Tommy Lee Jones Talks MEN IN BLACK 3, CAPTAIN AMERICA, Spielberg’s LINCOLN, Favorite Movies, and More

     May 21, 2012


Opening this weekend is the third film in the Men in Black franchise.  Barry Sonnenfeld returns as director and the story finds Will Smith’s Agent J traveling back in time to save Tommy Lee Jones’ Agent K.  In addition to Bill Hader as Andy Warhol, Josh Brolin plays a younger version of Jones’ character and does an incredible job.  You’ll absolutely think you’re watching Jones as a young man.  Men in Black 3 also stars Jemaine Clement, Alice Eve, and Emma Thompson.  In addition, make-up effects artist Rick Baker returns to the franchise and you can see some of his creature work here.  For more on the film, here’s all our previous coverage.

Last week I got to speak with most of the cast and every day this week I’ll be posting a new interview.  Up first is Tommy Lee Jones.  While known as a tough interview (which he is), when Jones had something to say his answers were interesting and I even got him to smile a few times.  We talked about Men in Black 3, Captain America: The First Avenger, Steven Spielberg‘s Lincoln, his favorite movies, how many takes does he like to do as an actor and as the director, and more.  Hit the jump to watch.

Tommy Lee Jones

  • What are some of his favorite movies
  • Captain America: The First Avenger talk. I ask what did he think of the film and he talks about how he was interested in the ARRI Alexa which was used on the movie
  • Was he surprised that they finally decided to make a third Men in Black
  • Was he apprehensive about making another one
  • How many takes does he like to do. Explains as a director he likes to shoot 3 and explains what each take is for.
  • Talks about Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln movie


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  • Chris

    I’m not trying to be a dick, because I love this site. But every time Steve does an interview and he preface his questions by saying he’s going to ask a question that hasn’t been asked before or fun/goofy question. It’s extremely CRINGE inducing and a little embarrassing. Steve should just come out and ask whatever question he wants to ask. It would make the interview a lot smoother and maybe more fun for the celeb. He’s a good interviewer when he doesn’t preface everything he’s going to say. It’s just awkward.

    • paul tracy

      very much agree. i miss formality. quirky autonomy with an interview style that reminds me of a small dog that will not cease trying to jump into your lap is a bit trying. I often avoid the interviews wholly despite my interest in the subject. a pity because this is an incredible site.

      ~ p

  • Atlas2036

    I would say he is harder to interview than Robert De Niro.

    • vxx

      Yes, a bit like pulling teeth.

  • Roberto

    For as much as I am a fan of Steve Weintraub and his unique interview style, I beleive Tommy Lee Jones is one of the ultimate Badasses and he has scared the living shit out of any members of the press who talk to him… yet again that is my opinion (although it is factual).

    Greetings from Ecuador!

  • jimmer

    wow steve what a fun first question. feel sorry for tommy lee having to look at a guy with nail polish for 4 minutes

  • VicManMan

    Great interview, man. I would have shit my pants and started crying.

  • Ticklemytoes

    Tommy Lee probably thinks Captain America is pile of crap.

  • mee

    surprised TLJ hasn’t watched captain america. great great movie. wish he would take a look, cause by the sound of it, it looks like he kind of wrote that movie off.

  • BOF!

    I like this man, tolerating the mandatory interviews for a good paycheck, but not joining in on the charade. Pure badness.

  • Dodge_hickey

    Steve kinda annoyed me with some questions, but I suppose it’s his job…dont get me wrong, I love his interviews!

    Tommy Lee Jones is great but he seemed awful….tightened up in this interview

  • Darren

    Ah TLJ is so intimidating! You did well Frosty. I think I would have been tongue tied from the get go.

    I hope Will Smith was after this after this interview for you to recover :P

  • tornado victory

    they really shouldn´t let hipsternerds interview serious actors!

    • KBeat

      That was a pretty snarky comment and not very fair to Frosty, but damn if I didn’t laugh out loud.

  • Mike91

    I actually don’t mind Steve’s interviews. He asks the questions we want asked… and when he prefaces the initial question saying it’s goin to be fun and different, that’s meant to lighten up the situation. But with Tommy Lee Jones, the guy is so EFFING awkward!! He’s a badass but whoah, tough gig Steve. So I say, best possible job you could’ve done, loved that u asked if he saw Captain America!

    I also liked when he said his favourite film, you were like ‘the directors a great artist’.. good to respond to his question which you didn’t do when he was talking about his third take, the ‘safety’ take… but I wouldn’t have known how to respond to that anyway.

  • Steve m

    Did tommy lee give out what I saw as a sarcastic laugh when cap was mentioned!? He probably thought “give me a break, damn stupid superhero movie.” who agree

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  • Anonymous

    This interviewer actually did better with Tommy Lee than most because, despite the boring first question he thought would be so fun and original and wasn’t (and TLJ hates questions that start with what is your favorite movie), the interviewer was thoughtful, and I think TLJ appreciated that and appreciated his film references and genuine knowledge of film and film cameras, and he gave him a little something with the Kurosawa example, for example.