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At the end of the year, the internet churns out more top ten lists than you can possibly handle. We here at Collider will post a few of our own, but since this is a populist site, we want to hear what you think. We have put together a poll where you can vote on your ten favorite movies of the year. I’ll tally up the votes and report back on what Collider readers believe to be the best of 2012. Hit the jump to vote.

This is the first time we’ve done this, so we may have to work out a few kinks. You can select up to ten movies from the list below—the other options are grayed out once ten are selected. If one of your favorites is not listed, you can write it in at the very bottom. To keep it simple, I did not include documentary features.

The poll has measures in place to keep you to one vote. You are a smart person who can probably figure out a workaround to vote multiple times, but I kindly request that you don’t.

So have at it!  Choose your ten and click “Vote Now” at the bottom.

What are your favorite movies of 2012?

We will tally up the votes and report back soon.

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  • Efren

    I voted.


    2012 was a pretty great year

  • kyle


  • Troy

    Great year for movies!

  • CanadaBoooy

    i wanted to put in Take the Waltz but it came down to that movie and The Master. The Master was little bit better.

  • Diego


  • ariel

    i´m follow yo from Argentina … im love this page

  • Ms Grey


  • Diego


  • Renato




  • aldeniro

    end of watch

  • Johnny

    I tried fitting The Amazing Spiderman into my top 10, but the only film that came close to being replaced was The Avengers. In the end, had to recall the number of times I laughed and The Avengers was just more fun to watch. The Amazing Spiderman comes in at a very close 11.
    Top 10 in no particular order:
    Looper – Best scifi and in the running for best action film and best film period
    The Avengers – Best superhero film and funnier than expected
    Chronicle – Final act was fairly predictable and cliche but that didn’t take away from the cool experience of this film
    Ted – This narrowly edges out 21 Jump Street as the funniest film
    Raid: Redemption – Best foreign film and hands down the best action film
    21 Jump Street – Far exceeded expectations and very very funny even with repeat viewings
    The Cabin in the Woods – The best of many genres and I love its self-awareness and awesome metaness
    The Dark Knight Rises – Not as epic as its predecessors but no less awesome
    The Secret World of Arrietty – Any film that brings me to tears is a winner and Studio Chibli just plains rocks
    Prometheus – Felt more like a documentary despite the scares and thrills, but as a nerd I kinda reveled in that intelligent onslaught

  • Greg


  • Anazion


  • lucas i love the glove its so bad

    RED TAILS!!!! i’m drunk, where am i? so lonely on christmas

  • Harsh

    im from india so i havent seen some of the movies on this list yet…like master.I also wanted to put compliance in but i couldnt choose between that and dark shadows

  • Matt A.


  • Joseph Powers

    Prometheus was over-criticized and under-appreciated. Easily the best scifi film of the last decade.

    • Snatchmo

      The second part of this statement is preposterageous! Just off the top of my head, it wasn’t even close to Moon, District 9 or Children of Men. Hell, even the Star Trek reboot blew it out of the water.

      • Griz

        District 9, by FAR! I remember watching it overseas at a shitty theater and still having my mind blown off its skull. . . . Same for Star Trek. . . . .Children of men, however, annoyed the hell out of me.

    • jason

      I completely agree. I don’t know why all the hatred towards it. Maybe people were expecting the Aliens formula.

      • jason

        I think Prometheus was the best movie of the year and I don’t think the decade comment was that far fetched. Thinking about the last decade, I may have to agree.

  • junierizzle

    End of Watch. But I still haven’t seen Django.

  • Carlos

    when does the poll close?

    • Brendan Bettinger

      I don’t know. It will be open for at least a couple days.

  • Ray M.

    Anna Karenina

  • Tyr

    Good year…

  • jason

    I think Prometheus was the best movie of the year and I don\’t think the decade comment was that far fetched. Thinking about the last decade, I may have to agree.

  • upendra

    Anybody voted for Breaking Dawn ?? :P

    • Griz

      Ask that question again during the next MTV movie awards, Teen choice awards or People’s choice awards.

