TOP 5: VERONICA MARS Gets Kickstarted, G.I. JOE: RETALIATION Set Visit, KICK-ASS 2 Trailer, JURASSIC PARK 4 Names Director, SXSW 2013 Coverage

     March 16, 2013


I’ve patiently waited for the opportunity to include Veronica Mars in the Top 5. As one of my favorite pop culture artifacts, I’m thrilled that this past week has finally afforded me the chance. That said, I’ll reserve any and all debate regarding the impact and merit of its now famed Kickstarter campaign for after the jump. For now, I’ll just say that, as much as I loved the show, I didn’t feel shortchanged by its somewhat abrupt finale. Moreover, I never felt like I needed a movie to bring some sort of closure to that world and its characters. Don’t get me wrong, by series end I wanted more VM in my life. But maybe that’s a good thing. Looking back I’d much prefer a series leave me wanting more than continually ask me back every week when it can barely muster even a shadow of its former self (cough…The Office…cough).

In addition to more Mars talk, this week’s collection also includes our G.I. Joe: Retaliation set visit, the first red-band trailer for Kick-Ass 2, Jurassic Park 4 naming its director, and all of our SXSW 2013 coverage to date. Keep reading for a brief recap and link to each.

1. VERONICA MARS Movie Gets Kickstarted

veronica mars slice

A Veronica Mars movie is happening and the Internet is ablaze with debate. Not with the type of debate you might expect, though, as no one really seems concerned about whether or not the pic can live it up to fan expectations. Instead, the question seems to be: should a studio-owned property be asking fans to finance its production? To get up to speed on this quickly evolving story I recommend starting here, followed by here, and finishing up with Matt’s editorial arguing against the Kickstarter phenomenon that met its goal of a cool $2 million in less than 10 hours.



If you’re a G.I. Joe fan, you likely mistook this Thursday as some sort of holiday. In addition to our G.I. Joe: Retaliation set visit recap and video blog, Steve also posted a slew of set interviews with producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura, Byung-hun Lee, Ray Park, director Jon M. Chu, Elodie Yung, and D.J. Cotrona. In short, Thursday was a good day.

3. First Red-Band Trailer for KICK-ASS 2


While I enjoyed Kick-Ass, I can’t say that I was head over heels about the prospect of a sequel. Nevertheless, after watching the first red-band trailer for Kick-Ass 2 this week I have to admit that seeing Jim Carrey knee deep into the Colonel Stars and Stripes character was enough to win me over. If you’re in need of more Kick-Ass 2 after taking in the foul-mouthed trailer then you’re in luck because we also have new images/the first poster and six character posters.

4. Colin Trevorrow to Direct JURASSIC PARK 4; Will Shoot in 3D


I still question whether or not Universal is going to be able to oblige their previously announced June 13th, 2014 release date, but finally naming a director for Jurassic Park 4 was a good start towards that goal. Per a Universal press release, Safety Not Guaranteed director Colin Trevorrow will take the helm of the pic which will shoot in 3D. Having not seen Guaranteed I can’t speak to Trevorrow’s chops one way or the other. Nevertheless, I like the idea of hiring an up-and-coming talent and will be interested in seeing how the film shapes up from here as we march towards that June 2014 release.

5. SXSW 2013 Coverage


I’m a little bit of a broken record when it comes time to recap our coverage of film festivals, but I always think it warrants thanking our Matt Goldberg for the work he puts in at these events. At this year’s SXSW, he’s pumped out more than 15 film reviews in a little over a week. Whether I end up sharing his feelings about a particular film or not, writing and publishing an average of more than two film reviews a day is great work and I encourage you to click here for all of his coverage to date (kudos to Scott Wampler as well for his Zero Charisma review and Limited Paper coverage from Austin).

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