IRON MAN Screenwriters Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby to Write TOMB RAIDER Reboot

     May 5, 2011


I’m not in favor of a Tomb Raider reboot.  I’ve never been particularly enamored of the Lara Croft character simply because I think she’s not an icon of ass-kicking female empowerment as much as she’s eye-candy for lonely male gamers.  I’ve said before that simply giving a woman a weapon and having her murder stuff doesn’t automatically equal a strong character.  Hopefully newly-hired screenwriters Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby can pull the character away from the awful video games (the original 1996 game is still the best one) and terrible movies and give her a worthwhile story.

Hit the jump for what Fergus and Ostby had to say about their plans for the character.

Fergus and Ostby, whose credits include Iron Man, Children of Men, and the upcoming Cowboys & Aliens, are aiming high in their take on Tomb Raider.  The duo tells Variety, “We aim to write an origin story for Lara Croft that solidifies her place alongside Ellen Ripley and Sarah Connor in the pantheon of great female action heroes.”  If you’re going to set your character to stand alongside Ripley and Sarah Connor, you better be damn sure you can deliver.  The writers would do well to remember that it isn’t simply that those character kick-ass that makes them work.  Ripley and Connor also feel fear, have maternal instincts, can crack wise, and have strategic minds.  The reason Lara Croft has failed on screen until now is because a pair of pistols may be enough for a video game, but it isn’t enough to make a compelling hero.


  • Antz

    I for one am welcoming to a reboot after the first two lackluster movies. I get why your cynical but I also get that there is still a rapid and profitable fan base out there. I am a fan of the franchise would agree to an extent Lara has never had an origin what we’ve seen in game or on screen so we don’t know first hand what struggles she has gone through so we can’t really relate to her as a character. I have every confidence that with GK Films and a great writing team at the helm it has a good chance to change that though.

  • Dia

    I’m hoping they do give Lara more depth in the movies, & am waiting for the new game which Lara actually starts the game with no weapons at all. I wonder if they’ll include her madison to walk around in & have the obstacle course. I’m a huge of the original & have played everyone since then but they do fail me at times. I enjoy the game for the fact that theres various strategies to achieve to open more passages & go forth within the game. Some quite challenging at times. Also being a HUGE Aliens (only the trilogy, after that please don’t bother talking to me about them) Ellen Ripley is quite a gal. But as good as the script hopefully will come out to be, finding the right leading lady makes all the difference.

  • space cadet

    let’s get er done

  • trick

    What these writers need to do is create some serious conflict for the character, raise the stakes to something higher and more personal than the previous movies have done.. The games started to get it right towrads the end, but they should combine some elements from all the games into this movie, like for instance her mansion being destroyed..

  • trick

    Also, the writers may want to wait for the new Tomb Raider game to be released, as it will include alot of Lara’s beginnings and how she came to be a successful treasure hunter and strong survivalist (shipwrecked, deserted island, survival instincts, etc…)

    And THEN, get a film that sees Lara Croft and Nathan Drake cross paths, that’d be SIIIICK!

  • tarek

    the worst choice they have made was when they`ve picked up Angelina Jolie for the role of Lara. She is just a 2D character. No emotions at all. Plus the awful script didn`t help also.

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  • zahirdeshi
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