TOP 5: 2012 Oscar Nods, CHUCK Series Finale Interviews, THE GREY, MAN ON A LEDGE, 2012 Sundance Coverage

     January 28, 2012


So, after two weeks of talking about it, I finally caught Steven Soderbergh‘s Haywire. My thoughts? I was satisfied. Not blown away. Not shaking my head in disappointment. Satisfied. Soderbergh’s fight scenes were as beautifully executed as can be reasonably expected. In my opinion, though, there just weren’t enough of them. David Holmes’ score was fantastic when set behind said fight/chase/action sequences so, by default, there just wasn’t enough of it. The same could be said for much of the ensemble cast. In large part, their screen time was time well served. There just wasn’t enough of it to go around. So, do I recommend Haywire? Sure. As long as you go in with the expectation of seeing a slick action/thriller that is somewhat light on action and thrills. Now, onto business…

…After the jump, you’ll find that this week’s “Top 5″ is comprised of the 2012 Oscar nominations, interviews from our Chuck series finale set visit, a number of interviews for both The Grey and Man on a Ledge, and an ode to all of our 2012 Sundance coverage. A quick recap and link to each follows.

1. 2012 Oscar Nominations


Let the “this person/film got snubbed” talk begin. This past Tuesday morning saw the nominees announced for the 84th Annual Academy Awards and, per usual, the most exciting conversation isn’t so much “who’s going to win?” as it is “why was this person/film nominated over that over person/film?”. As for me? I’m just happy to see both Melissa McCarthy and Nick Nolte’s names called for their stellar supporting work.  Rest assured that I will defend them passionately to anyone who says they aren’t deserving because, for those of us on the outside looking in, that’s what the Oscars are all about.

2. CHUCK Series Finale Set Visit Interviews with Zachary Levi, Yvonne Strahovski, and More


While fans of the series may still be in mourning over its recent end, we can only hope that our own Christina Radish’s interviews from the series finale set of Chuck will help as part of their coping process. To partake in the healing, check out her sit-downs with stars Zachary Levi, Yvonne Strahovski and Adam Baldwin, and co-creator Chris Fedak.

3. THE GREY Interviews with Liam Neeson, Director Joe Carnahan, and More


At this point, it’s a foregone conclusion that any role Liam Neeson takes on will either A) be that of a badass or B) be made to look like a badass by Neeson, who is himself, a badass. The Grey is no different as it features Neeson taking on a pack of wolves in the Alaskan tundra. I haven’t seen the pic yet, but I’m guessing that the wolves come out worse for the wear. Whether you’ve already watched and loved The Grey or if you’re still trying to decide whether or not to take the plunge and check it out, our interviews with Neeson, director Joe Carnahan, James Badge Dale and Frank Grillo, Dermot Mulroney and Dallas Roberts may be just the place for you. It may not be a bad idea to check out Bill’s review of the pic either.

4. MAN ON A LEDGE Interviews with Jamie Bell, Elizabeth Banks, and More

Jamie Bell and Genesis Rodriguez Man on a Ledge interview slice

I have to admit that I’m really curious to find out exactly why Sam Worthington’s character is standing on that ledge. The synopsis assures me that it’s not the clear-cut suicide threat that it seems. So what is it? Is he being set up somehow? Blackmailed? Does he just need the fresh air? I need to know. While I try and arrange plans to check Man on a Ledge out in theaters, I encourage you to learn a little more about the film (aside from the key question posed above) by watching Steve’s interviews with stars Jamie Bell and Genesis Rodriguez, Edward Burns, Elizabeth Banks, and Anthony Mackie.

5. Our Sundance 2012 Coverage


Sundance isn’t a race, it’s a marathon. For the past ten days or so, Steve and Matt have subjected themselves to Utah in January for the sake of providing you the reader with interviews and reviews from one of the most influential film festivals in the world. A labor of love to be sure. But a considerable labor nonetheless. In case you’ve missed anything thus far, or if you just want one place to go for all of our coverage, click here to stay up to date.

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