TOP 5: STAR WARS Spinoffs and Editorial, SIDE EFFECTS, HULK and AVENGERS Sequel Details, Netflix Editorial, THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2

     February 9, 2013


We’ll dedicate more time to this topic after the jump, but in just a few sentences I want to share a quick thought I had while watching Netflix’s House of Cards last weekend. It’s not just that I think the show is great. When you involve talents like Kevin Spacey and David Fincher, it’s hard to imagine a scenario where quality work is in short supply. It’s that this level of material was birthed by and is only consumed via the Internet. I’ve been in debates where the question was whether or not the web would foster an age of amateurs. A future in which the training and dedication required to further perfect one’s craft would fall by the wayside leaving audiences with less than stellar work produced by those made lazy by the eased production and distribution technologies afforded by the Internet. While the fact that I’m writing to a considerable audience today via this site is evidence to that very argument, the overall quality of HOC is a strong rebuttal against those concerned about the quality of entertainment work in a digital age.

All thinking out loud aside, this week’s Top 5 features an editorial response to Disney’s announcement that Star Wars spinoff films are in the works, Side Effects interviews with Steven Soderbergh and more, a word about Hulk’s movie future, Matt’s editorial on Netflix and the affect time shifting has on viewing habits, and the latest news out of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 camp. As you’re probably expecting, a brief recap and link to each waits after the jump.

1. STAR WARS Spinoffs Will Abound; How It Could Impact the Franchise’s Legacy


In this week’s version of “What’s New in the Star Wars Universe?” Disney CEO Bob Iger confirmed that the Mouse House won’t just bring fans a new trilogy, but also a slew of standalone films that focus on iconic characters such as Yoda, Han Solo, Boba Fett, and Jar Jar Binks (okay, I made that last one up). In response to said news, Matt wrote an editorial explaining his opposing stance on the announcement and why he thinks it could tarnish the franchise’s legacy. Whether you agree or disagree, you’re bound to have an opinion and we’d love to hear it in the editorial’s comments section assuming it isn’t “you suck and are wrong because you suck and are wrong”.

2. SIDE EFFECTS Interviews with Steven Soderbergh and More


While interview coverage of newly released pics is a staple around these parts, it’s not everyday that we’re able to post a marathon interview with one of the medium’s most prolific creators. Nevertheless, that is exactly the case this week as Steve landed an extended interview with Steven Soderbergh for his new movie Side Effects in which they discussed that film and a lot more. Additionally, we also have Matt’s review of the movie and Steve’s less extensive, albeit still entertaining, interviews with Jude Law, screenwriter Scott Z. Burns, and Vinessa Shaw.

3. Details Emerge for New HULK Movie and His Potential Role in AVENGERS 3


Following on the heels of Super Bowl XLVII our friend El Mayimbe over at Latino Review treated us to a Marvel scoop that proved worthy of its coveted timeslot. If you want to learn more about the direction that Hulk’s movie career seems to be heading and how that trajectory might affect the end of Avengers 2 and the entire plot of Avengers 3, then get in here. Warning: potential spoilers are aplenty.

4. Editorial: Netflix and TV Viewing Habits in the Age of Time Shifting


As a poor sap who decided to use graduate school to dive deeper into the theory and management of media rather than try and have a marketable workplace skill after college, Netflix’s decision to release the entire first season of House of Cards (click here for Matt’s season review) at once is exactly the type of stuff I love to ponder and debate to no end. While I may not fully agree with every one of Matt’s points in this editorial on the role time shifting is playing in TV viewing habits (maybe I do care how Bachelorette ends, okay!?), I absolutely believe this is a vital topic that will continue to help shape the future of “television” as we know it.

5. THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2: Filming Commences and Synopsis Revealed


While news that filming has started on The Amazing Spider-Man 2 may not be the most Earth-shattering item we’ve ever posted, it was quickly followed with the film’s first official synopsis and confirmation that both Paul Giamatti and Colm Feore are members of the cast. The exact nature of either role is still unknown (as expected, the synopsis is heavy on the vagueness), but we’d like to believe the talk that Giamatti is set to play Rhino (a role he told us in an interview almost two years ago that he would love to play) so that as long as the site exists we can refer to ourselves as the “premier superhero casting matchmaker” which will in no way become tiresome for anyone.

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