfect piece of film history-why not remake bad films-why not try breathing new life into films that had great potential-its a joke-its a waste of time,money and energy-so i hope you all fall victim to a botched robbery-i hope your tires blow out-yadda yadda yadda- and so on-so please-stop supporting these hate crimes-there are plenty of other stories that need to be told-

  • Weezie4

    I wasn’t planning on watching any remakes of The Crow, but now that Tom Hiddleston is involved, I may have to reconsider.

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  • desire

    Oh, please just do it now! Can’t wait to see another Tom Hiddleston movie. I truly love this guy!