TOP GUN Being Converted to 3D for Theatrical Re-Release

     September 12, 2011


If you’ve ever found yourself thinking “You know what would make for some great 3D? Shirtless guys playing volleyball in slow motion,” then today’s your lucky day. Tony Scott’s testosterone-heavy Top Gun is being converted to 3D for a theatrical re-release. THR reports that Legend3D is handling the conversion, and they hope to have the film ready for release in early 2012. However, the report states that they want to get Scott’s approval before they move forward, so it sounds like the helmer isn’t directly involved in the conversion.

The Tom Cruise-starrer is classically cheesy, with some choice dialogue between Cruise’s Maverick and his rival Iceman, played by Val Kilmer. The aerial flying scenes may actually look pretty cool in 3D if the conversion is high quality. A sequel to Top Gun has been in the works for a while, with Christopher McQuarrie writing the screenplay and Scott possibly returning to direct. Until then, it looks like we’ll be getting some super intense shirtless 3D volleyball soon. Except for Goose, because Anthony Edwards wasn’t allowed to take his shirt off.




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  • mrbatmatt

    Proof there is a hell and we are in it.

    • J.R.

      Really i first realize that we were in hell when i saw Avatar make that much $$$, come to think of it i notice we were in hell when Star Wars Episode 1 was release…………….

      • Tarek

        Avatar deserves every cent he grabbed. It was a fantastic movie. The entertainment as it must be. In 3D of course.

        Any fresh news on avatar 2 ?

  • Hiro the Eighth Samurai (and 14th Assassin)

    I pity the fool who pays good money to see Top Gun in 3D.

  • mil

    I, for one, welcome our new xenu overlords

  • Jon

    I hope South Park makes an episodes ripping these guys a new one.

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  • Douche

    I went to see the New Fright Night and to my horror it’s only screening here in 3D! So I sat through an entire FU%^ING movie with these goofy FU%^ING 3D glasses on to see FU%$ING lame as S&IT CGI blood for a few seconds!

    It was also a dark movie which sucks when you wear tinted 3D glasses! Yeah thats why most of us choose not to wear sunglasses at night you FU%$ lords.

    These studio ass hats need to be awere that there are plenty of alternate ways to get movies these days. Not all legal but very easy all the same. We’re not going to pay a premium for crap. I for one wont be seeing any more 3D FU43ing movies at the cinema. I’ll wait for DVD.

    And by the way if you want to see a good Fright Night go get the original on DVD!

    FU$%ing 3D Top Gun WTF!

  • Sonia

    I Welcome The New Top Gun Movie in 3D. Even Though
    it is a Classic From The 80’s To Actually See it Finally in
    3D Would Be Truly Amazing. Not Totally Sure Just How
    Much Would Be Screening in 3D As Nowadays You Only
    Get to See Just a Little Which is Sometimes Disappointing
    as you have paid that little bit extra.
    Also They Are Talking About a Top Gun Sequel Well Let Me
    Say There Will Only Ever Be One Top Gun OK..!!

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