Sony, Hasbro and Happy Madison to Make TONKA TRUCKS Movie

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An animated feature film about Tonka Trucks is now in the works because of course it is.  Sony announced today that they will be partnering with Hasbro and Happy Madison to produce and develop an animated pic based on the popular brand of children’s toys.  Yes, now that robots and board games have already been mined for material, the new frontier for brand-recognizable feature films is toy trucks.  Fred Wolf, a Saturday Night Live vet and the screenwriter of Joe Dirt, Grown Ups and the upcoming Grown Ups 2 has been tasked with writing the script for the currently untitled Tonka Trucks project.

Sony is also developing feature films based on Risk and Candy Land in partnership with Hasbro, with Happy Madison also onboard for Candy Land.  It’d be great if Sony’s animation division could direct their talent towards original, character-driven projects, but apparently kids are still playing with Tonka Trucks, therefore there must be a Tonka Trucks movie.  Hit the jump to read the press release.

tonka-truck-movie-imageHere’s the press release:

CULVER CITY, Calif., June 11, 2012 – TONKA, the Hasbro brand that for 65 years has stood for its line of toy trucks for children, will bring its TONKA toughness to the big screen in a fully animated motion picture to be produced by Sony Pictures Animation, Hasbro and Happy Madison Productions. The announcement was made today by Bob Osher, president, Sony Pictures Digital Productions, Michelle Raimo-Kouyate, president of Production for Sony Pictures Animation and Brian Goldner, president and CEO of Hasbro. The film will also be produced and developed by Goldner and Hasbro’s senior vice president and managing director of motion pictures, Bennett Schneir and will be written by Fred Wolf.

The new TONKA project strengthens the growing ties between Sony Pictures and Hasbro, following the announcements that Sony Pictures is developing motion pictures based on Hasbro’s RISK and CANDY LAND brands. CANDY LAND is also a Happy Madison project.

Commenting on the announcement, Osher said, “In its 65 years, TONKA has become more than a toy or a brand – TONKA trucks are a rite of passage for kids all around the world. Time spent with these toys creates memories that last a lifetime as kids are inspired to play using the boundaries of their imagination. We look forward to creating a family friendly motion picture that brings the TONKA experience to life.”

Raimo-Kouyate added, “Fred and our friends at Happy Madison and Hasbro have a truly inventive take on what it means to be ‘TONKA tough’ that will translate the multi-generational appeal of this world-renowned brand into a fun animated adventure for the whole family.”

“We’re thrilled to be working with Bob, Michelle, and the amazing team of artists and storytellers at Sony Pictures Animation,” said Schneir. “Together with Happy Madison, we’re excited to bring TONKA trucks to life in a terrific story for audiences around the world.”

One of the most recognized brands in Hasbro’s portfolio, TONKA has been the bestselling toy truck globally since 1947. Giving children real-life, relatable experiences, TONKA trucks help kids learn the confidence to get the job done.

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  • Singularity

    Good gravy.

    • Real Sci-fi

      Bad mojo.

  • Anon

    Hey! Say what you want but I think this movie’s got potential… The potential to be one of the worst movies ever made! ziiiiiing

  • ScaredForMovies

    Why no talk of a Go-Bots movie? They’ll get to it eventually right? And since they’re using toys where is a Battle Beasts movie and when is the He-Man movie going to be made? But seriously this is getting beyond ridiculous. Yay capitalism.

    • T. Van

      Good questions.

      While I can’t see them treating Gobots as a standalone movie (only as characters within Transformers movies), the window of relevance is closing on some of their properties that peaked in the 80′s. He-Man is a prime example.

      Of course, if the Micronauts option moves over to Disney/Marvel, they might very well hit a hidden goldmine.

  • swans183

    You’d think they’d learn their lesson after Battleship sank… wait, that wasn’t a kids movie. It’ll probably make hundreds of millions then, ‘cuz kids have no taste. Can’t blame them, of course, but you can blame their parents..

  • Tony Bada-Bing

    So this is it? Film studios making movies about toys and board games?

    I’m not trying to criticize too hard, but I gotta say, with all the hundreds of novels out there, this is the best material they got?

    If they’re gonna adapt games and toys, how about a Monopoly movie?

    Or how about something like Hot Wheels v.s. Matchbox cars? (Although “Fast and Furious” might be the closest thing we have now-a-days to that.)

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  • Nolan Crispus

    This is sounds absolutely horrid.

    Thank you Hasbro, thank you Adam Sandler, thank you for pulling down the creative efforts of humanity.

    You should be ashamed of yourselves.

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