    • Capuchin

      NO LES MIS IS 100 TIMES BETTER… but i respect ur opinion no heart feelings

    • Ruby

      I defo voted for Breaking Dawn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      I love Jacob xxxxx

  • JoJo

    Argo’s gotta be the #1 movie of 2012 for me. It may not have been the best made, but I don’t think any movie thrilled, intrigued, or entertained me more than that one. Hoping it can pull out a Best Picture Oscar come February!

  • Brad

    The Imposter

  • Max Drome

    Jack Reacher is the best .

  • Mike

    Rise=biggest disappointment

    • Anonymous

      Think the avengers and the dark knight rises were the best summer movies of 2012

  • Michael Oberg

    Les Miserables & Lincoln–best movies & performances by far.

  • Michael Oberg

    Les Miserables and Lincoln–best movies & performances by far.

  • Jacob

    1.Django Unchained
    2.End of Watch
    4.The Grey
    5.The Dark Knight Rises
    8.Taken 2
    9.The Woman in Black

  • The Dark Knight Rises Blows sack

    Nolan’s a child molester and made a piss poor movie. Don’t encourage him. Just because he has hipster cred doesn’t allow him to make a movie equally as bad as Transformers Revenge of the Fallen and be praised for it. He’s a hack fraud fuck.

  • James

    01. The Avengers. – This film is a truly epic film, with brilliant performances all-round, incredible writing and directing, surprisingly funny and some of the best action sequences of all time. Oh, and THE GODDAMN HULK!!

    02. The Cabin in the Woods. – One of the most intelligent horror films in many years, with great humor and an incredibly realized world.

    03. Les Miserables. – Not perfect, but Anne Hathaway and Hugh Jackman deserves Oscars, and visually, this is the best film since Gangs of New York. Hooper’s direction is a little too showy, but it doesn’t take away from the incredible beauty of the visuals and story.

    04. The Master. – Three of the best actors of our time giving there greatest performances they’ve ever give. I think the film comes off a little preachy, but it’s so disturbing and never, ever boring. PTA is the best director working.

    05. Zero Dark Thirty. – Jessica Chastain, Jessica Chastain, Jessica Chastain!! My God can this woman give a riveting performance or what?! Bigalow has really come into her own and made a disturbing, thrilling film, even though apparently, none of it is really that real. It lags a little here and there and the supporting performances are a little average, but it’s a great film.

    06. Looper.
    07. 21 Jump Street.
    08. Argo.
    09. Ted.
    10. Skyfall

    • Matt Goldbergs Mom

      Wonder how you’d vote without Joss’ johnson in your mouth.

  • Sponge fist

    1-10 is The Avengers. Easily the best movie of the year ten times in a row.

    Hands down the shittiest movie of the year if not the decade was Prometheus closely followed by Dark Knight Rises.

  • whack job

    Dark knight rises: the greatest superhero movie, Dredd: the most perfect comic book movie, the Raid: greatest action movie of the decade, Skyfall: best james bond movie in a long, long time. End of watch: best cop movie,
    Avengers:…big budget…fun….TV movie. see it once and that’s it. something for the kiddies.

  • whack job

    Dark knight rises: the greatest superhero movie, Dredd: the most perfect comic book movie, the Raid: greatest action movie of the decade, Skyfall: best james bond movie in a long, long time. End of watch: best cop movie,
    Avengers:…big budget…fun….TV movie. see it once and that\’s it. something for the kiddies.

  • Raphael

    1. The Master
    2. Jagten
    3. Killing Them Softly
    4. ParaNorman
    5. The Dark Knight Rises

  • Rise

    Those who hav been saying avengers is the best movie of 2012…seriously havnt u guys watched any other movies..2012 was a great year and we saw some excellent performances all round..avengers was jzt a pop corn stop pushing it to the top 10!!

  • Lance

    Avengers is probably the best pure popcorn flick not just of this year but for the past several. But best movie of the year overall? Films like Prometheus and Dark Knight Rises had higher ambitions than Avengers.

    You read the comments and it’s clear — most of the criticism directed against Prometheus and Dark Knight Rises are from those who just wanted a lot of chest-burstin’, bat-punchin’ action, with everyone getting a chance to say their one-liners in between. That’s why I always point out Transformers and Bay are the kind of “movies” these people like.

