TOP GUN 2 in the Works; Tom Cruise Will Return for a Small Role

     October 13, 2010


Oscar-winning screenwriter Christopher McQuarrie (Valkyrie) is working on an idea for Top Gun 2, and Paramount is eager to get the project up and running, with offers out to the original producer/director team of Jerry Bruckheimer and Tony Scott to return.  McQuarrie has even devised a way to include Tom Cruise in a minor reprisal of his role as Maverick: Cruise is game as long the role isn’t too “obvious.”

Hit the jump to for an attempt to answer the question, “Why now?”


Vulture reports that the impetus behind the project is David Ellison, who was three years old when Top Gun hit theaters.  Yet Ellison wore out VHS copy, which inspired him to become an aerobatic pilot and instrument-rated commercial pilot, followed by a stint at USC’s film school.  It just so happens that David’s father is Larry Ellison, founder of Oracle Corp. and sixth richest man in the world.  When you’re a trust fund kid who loves movies about planes, you start a production company, name it Skydance, and debut with the WWI drama Flyboys.

(Also, you star in that movie as Eddie Beagle, who apparently shouts “Beware the hook!” after shooting down a German plane with his “hook hand.”)

Ellison didn’t let the rousing non-success of Flyboys discourage him; he has been a major player in the financing of Paramount’s upcoming slate.  The first of these is the Mission: Impossible reboot, currently filming.

So as long as Ellison has the means, he might as well fund the satisfaction of his need — his need for speed a Top Gun sequel.  On a scale of ten, how would you rate your craving for more Top Gun?  Mine increases about two points from whatever it is now (4?) if Val Kilmer gets involved.

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  • Romsy

    Only if its as Homoerotic as the first one, haha

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  • TragicVillain

    Not too “obvious” meaning he’ll be dressed in a fat suit with hairy knuckles, and most audience members won’t know it’s him until he dances during the credits.

  • InfiniteMonkey

    Seriously. Someone is really digging aren’t they for a sure fire hit. This is rather lame. Why can’t they write something altogether new?


  • Angmal

    I’m fine with this so long as they get Val Kilmer to go to the gym. He wouldn’t be able to fit in the cockpit with his current girth let alone do anything else!

  • Ryan

    I saw this film ONCE, at a movie marathon weekend at a revival theater in a small MN town about ten years ago. I wouldn’t trade that experience for any other because the fight scenes and aerial sequences were superb. Still, the story fell flat. I don’t even mind romance movies but this one was too 80′s heavy handed.

    Still I watched JAG all the time back then and I realized how much it truly had stolen from Top Gun. The main guy was a hotshot, best of the best F-14 pilot, whose father had gone missing in Vietnam

  • Anonymous

    only if the movie opens like this:
    darkness. From top and bottom, a mouthful of teeth close with a loud snapping sound and fill the entire screen. TITLE.
    …Hiiiighway to the danger zone!

    that’s worth at least 4 points on its own.

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