THE KING’S SPEECH Director Tom Hooper May Next Tackle LES MISERABLES; Was Offered IRON MAN 3

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Director Tom Hooper is currently in the last leg of the award season circuit for his Oscar juggernaut The King’s Speech. The film is poised to be a big winner come Sunday night, and there’s also a very good chance Hooper will walk away with the Best Director award (he won the DGA last month). Well now he’s starting to look ahead to his next project, and he might be taking on yet another decidedly European tale: a new version of the classic novel/Broadway musical Les Miserables.

24 Frames reports that the director is weighing an offer to helm a big-budget musical version of the story. Working Title, which also produced Atonement, is producing the film. More interesting, however, is a mention in the report that Hooper was offered the directing gig for Marvel’s Iron Man 3 before turning it down (Writer/director Shane Black eventually landed the job). A bold choice, I’d say, given that the director is decidedly fresh, with only a few low-key dramas under his belt. What do you think? Should Hooper follow up his Oscar-bait turn with Les Mis? Would he have been right for IM3?

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  • Strong Enough

    What do you think? Should Hooper follow up his Oscar-bait turn with Les Mis? Would he have been right for IM3?

    ^ wow that was nice of you asking me that. you know you know blogs nowadays just say stuff..but you asked me a question. wow thank you

    • anthony

      lol what the fuck is your problem man

  • Mathieu

    Another article dismissing The King’s Speech as ‘Oscar bait’ – you bloggers really don’t like that film, do you?

    I mean, the film wouldn’t be my choice for Best Picture (I’d plump for Toy Story 3 or The Social Network), but I can’t work up the bile and vindictiveness towards it that every single web-critic seems to have for it. The ceaseless ganging-up on it – and the gloating over that latest ‘gay porn’ scoop on some sites – almost makes me want it to win big just to piss you guys off… ;)

    • Adam Chitwood

      I wasn’t trying to be dismissive there. “Oscar-bait” was probably the wrong word to use, so I apologize. I was simply trying to get across the point that whatever Hooper chooses as his next project will be a big deal. He’s coming off of this wild success with an Oscar-favorite film, and he’s breaking out in a big way. Just meant to pose the question of whether or not LES MIS would be the right choice to follow-up this huge breakout flick for the relatively newcomer director. He’s in a unique situation in that he has this one chance to choose pretty much whatever project he wants given the “instant hot-property” status that comes from having such a successful film award-wise.

      • Mathieu

        Well, I know what you mean; I certainly wouldn’t have turned down the chance to make Iron Man 3 if I was in his position. (Look at Peter Cattaneo; he was red hot after The Full Monty and could have made absolutely anything, but instead shrank back into obscurity.) I think we should be thankful that he stepped aside for Shane Black, though – Black is the perfect fit for that job.

  • Al

    I don’t know why but I give Hooper very little credit for “The King’s Speech”‘s successes. It’s more like a movie where two really solid actors have wonderful chemistry together, give great performances and then the film as a whole just feels flat and suspense-less. Also I thought for the most part the cinematography in the film was unnecessarily ugly, constantly trying to draw attention to itself with off balance compositions and needles close up wide-angle lens shots. Why would anyone consider this guy for a comic book movie?! I don’t get the progression from King George to Tony Stark.

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  • white goodman

    Dude looks like a young James Cameron, its freaking me out!!!

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