    • Pocketses

      And most people supporting those films are pretentious asses who think they’re opinions are the only one’s that matter. I love drama more than I do action or comedy, I just don’t like PLOT HOLES. I don’t give a good god damn about a films ambition if it fails to meet it. That simply means that the filmmaker doesn’t know his own limitations. And you think just because people don’t like a single movie out of all of those released this year, you somehow know everything about their tastes, and whether they like what you consider to be a bad film that is COMPLETELY unrelated to the film in question?

      Yeah, it’s almost hard to believe people don’t like Chris Nolan fanboys. Get the hell over yourself. People didn’t like your favorite movie. Good for you, I’m glad you liked it. I’m glad you could look over the gaping holes in it’s plot, it’s ridiculous choice in villain and it’s decades-old macguffin. Some of us could not. That doesn’t make us any form of troglodyte. It just makes us someone with a different opinion.

      Good god, what the hell makes you people so stuck up about a damn MOVIE?

      • Lance

        Please. You may claim to love drama more than action or comedy, but you give yourself away when you post somewhere else that you thought The Hobbit was the best movie of the year. Because the drama in that dish-tossing scene was so amazing, right?

        Sorry, but if my words sting you, it’s because they hit home, with the veracity and force of truth.

      • Pocketses

        That’s a pathetic excuse for an argument, and honestly it’s simplistic troll bait. You pretend that you can simply generalize everyone into a single category, just because someone enjoys a single movie more than another.

        You look down on people for their opinion on entertainment, thinking that if you like something that you yourself deem to be intelligent, then you will by proxy, be more intelligent. That’s simply not the case. I liked the Hobbit, I’ve been a fan of those books and films for over 25 years, I think I have a right to enjoy a well put together adaptation. There wasn’t drama in a scene meant for levity, because, you know, by definition, it wasn’t intended to be dramatic.

        However there was more drama in the Riddles in the Dark scene than in any given second of The Dark Knight Rises. I’m sorry that you can’t accept that other people can have their own opinions without fitting into some wonderful little stereotype you’ve created in your mind, but I assure you, they can. Everyone can enjoy whatever they want. If someone didn’t like Dark Knight Rises, they don’t automatically like Michael Bay films. And if they like Michael Bay films, they won’t automatically hate Dark Knight Rises. Open your mind up a little bit, maybe you’ll fit in with a crowd one day and won’t feel the need to belittle people you know nothing about.

        Enjoy your gaping plot holes.

      • Enigmatic

        Pocketses, that was one of the most well said and succinct comments I’ve read in a long time and I wholeheartedly agree with everything you said. One’s opinion is just that an opinion nothing more and nothing less. Can we please stop trying to pretend that we’re automatically more intelligent than others based solely on differences in movie tastes.

      • Lance

        Pocketses and Enigmatic, you are both hypocrites to the extreme. You keep telling everyone your opinions are above reproach, or at least no one should criticize you for them because you are entitled to an opinion.

        Well what about the people who created all these movies? Aren’t they entitled to an opinion? What makes you feel so free to bash their work and yet feel like you should never be taken to task, ever?

        And since you feel all opinions are equally valid, tell me how much loved Battleship, and how many times you saw it in theaters.

      • spongefist

        The Dark Knight Rises was shit. I much prefer the Transformers movies.

    • Bisharat Minhas

      I definitely agree 100%! I get it that it has unanswered questions, but ever since Prometheus was announced, Ridley did say that although the film shares “strands of Alien’s DNA, so to speak”, and takes place in the same universe, it will explore its own mythology and ideas. That way it wouldn’t repeat all that kick-ass and chest-burstin’ scenes! That is exactly how to make a science-fiction movie truly original, it has to be completely different. Plus, the sequel’s been announced, so don’t lose hope. Who knows, in the end Scott might bring a story that will directly link with Alien.

  • Get Em

    Cmon ppl the avengera was very entertaining and worthy of top ten but by far not the best. Prometheus was a great movie even if its structure wasn’t there but regardless was very beautiful visually. Dark knight same diff lots of loop holes but wortthy of top ten. 21 jump st was probably my biggest surprise followed by chronicle. Both were fabulous for their genre. The raid was an instant favorite of mine but I’m a sucker for martial arts. Hell even man with iron fists was a great entertainment. I really hope a true movie makes the number one spot not a movie from fanboys.

