September 1, 2012


I have a confession to make: I’ve dropped too much cash on sweet, sweet movie poster prints and frames the last month or so. In addition to my Mondo/Jock The Dark Knight Rises print (which was secured for me by my friend and fellow Collider teammate, Bill Graham), I’ve also picked up Mondo/Phantom City Creative’s The Cabin in the Woods and this little Drive gem by artist Louis Fernando Cruz all in a matter of a few weeks. While I couldn’t be any happier with my purchases (well, I could have stood to pay a little less for The Cabin in the Woods), the truth remains that I’m quickly running out of wall space and disposable income. With all of this in mind, I do have to give a big “thank you” to my wife for tolerating my plans to adorn our house with movie posters. I’ve promised her that my buying flurry will now subside. Unless, of course, someone out there has a Gallery 1988/Rhys Cooper Robocop print they want to part with on the cheap, in which case, I think I have just enough wall space and unaccounted for monies to make one last purchase.

Poster hunting aside, in this week’s edition of the Top 5, I’ve compiled for your reading pleasure our Lawless interviews with Shia LaBeouf, screenwriter/composer Nick Cave, and more, a week filled with rumors surrounding Warner Bros.’ Justice League pic, For a Good Time, Call… video interviews with Ari Graynor, Lauren Miller, and more, a well deserved red-band trailer for The To Do List, and some encouraging, some not so encouraging, news from the set of director Jose Padilha‘s Robocop reboot. A brief recap and link to each awaits after the jump.

1. LAWLESS Interviews with Shia LaBeouf and More


With director John Hillcoat’s Prohibition-era drama Lawless hitting theaters this weekend we not only brought you an interview with co-star Shia LaBeouf and Dane DeHaan, but also with screenwriter/composer Nick Cave, and producers Douglas Wick and Lucy Fisher (who also took some time to discuss another project they produced, The Great Gatsby). Over the course of covering the film, I’ve made it pretty clear that I’m excited to check it out as soon as possible. That said, if you’re still on the fence, I also recommend checking out Matt’s 7.6/10 review which may provide that final “pro” marble you need to tip the scales toward seeing it.

2. JUSTICE LEAGUE Rumors Abound


Given the otherworldly success of Marvel’s The Avengers, it’s only logical that DC Comics is looking to climb all aboard the potential moneytrain that is the ensemble superhero pic with Justice League. That unsurprising fact aside, this past week provided us with a few rumors that are ripe for endless speculation: the film could house the first post Dark Knight Trilogy iteration of Batman and Lana and Andy Wachowski are on Warner Bros.’ wishlist of potential directors.

3. FOR A GOOD TIME, CALL Interviews with Ari Graynor, Lauren Miller, and More

for-a-good-time-call-ari graynor lauren anne miller slice

In limited release this weekend is the phone-sex comedy For a Good Time, Call…. In celebration of its release and all phone-sex-centric comedy in general we were proud to bring you video interviews with co-stars Ari Graynor and Lauren Miller, co-writer (and former phone-sex operator) Katie Anne Naylon, and director Jamie Travis. Given the film’s independent nature, you may or may not know a ton about it. That in mind, before checking out the above-listed interviews, it may be a good idea to first check out this red-band trailer and these 4 clips from the pic to get yourself comfortable with the material.

4. Red-Band Trailer for THE TO DO LIST


Continuing in the vein of sex-driven comedies, my pick for this week’s fourth slot is this hard earned red-band trailer for Aubrey Plaza’s The To Do List (formerly titled The Hand Job). Bland, ensemble Valentine’s romantic comedies of yesteryear and of the future take note: from “skorts” to mutual pleasure and cunnilingus, The To Do List looks to have everything a movie getting released on Valentine’s Day weekend should have.

5. Jose Padilha Describes ROBOCOP Reboot Production as “Hell”


As someone who loves Paul Verhoeven’s Robocop and yet prides himself on giving things a fair shake, director Jose Padilha’s Robocop reboot has me in a bit of an internal conundrum. Do I let things like this strongly negative script reaction and Padilha’s own reported admission that the film’s production is “hell” give me the out I so desperately desire? Or do I let something positive like the film’s solid cast and Michael Keaton’s inclusion as its villain bring me back to a place where I’m willing to give it a shot? Decisions, decisions.

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