March 10, 2012


I’ll use this week’s opening paragraph to offer a bit of foreshadowing. There’s a great chance that I’m going to be talking about 21 Jump Street here next week. Now, I’ll admit, I’ve never been one to laud the work of Channing Tatum. For the first time ever, though, I’m going into a film with high expectations for his performance. I think that everything I’ve seen of the film thus far looks terrific and Matt’s review and this NSFW extended trailer are just icing on the cake at this point.

On tap in this week’s “Top 5″ is a plethora of John Carter coverage including interviews with Taylor Kitsch, Andrew Stanton and more, a video blog recap of Topher Grace‘s Star Wars prequels edit, new images and a new trailer for The Cabin in the Woods, Silent House interviews with Elizabeth Olsen and co-directors Chris Kentis and Laura Lau, and the first image of Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer in The Lone Ranger. Per usual, a brief recap and link to each await after the jump.

1. JOHN CARTER Interviews with Taylor Kitsch, Andrew Stanton, and More


No doubt, John Carter‘s opening weekend isn’t off to a spectacular start. Blame it on a vague marketing message, mixed critical reaction, a general malaise amongst moviegoers, etc. Regardless of which scapegoat you choose, the point is that a Disney pic with a production budget north of $200 million should probably generate more interest than an estimated $9.8 million opening night box office take would imply. All of this said, if you’re at all on the fence about John Carter, I recommend checking out Matt’s enthusiastic review of the pic and our interviews with Taylor Kitsch, Dominic West, director Andrew Stanton, and producers Jim Morris and Lindsey Collins as a way of potentially tipping the scales in the film’s favor.

2. Video Blog: Topher Grace Edits STAR WARS Prequels into One 85-Minute Movie


General disenchantment with George Lucas’ Star Wars prequels isn’t all that rare. Taking it upon yourself to edit the three films (whose combined theatrical cuts total nearly 7 hours) into one 85-minute ride is. And yet, Topher Grace has done just that. While a vast majority of us will most likely never have the opportunity to see his cut for ourselves, you can check out what is arguably the next best thing: Steve’s screening recap and video blog.

3. New Trailer and Images for THE CABIN IN THE WOODS


Jealousy and bitterness are certainly not admirable emotions, but every single person at SXSW who has had the opportunity to watch The Cabin in the Woods before me is currently on the receiving end of both. Sorry, friends. Those are the breaks. All jealousy and bitterness aside, I highly encourage our readers to check out some new footage in the film’s latest trailer, these new images, and Matt’s SXSW review. April 13th, you really can’t get here fast enough.

4. SILENT HOUSE Interviews with Elizabeth Olsen and Directors Chris Kentis & Laura Lau


I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to be able to cover two horror films in the “Top 5″. The genre was my first cinematic love and the fact that we have two horror films that I’m genuinely excited about seeing opening within a month or so of one another is pleasing to say the least. If you share in my excitement, then you will do well to watch our video interviews with Silent House star Elizabeth Olsen and co-directors Chris Kentis & Laura Lau. While we’re on the subject, reading Matt’s review of the flick might not be a bad idea either.

5. First Image of Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer in THE LONE RANGER


I won’t lie to you, my interest level in director Gore Verbinski and producer Jerry Bruckheimer’s The Lone Ranger currently sits at “slim to none”. That said, with the release of the film’s first official image hitting the interwebs this week, I have to pay tribute to Johnny Depp for his willingness to make Tonto look like a slightly more deranged Captain Jack Sparrow. Kudos, Mr. Depp. You’re wearing the hell out of that seemingly deceased bird.

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