  • Pocketses

    TDKR barely cracks my top 20, let alone top 10, but I’m sure it’ll be atop this list.

    For me, Hobbit is far and away the winner, with Cabin in the woods at a surprising 2 spot and Django right after that. Great films all around!

  • Darrin Ramroop

    headhunters, no other movie had heights like that film

  • Bob

    Avenges does deserve to be in the Top 10 imho. I saw it for the fifth time now, the fifth time was back in the movie theater again on a cruise and it still holds up everytime. Its still hilarious, features good acting from the entire ensemble cast, has spectacular visuals, great writing, and amazing action. Its an all around great movie. Also it accomplished something no other franchise has ever done. It made a shared movie universe in one movie that features plenty of different main characters and supporting characters, and it does it highly succesfully.

  • The Truth

    Django Unchained. Best film of 2012.

    As for Prometheus. Prometheus sucked. It is even close to being in the top ten of 2012 much less the decade. It was a pointless movie that actually ruins the Alien mythology much like the Prequels ruined Star Wars mythology. Prometheus is very pretty, but it is soulless. Here are some reasons why it sucked:

    Why would Halloway take off his mask because they detected an oxygen atmosphere? What kind of scientist would assume it was an environment safe of other dangers such as disease, micro-bacteria or other dangerous gases? Why would a scientist who’s afraid of an ancient corpse turn around and a few minutes later stick his face right in front of a living, cobra-like alien?! Why did David infect Halloway? For experimentation? Did Weiland tell him to do it, did he do it on his own? No explanation there. What was the significance of revealing that that Weiland was Charlize Theron’s dad? Who cares? Why should we care? Why did Weiland have to pretend that he was dead? Again, why should we care? The characters in the movie certainly did not. Nobody even cared that he died. The fact that he was alive and kept his presence a secret should indicate deceit, no? Why did the engineers create a map to a planet that housed their weapons facility? So they could back track their way to Earth? They already know where Earth is located. So humans can travel millions of light years to meet their own demise? Whatever the explanation, they couldn’t possibly be any better than both of those stupid explanations. But, it was never explained. If the engineers created man and life on Earth, how do they account for the dinosaurs and the life in between? Why would the Engineers want to go to Earth to destroy us when they created us? The hologram of the Engineers was never explained. What were they running from? Were they running from the black goo? If so, why would they run into a room full of black goo? Were they betrayed by the last living engineer? Were they running from watching Prometheus or having to explain the plot holes to people? Again, no explanation.

    I don’t care if these and other plot holes are explained in a book or other movie or website or whatever, we’re talking about the film itself. The movie was filler, the only scene that mattered was the last scene where the Xeno-whatever emerges, meanwhile Ridley Scott stumbled and fumbled the film to get to that point.

    The Dark Knight’s biggest weakness was (up until now) the trilogy’s greatest strength, the Batman universe set in gritty reality. The fact that all these extraordinary things happened in “reality” makes the movie seem absurd. It is steeped in self-pretentiousness, the Nolan Batman films took themselves too seriously, and are, quite frankly, boring. When you set your film in gritty realism, you set the bar for suspension of disbelief very high, so when something as silly as the plane scene happens or the stadium scene happens, you are immediately ejected from that world and realize that how silly it is. The only reason The Dark Knight was lauded and received so much attention was Heath Ledger’s death and subsequent showing performance in theaters. Batman Begins? Snooze.

    • The Truth

      Sorry for all the typos, I’m typing at 100 miles per hour over here!

  • SP1234

    1. The Dark Knight Rises
    2. The Hunger Games
    3. Cloud Atlas
    4. Lincoln
    5. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
    6. Skyfall
    7. Prometheus
    8. Dark Shadows
    9. Django Unchained
    10. The Master

  • Bisharat Minhas

    For me, Prometheus is just #1, I just loved how original it was, and the concept of questioning our origins just pulled me in instantly, Cloud Atlas is my #2, yeah yeah it’s long, but what an ambitious movie from Tykwer and the Wachowski Siblings! The Dark Knight Rises is in #3, I just loved how Nolan had ended the trilogy, it’ll definitely be remembered as one of the best trilogies ever. The Avengers come in #4, loved the cast and the script, less story but good amount of action to overcome the flaws. And End of Watch comes in #5, definitely one of the best police dramas I’ve ever seen. Gyllenhaal and Pena were just perfect!

