Limited Paper Exclusive: Acid-Free Gallery, Tom Whalen, and Dave Perillo’s TRANSFORMERS and G.I. JOE Posters

     October 4, 2012

As you’re probably already aware, the New York City Comic-Con is just around the corner (it runs October 11th-14th).  We’ve known for some time now that Mondo would have a presence at this year’s NYCC, but they’re not the only ones dropping  new stuff during this year’s NY-based gathering of the geeks:  our friends over at Acid-Free Gallery (they’re the guys that released that Myths and Monsters series not too long ago) are also scheduled to unleash new prints during the event…and from the looks of things, we’re guessing they’re going to sell quick.

Want to see some of the brand-new Tom Whalen and Dave Perillo posters Acid-Free’s dropping during NYCC 2012, including a new reveal you’ll only find here at Limited Paper?  Of course you do.  Meet me after the jump, folks.

We’ve been big fans of the guys at Acid-Free Gallery for some time now (if the name isn’t ringing a bell, they’re the ones who released that series of Myths and Monsters prints not so long ago;  see a few of those below), and for the last month or two they’ve been teasing us incessantly with hints about…well, whatever it is that they had in store for this year’s New York Comic-Con.  We knew it was going to one of the biggest licenses the Acid-Free guys had ever dealt with before, and we knew it was going to include new work from some of Limited Paper’s favorite artists…but it wasn’t until recently that we learned precisely what they were up to.  Turns out, the reveal’s been even more exciting than we expected it to be.

This morning, OMGPosters (who, by the way, are an excellent source for poster-related news;  we tip our hat in their general direction) revealed that the Gallery’s latest series was a tie-in with Hasbro.  The name will be familiar to just about anyone who grew up during the “Me Decade”:  back in the 80’s, if you weren’t old enough to be addicted to cocaine, you were probably the right age to be addicted to the kickass toys being produced by Hasbro.

This is the company that gave us G.I. Joe, Transformers, and a number of other action figure lines that—for our money—still wipe the floor with anything the kids of the 90’s ever collected.  And it turns out that Acid-Free’s hired up Tom Whalen and Dave Perillo (two artists we’ve covered aplenty here at Limited Paper in the past) to create a new batch of prints commemorating those toys.  Let’s see what they’ve got in store for the NYCC crowd, starting with an exclusive reveal of this variant:

  • Transformers:  Autobots and Decepticons by Tom Whalen
  • 36×24”
  • Signed and Numbered
  • $65 variant edition of 150

Pretty cool, right?  The whole lineup—the rest of which can be seen below—is really impressive, as are the Certificates of Authenticity that Acid-Free’s created for each piece:

One of these will be included with each and every poster sold (the corresponding logo for each toy—the Joes and the ‘bots—will appear on each card), with numbers that match up with the numbers on each print.  For the variant above, you’ll get a card that’s both signed and numbered by Whalen himself.  Really snazzy idea:  no reason COA’s need to be boring, right?  Moving along….

  • Autobots by Tom Whalen
  • 18×24”
  • 7-color screenprint
  • $50 regular edition of 375
  • Comes with COA “trading card”

  • Decepticons by Tom Whalen
  • 18×24”
  • 6-color screenprint
  • $50 regular edition of 375
  • Comes with COA “trading card”

Over at Tom’s website, he’s got a little quote about his work on these Transformers prints, and it sounds like he’s been waiting to take a crack at these prints for some time:

“I was infatuated with all things giant and robotic from a very young age, so when Transformers came along in 1984, this fourth grader’s mind nearly imploded.  Countless adventures that centered around a battered Bumblebee’s quest to rid my backyard of Starscream once and for all would serve to spark my imagination for a lifetime.  I feel very fortunate to once again be able to play in a universe that inspired me so many years ago.”

Meanwhile, Dave Perillo’s also got some posters on offer, and they look like they’d make great companion pieces for Whalen’s Transformers stuff.  Take a look at these:

  • G.I. Joe by Dave Perillo
  • 18×24”
  • 5-color screenprint
  • $45 regular edition of 200
  • Comes with COA “trading card”

  • Cobra by Dave Perillo
  • 18×24”
  • 5-color screenprint
  • $45 regular edition of 200
  • Comes with COA “trading card”

Now, as you probably noticed, all of these are 18×24”:  I can’t help but point out that this entire series would look pretty damn cool side-by-side-by-side-by-side across one wall in matching frames.  But then, I’m no interior decorator, and maybe you’re the kinda collector that just like decorating the inside of a flat-file:  I’m not here to judge, nor am I here to provide framing advice.  Do what thou wilt, and all that!

All of these will be available via the Acid-Free Gallery booth (#1681, if you’re attending) at New York’s Comic-Con starting October 11th.  After the Con, a very limited number of these will be available through the Acid-Free Gallery website.  Unfortunately, Limited Paper won’t be able to make it out to NYC for this year’s Comic-Con, but we’re hoping to get one of our other intrepid reporters to snag some photos for us while they’re there (rumors continue to circulate that there’s yet another image to be unveiled by Acid-Free Gallery during the event, but we’ll just have to wait and see on that front).  It’s also worth pointing out that these aren’t the last Hasbro prints we’ll be seeing from Acid-Free:  they’ve got a number of other prints in the works, and I’ve been told that we should expect from from the series over the next year.  As always, you can stay tuned to Limited Paper for more on those releases as they pop up.

That’s it for now, folks, but there’s plenty more on the way:  we’ve got news regarding the October 7th release of Mark Englert’s Dr. Who-themed The Oldest and Most Mighty Race in The Universe print (being released via LtDedition Art Gallery) to share tomorrow afternoon, followed by the biggest giveaway/contest we’ve ever done shortly after that…and that’s on top of an entire month’s worth of insanely awesome coverage surrounding Mondo’s forthcoming Universal Monsters gallery show.  As always, if you’re a gallery, artist, or just someone with a hot poster-related tip to share, you can reach us directly via email at  You should also be following along with us on the official Limited Paper Twitter feed for up-to-the-minute updates on all your favorite artists and screenprint-makers.  Everyone else?  Hit the comments section and let us know what you think about today’s releases!  Gonna be a great day, folks, keep your eyes peeled here at Limited Paper HQ for more!

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