Tommy Lee Jones and Chris Cooper Sundance Video Interview THE COMPANY MEN

     February 2, 2010

Tommy Lee Jones and Chris Cooper The Company Men Sundance Interview.jpg

Just a few minutes ago I posted my video interview with writer/director John Wells for The Company Men, and now I’ve got two of the stars, Tommy Lee Jones and Chris Cooper.  During the interview, Jones and Cooper talked about being at Sundance, how they got involved in the film, working for John Wells on his first film, Tommy Lee Jones talks about The Sunset Limited (which he directed), and a lot more.  Hit the jump to watch two great actors talk about their upcoming movie:

If you’re not familiar with The Company Men, here’s a video review I did while at Sundance.  But the quick summary is it’s a very realistic drama that stars Ben Affleck, Chris Cooper, Tommy Lee Jones, Kevin Costner and Rosemary DeWitt.  It’s about three men that attempt to survive a round of corporate downsizing while trying to fend off its effects on their families and their identities.

A few things before watching.  This interview was recorded as part of a roundtable interview for The Company Men.  This was not an exclusive for Collider, hence why you’ll hear other people asking some of the questions.

Here’s what we discussed:

  • Being at Sundance and what that means to them
  • You can watch me get direction from Tommy Lee Jones about my microphone stand that was on a potato chip bag
  • Working with Roger Deacon again
  • What got them involved in the film
  • Jones talks about a project he was fired from
  • Working with John Wells on his first film
  • How has the changing indie movement affected them
  • 8:45 Tommy Lee Jones talks about his next directing job The Sunset Limited which he is about to wrap on
  • How did they research for the roles
  • Did they know each other before this job

MASSIVE SPOILER warning. DO NOT Watch after 14 minutes or you’ll hear massive spoilers



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