Tom Holland to Write and Direct Adaptation of Stephen King’s THE TEN O’CLOCK PEOPLE

     June 5, 2012


Director Tom Holland and author Stephen King are reuniting once again to bring another one of King’s works to the big screen.  Deadline reports that Holland, who directed Thinner and The Langoliers, will write and direct an adaptation of King’s short story The Ten O’Clock People.  The story originally appeared in King’s 1993 Nightmares and Dreamscapes collection and centers on a man in Boston “who in trying to kick his smoking habit uncovers a frightening aspect of reality that he plans to extinguish through extreme measures.”

The story was King trying to kick his own smoking habit, and Holland plans on making the film “a modernization” of that original story in the vein of a paranoid suspense piece.  In addition to Thinner and The Langoliers, Holland also direct the original Fright Night and Child’s Play.

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  • paul

    So, they are remaking John Carpenter’s They Live with cigarettes.

  • yakkusa

    They are making a film of Stephen King’s short story, The Ten O’Clock People, published 20 years ago. This is not a remake of They Live. The only similarity between the two stories is the concept of aliens living among us, without us realizing it…at first. That story concept has actually been around since long before They Live was released in the theaters.

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  • Thomas Gibson

    im a HUGE stephen king fan and ive red Christine, 1408 (all the short stories in it), and The Shining. What other books are good by him???
    oops i spelt read wrong