June 3, 2011


E3 doesn’t technically start until Tuesday, but all the developers are trying to get a jump on each other which is funny because that means no one gets a jump on anybody.  I assume the plan is to get people excited with a trailer and then at E3 the developer will show some of the game and explain what players can do in it.  There will be presentations, there will be demos, and the only thing you’re not likely to see at E3 is Nintendo announcing an IP that isn’t based off a pre-existing property.

Trailers have gone online for a bunch of games, but I’m not going to turn this site into GameTrailers, so here are the trailers for the reboot of Tomb Raider (no gameplay shown, but plenty of awful voiceover dialogue), Soul Calibur V (cheesy story and voice acting, but the games have always been fun), and Saints Row: The Third (no gameplay, but a previously released screenshot showed your character beating someone with a dildo bat so I’m sold).  Hit the jump to check out the trailers.


  • !_!

    the only thing worth in E3 is nintendos new console. everything is crap. sony and microsoft lost e3 NITENDO FTW!!

  • Alex–

    Yep new voice actress for Lara sucks.

    • Jay

      I’m so glad someone else said it! For the love of cake, I thought it was only me who thought that. It sounds like they pulled some idiot from Skins who can’t act in to play Lara just for “chic” and “cool” value. It’s f****** annoying, man. They should have kept Keeley Hawes, I don’t know why they let go of her. So many dumb people saying, “But it’s a new Lara and she’s younger, it should be a different voice!”…

      NO. It doesn’t need to change. For f***’s sake, in Chronicles, Lara was 16 and she sounded the same but younger. In this new one she sounds like a completely different person! It’s an incredibly annoying voice, it sounds like Keira Knightley or some prat like that. Terrible casting choice. Her voice is so monotonous and boring. And that croaky s*** in her voice really gets on my nerves. It’s just not Lara. I love the fact that the game is delving into her past and into what made her who she is. Also I love that we’re going to see a much more vulnerable side to her; that was a needed addition to the franchise, so I’m up for the reboot and added features like survival and stuff, but why destroy her voice? It was one of the most iconic, memorable and familiar voices in gaming history, up there with Solid Snake, Nathan Drake and all the other characters we have come to love.

  • David

    Maybe voice sucks, but trailer for Tomb Raider looks better than thaty crappy mocap Tin Tin.

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