Shareables: Tom Holland and DJ Khaled Film Possible Cameo, Jeff Goldblum Runs a Food Truck

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This week was a busy one in the world of shareable content! First up, we’ve got a very intriguing behind the scenes video with rap impresario DJ Khaled, Stan Lee and Spider-Man himself, Tom Holland. Then, we’ve got a dispatch from Jeff Goldblum’s short-lived stint as an Australia-based food truck employee. Next, we take stock of some of the best viral content of the week, including a hilarious video that witnesses the reaction of a Star Wars newbie to that Darth Vader reveal and a totally botched Alien: Covenant ad. Following that, we get intimate with Chris Pratt and Dave Bautista as they connect with their inner artist to draw portraits of one another, and Val Kilmer waxes poetic about his time shooting Heat. Ethan Embry sends us down memory lane with a That Thing You Do! reunion, Johnny Depp surprises fans at Disneyland by dropping by the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, Tom Holland kills some time with his best friend Harrison practicing his DJ skills and we finally uncover some concrete proof that Alien: Covenant and Blade Runner: 2049 exist in the same cinematic universe.

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DJ Khaled Films Possible Cameo with Stan Lee and Tom Holland

Well, this is unexpected. While any Marvel fan is trained to keep an eagle eye out for Stan Lee’s cameo in every new MCU film, it’s certainly a bit of a change of pace to add the notorious DJ Khaled to the proceedings. Tom Holland got in on the action too, but considering how close we are to seeing Spider-Man: Homecoming in theaters, my best guess is we won’t see anything from the producer until Avengers: Infinity War. Color us intrigued!

Jeff Goldblum Volunteers at a Food Truck in Sydney

Hot on the heels of that exciting Jurassic World 2 news, Jeff Goldblum once again charmed the internet by popping up at a random food truck in Sydney for the day, which he explained as “research” for an upcoming food-related project. All hail the ‘blum!

Teen Reacts to 'Star Wars' Darth Vader Reveal For the First Time

We all wish we could go back to the first time we learned that massive Star Wars twist – but where “Luke, I am your father” has become so ubiquitous as to be spoiled before any child has a chance to watch. But Anakin’s storyline in the prequels? That’s a little easier to keep a secret. A wise parent chose to film the moment in which their child realized Anakin’s true identity… and her reaction is totally priceless.

Val Kilmer Talks Shooting 'Heat' In His Reddit AMA

Val Kilmer got hit with a question about working on Heat this week, and his gushing answer is everything we wanted it to be. Legendary!

Dave Bautista and Chris Pratt Paint Portraits of Each Other

Sometimes press tours can be dull – constant repetitive questions and soulless promotion – but other times, they can look like this. Dave Bautista and Chris Pratt took a short break to paint portraits of one another and it was nothing short of delightful. (Is there anything Pratt can’t do?)

Tom Holland Practices His Air DJ Skills

Who knew Spidey was so multi-talented? Tom Holland took a brief break from his crazy schedule to hone his DJ skills with his omni-present friend Harrison.

Ethan Embry Throws it Back to 'That Thing You Do!' With Revival Concert

Over twenty years ago, Tom Hanks gave us the effervescent That Thing You Do! And this week, Ethan Embry got the whole band back together with a very special revival concert. The nostalgia!

Hilarious 'Alien: Covenant' Ad Goes Viral

PSA: proof-read your bus panels before you send them out into the world. “From the director of Alien and The Martian comes ‘Liaen: Oven Can’t.” Priceless.

Johnny Depp Gave Fans a 'Pirates of the Caribbean' Surprise at Disneyland

A few unsuspecting Disneyland attendees were shocked to find that the usual animatronic pirates came to life in the form of A-lister Johnny Depp. Now that’s how you do viral marketing.

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We’ve been pretty sure of it for a while, but the latest development looks to be pretty definitive: Alien: Covenant and Blade Runner 2049 look to exist in the same cinematic universe. Can we get hooked up with a crossover?

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