  • Nate

    1. Cloud Atlas
    2. Moonrise Kingdom
    3. Life of Pi
    4. The Dark Knight Rises
    5. Django Unchained

  • 12345

    1. The Hobbit
    2. Dark Knight Rises
    3. The Raid
    4. Cabin in the woods
    5. Prometheus

  • James

    TDKR, The Avengers= Best! Love both of those movies so much and have watched them so many times. Great year for movies.

  • 12345

    Wanted to add that my list is not complete. I haven´t yet seen Life of Pi, Cloud Atlas, Lincoln, Django and The Master. The list would have to be rearranged to a ten best movies of the year but I doubt anything could push down my preciousss hobbit from that list.

  • 12345

    I can´t belive you are making the same lame arguments about Prometheus that all the fanboys made when it was released. Get over it and move on, man. Just try to forget you ever watched it and next time try to lower expectations. That´s what I did and boy was I in for a surprise. I never thought it would be as good as Alien or even Aliens and I was right. It sits on the third spot after Alien and Aliens. But in some regards it surpassed them.

    Why did he take of the helmet? Because err… well it is more comfortable to move around without a giant helmet covering your head and face. I thought that was obvious. If there is no danger then there is no danger. Why wear a helmet? I honestly don´t get why everyone is so upset about the crew taking of the helmets? Did something happen that I missed because they didn´t wear helmets? Or do you mean that taking of the helmets led to the death of the two scientists? Well that alien snake would have found a way to kill them, with or without the helmets. If there is one thing I can agree with was their strange behaviour with the alien snake. They wanted to touch it and that didn´t make sense at all.

    David was like a three year old child morally but like a thousand year old human intellectually with an iq of over 350. He knows languages and has knowledge about so many things, but he doesn´t understand what is right or wrong. He doesn´t understand that it is wrong to murder a human, much like a psychopath, but he didn´t kill Holloway because he wanted a kick, he killed him out of curiousity. Like a child he wants to understand, to experiment. That was the first impression I got from David. Another explanation that is probably more in tune with the filmakers intentions is that Weyland told him to get results. Why is it that a modern film audience always want everything spelled out exactly and then if they don´t get it explained the say it was a plot hole. I thought the way that David killed Holloway, not beucause he was evil or any other darker intention, and what that led to with Elisabeth beeing infected and everything was the highlight of the whole movie. He wanted to see what would happen with this alien goo inside a human. Sorry you didn´t like it. It was brilliantly handled.

  • Tom

    Not a fan of The Avengers or Prometheus. That crap has no replay value whatsoever.

    Top 10, no order:

    Silver Linings Playbook
    The Master
    Django Unchained
    Beasts of a Southern Wild
    The Dark Knight Rises
    Safety Not Guaranteed

  • Superprongs

    Welp, I’m feeling inclined to right my own list up: (In relatively accurate order)
    1) Moonrise KIngdom
    2) Holy Motors
    3) The Master
    5) Silver Lining Playbook
    6) The Raid
    7) Cabin in the Woods
    8)Django Unchained
    9) Wreck-it-Ralph
    10) Kil List

    I’m was torn on whether to include Damsels in Distress, The Innkeepers, 21 Jump Street or Cloud Atlas–each of which found charming in their own ways. And my opinion feels a little invalidated until I’ve seen Zero Dark Thirty and Amour… And nothing (necessarily) against the big blockbusters this year but they all seemed to significantly falter in some way… The Avengers and Amazing Spider-Man being closest to making the cut.

  • Chris

    John Carter by far the best movie of 2012. Disney give us the sequels !

  • Robert C

    My favorite movie i dont think has been mentioned yet
    1.John Carter
    2.The Avengers
    4.Man With The Iron Fist

  • Mr. Orange

    Django Unchained for sure. Every second of those three hours had me captivated.

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  • Aks

    Can somebody please tell when this poll is closing?


  • Chris

    JC forever !.

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  • David Clark

    Shut up, Joel Schumacher.

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